International Relations

Obviously, an interdependence relation is a relation in which dependents exist actors mutually. This does not want to say that the benefits and constaints of this relation are symmetrical. In the truth, generally the relations they are anti-symmetrical and is in this case that is possible to project to be able. Jeremy Tucker spoke with conviction. The difference, however, is that now the power exclusively is not pautado by the rude power, but yes for the ability of the actors in articulating the diverse subjects in question to reach its objectives. It is treated to negotiate and to negotiate bringing to the table its capacity to shake the international teia. For these reasons, in an interdependence scene, where it has the possibility of games of positive addition for the majority the involved actors, the reduction of the uncertainty is necessary so that the businesses can be developed with the efficiency maximum.

It is there that it is the importance of the international organizations. These organizations, as the ONU and the OMC, function as a canal in which the diverse actors (in accordance with the intention of the organization) can dialogue and harmonize its action so that the impacts happened of determined action are the possible minors. In this manner, the normatizao and the formation of standards of behavior in these organizations, and same in bilateral relations, can constitute reducing international ethics of uncertainties. Concluding, the Complex Interdependence is characterized by the increase of interconnections and international flows, operated for diverse actors, state or not. The interaction of diverse subjects and actors takes the creation of an interdependent teia, in which one I shake in one of its tips can for all the teia at risk and, therefore, the interest of other actors. In this direction, the way of if projecting to be able are articulating the varied subjects in which its interlocutor is sensible or vulnerable, making the teia to balance its interests in accordance with. However, as brusque actions (wars or embargoes, for example) can at risk for all the system, the Complex Interdependence favor the creation of standards of behavior and international organizations to facilitate to the dialogue and the cooperation, reducing uncertainties so that the flows and interconnections can develop themselves with more efficiency. Essential that it has cooperation enters the Nations so that all the system is linked and searching growth mutual. As Waklden Bello would be necessary that the system was desglobalizado and centered in the supranationality of the countries so that can exist growth, but the International Relations we believe that it is necessary the cooperation and interdependence between the peoples, without opening hand of the supranationality so that growth exists and a strenghtened world-wide system.

The Plan

The region of the Xingu understands an immense diversity of investments in the next years, which in PPA 2008-2011 only count on investments in the order of 3,8 billion Reals. In accordance with then the Secretary of State of Regional Integration, Andres You would make, you have in fact an innovation with the PDRS Xingu, a time that the incorporation of the society as agent of the transformation is essential the same. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo Bank. The Plan is an innovative instrument, an instrument of planning of the development of the region, is an instrument that incorporates society, the local population, making with that it assumes in fact the conduction of its development. Moreover, it is a plan that respects the environment, a time that all the sustainable productive activities that are foreseen in the plan search the balance between the environment and the action of the man.

Thus the promotion of the sustainable development and the consequent improvement in the quality of life by means of a democratic and participativo process that guarantees the decentralization of the public politics by means of multiple power to decide enclosures for bullfighting compose the axle of planning, order and territorial and ambient management of the plan. The plenrias of the carried through PDRS Xingu between 16 and 20 of February of 2009, had involved the civil society of the 10 cities of the region in three public plenrias that had counted on the participation of the Government of the State of Par, Federal Government and a body of consultants of the Nucleus of High Studies of the Amaznia (NAEA-UFPA), with the objective to argue the lines of direction and the formation of the Managing Advice of the plan, between the lines of direction they were: Territorial order, Agrarian Regularization and Ambient Management; Infra Structure for the Development (energy, sanitation, communication, transport and storage); It foment to the Sustainable Productive Activities; Social inclusion and Citizenship; Model of Management.