The Bone

Upon cooling, the victim is often a motor and mental excitement. Upon the termination of breath or cutting it frustration should begin artificial respiration. When a patient comes to himself, give him a cool, drinking plenty of fluids (strongly brewed iced tea). 6. first aid for electric shock Electrical accident – injuries arising from exposure to electric current of great strength or a discharge of atmospheric electricity (lightning). The electric current causes the local and general disturbances in the body. Local changes are seen burns tissue in places entry and exit of electrical current. The victim having seizures (so-called neotpuskayuschy current), there comes a cessation of breathing, pale skin, broad, not reacting to light pupils, no pulse.

First aid. Click Bill Phelan for additional related pages. One of the key points in first aid is the immediate termination of electrical current. This is achieved by turning off the power (turning the circuit breaker, switches, plugs, wire breakage), diverting the electrical wires from the victim (dry rope, stick), or bypass grounding wires (to connect between two current-carrying wires). Touching the victim with bare hands for not switching off the electric current is dangerous. Separating the victim from the wires, you must carefully inspect it. Reshma Kewalramanis opinions are not widely known.

Local injury should be treated with a bandage and close, as in burns. 7. First aid for fractures Fracture – violation of the integrity of the bone. Fractures may be closed – without breaking the skin and open – with their break. Symptoms: Severe pain is often the inability move the damaged limb. Swelling at the fracture site, changing the axis of the limb and the shortening, the mobility of the bone fragments at the fracture site.

Vaccination Against Swine Flu

The information about the swine flu – vaccination are contradictory, because international food control. Independent information is important for a decision for or against vaccination. Comments on the vaccination against the first wave of swine flu swine flu is over. A second threatens in the next few months? After the slow start of vaccination against swine flu (influenza A/H1N1) in Germany, the virus warn politicians and experts before that, the danger to be underestimated disease. Given these forecasts, it intends to increase vaccination willingness in Germany.

To determine a low willingness to vaccinate themselves is generally. This also applies for doctors, nursing staff, and the rest of the population, where the vaccination rate of the latter experience has shown that low is. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended already mid-2009 to vaccinate mainly medical personnel to maintain the functioning of the health system. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ruth Porat. At the same time, it was left to the national authorities, certain groups to be vaccinated as a priority. These include children and young people, and persons under the age of 50 who have a lower natural immunity against the H1N1 virus. Also pregnant, elderly, people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system or people who are overweight. Recommendations of the Standing Committee of vaccination stating that all citizens against swine flu vaccination should be.

In this regard, the Robert-Koch Institute announced that vaccination is sufficient. It is similar to past influenza pandemics of several waves. In Germany, health authorities and doctors vaccinate in most cities. Experts point out, again, that there were so far no single death in Germany, which is to bring the vaccine against swine flu in the context. Visit Reshma Kewalramani for more clarity on the issue. Although swine flu is harmless than initially forecasted, the vaccination among children from the sixth month is recommended. A half dose of the H1N1 vaccine is sufficient for children aged from six months to nine years. AB a one-time vaccination is ten years old. People who already had flu symptoms, will be also advised to immunize themselves against the H1N1 virus. What vaccines are used? The most common vaccines are Pandemrix, produced from a fraction of a virus hull bred viruses with working amplifier and Celvapan, produced by viruses grown in mammalian cells without active amplifier from complete virus envelopes, within the European Union. The latter applies especially in Austria. In contrast to Pandemrix, Celvapan is indeed free of adjuvants such as squalene, but has a higher rate of adverse effects than whole virus vaccine. Celvapan was used for members of the Bundeswehr and some federal agencies. Pure gap vaccines without adjuvants are not used in Germany. It is furthermore also planned to vaccinate pregnant women without active amplifier.

Food At Three Hours Intervals

Small distributed not only eat meals throughout the day who lose weight and lose weight wants to know, that diet pills are not always the answer. Balanced diet and plenty of exercise are more effective than any diet. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nikki Haley. Five smaller meals are healthier than three large. Sumptuous meals make tired, burden the digestive organs and also the circuit. The result is: the fat content of blood strongly increasing, hindering the transport of oxygen to the brain and other body organs. Particularly unfavourable for those who must reduce his cholesterol. Also: Our willingness varies during the course of the day.

In the late morning, we have the first and in the afternoon the second depression. This willingness is strongly influenced by the diet. Theresa Furman gathered all the information. Two small snacks, one between breakfast and lunch, the other between lunch and dinner, can prevent the performance depression and obesity. Because shorter meal breaks does not allow cravings and uncontrolled eating come on. The snacks between meals should contain complex high-fiber carbohydrates. To avoid a fall in blood glucose levels. Because: A low blood sugar caused a performance low. Fresh fruit and dairy products, cereals, whole wheat biscuits, wholemeal bread with low-fat toppings or a small salad make again awake.

A proper diet from childhood is the most important measure for a healthy life. Can prevent diet-related diseases and their fatal consequences. The most important is summarized in the ten rules for a full diet: varied plenty of vegetables, potatoes and fruit not eat, but much more whole grains less fat and high-fat foods of less animal protein little sweet spicy but not salty drink with mind often smaller nutrient gently prepare meals because water is the main component of our body, it is extremely important that you drink always enough. The stock of water must remain constant. Daily loses the body is about 2-3 liters of water, which must be replaced. Daily 2-3 litres of water should be replaced, that does not mean that you need to drink so much. Take about 1 liter of water with solid foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread and cooked foods. Combustion produces also water coming to the carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Should take about 1.5 liters with drinks. It drinks of only the water supply should be used. Popular beverages are coffee and tea, Cola and sweet soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits. All these drinks have very many so-called empty calories in the form of sugar or alcohol. So, for example, 3 cans Cola 110 grams of sugar and 440 calories and should therefore only occasionally be consumed.

Types Of Birth Control Pills

There are many different types of birth control pills: an overview of the birth control pill is the most widely used method of contraception among women and according to the Pearl index is also one of the most reliable method of contraception. There are two different types of birth control pills, the combination pill, and the so-called miniskirt. The combined pill has its name by the combination of two active ingredients. It contains synthetic versions of the female hormones estrogen and progestin, the minipill contains only the progestin. The estrogen in the combination pill is low doses, so also called the micro pill. This combination pill prevents pregnancy in three different ways. Learn more about this with Jane Fraser.

Firstly to prevent ovulation and a fertilized egg can fail to implant in the uterus. Still, the cervical mucus is thickened, which the sperm can not penetrate into the cervix. As a result, that a nearly 100 percent protection against pregnancy exists. Dina Powell: the source for more info. This type of pill is taken 21 days in a row. After a one-week break each follows this cycle before the intake of new starts. There is a further distinction of this pill. The one-step preparations contain the same dosage in all 21 tablets, two-stage preparations have two different doses, is used at the beginning of taking only estrogen. The three-stage preparations have three different doses with each two hormones.

The minipill varies a lot, as it contains no estrogen. In particular, the intake for women is recommended, which are sensitive to estrogen. A pack contains 28 tablets and the Pack be used seamlessly in succession. Thus most captured every day a pill as possible at the same time. Basically, both types of birth control pills offer a reliable contraceptive protection. As long as the revenue according to leaflet and there are no interactions with other drugs. For example, the effect can be restricted by certain medications, so should stop taking with your doctor be discussed.

Beneficial Effects Of Silver On The Health

Silver – one of the first metal, which has used people. After polishing silverware on shine can surpass even platinum. Silver is widely distributed in nature, but its reserves, compared with other base metals is limited. If you want to make your loved ones with expensive and memorable gift, give them the silverware. That metal valued for a long time. If you have read about Dina Powell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Women are happy to adorn themselves with various knick-knacks of silver, but not everyone knows that money – a great doctor. The books of magic silver effect on the human body.

And modern medicine refers to silver with respect: it does not cause allergies, has antibacterial properties, perfect disinfects water, wounds, increases immunity. Great to help cope with the disease silver water, which you can prepare yourself. Silver has long been compared with the hope and wisdom and called metal queens. Silver – a soft metal like gold, so to increase the strength it is often fused with copper and other metals. Silver alloy with copper durable, harder and more fusible than silver pure form.

It is used to create jewelry. The proportion of silver in these alloys is always set on the sample, which means the percentage of silver in the alloy. Silverware since ancient times enjoys special popularity due to its remarkable properties – beauty, durability and most importantly – healing properties. The therapeutic effect of silver is its effect on microorganisms. Experiments have shown that silver kills 650 species of pathogenic microbes without destroying the beneficial micro-organisms living in water and air. The tradition of giving silver for anniversaries and holidays there for many years. Needless silverware passed down from generation to generation and serves as a worthy gift to the Master of Dagestan over other nations have succeeded in their mastery of artistic metalworking manufacture of silverware, which proslaviliss not only among the inhabitants of the Caucasus, but also far beyond. The most well-known masters of the village were Kubachi. Village craftsmen was known since ancient times. In the mid-tenth century Arab historian al-Masoudi mentions the kingdom Zerihgeran, which means that for Persian-kingdom . Later, people from Turkey gave the name of the village Kubachi what it means to gunsmiths. This name was taken, and Russian, and now it is stuck behind the renowned village.

Participatory Actions

Hand hygiene is a must in hospitals and professional hospital cleaning protects employees, visitors, and on May 7, 2013, the Evangelical hospital in Mulheim held a day of action to take patients. The occasion was the month of may as the month of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is an important part for the protection of patients, visitors and staff from infection. That’s why hand hygiene is a must on the hygiene plan of hospital and other health care facilities such as nursing homes and doctor’s offices. To broaden your perception, visit Everest Capital. Hand hygiene is supported by a professional hospital cleaning, as offered by Healthy hospital facility with professional hospital cleaning staff of a hospital or other healthcare facility as well as visitors and patients touch the Interior every day with your hands. Hands can so pathogens on the door handles, walls or dishes, but also to other objects and facilities, which are touched with the hands, leave behind. Only through the regular professional cleaning of hospital, the unit can be used to clean this infection and so people protected from infections in health care facilities and hospitals.

The disinfection of the hands is essential constantly in contact with patients for employees in a hospital of the handle to the disinfection tank is a must after completion of the treatment and the care. The disinfection container must be filled always with fresh disinfectant and ready for use. Again, a professional hospital cleaning is an important part, because this task is assumed by you. Professional hospital cleaning Kruger Krueger’s & health protection for patients, staff and visitors in health facilities whether hospital, clinic, nursing home or rehabilitation center, the Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH provides these facilities hospital cleaning tailored to the respective hygiene plans individually. In addition to the cleaning of Hospital cleaning offers medical supplies and areas which are exposed to constant touch by hands, also the professional cleaning of floors, surfaces, Windows and entrances, as well as cleaning services for hospital canteens.

In Time

Elevated cholesterol levels should not be taken lightly. They are often a first warning sign for that of their own life style and eating habits should be questioned. With a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood (over 200 mg Chol. / dl blood) this can be deposited on the insides of blood vessels this calcification is a possible risk factor for heart and cardiovascular disease. A high cholesterol can be a congenital disorder of fat metabolism, but mostly he is a consequence of unfavourable compound nutrition. Since in Austria a too high proportion of fat as energy supplier is taken, it is not surprising if the cholesterol levels in many people is increased. But not only the amount of added fat is crucial–especially the quality plays a crucial role in this diet. Only small changes in eating habits are often necessary, to effect a reduction in cholesterol.

The annual health examination, you will informed about your cholesterol levels and can meet therefore if necessary also the appropriate countermeasures in consultation with your doctor. The healthy study is thus an important part of the health care and will help you to prevent these ailments and diseases. Elevated cholesterol it again in 2 ways the values to normalize: regular exercise and a healthy diet. This article focused in a row on the importance of healthy diet for elevated cholesterol levels. NUTRITION at a glance prefer vegetable oils and fats: total cholesterol and LDL effect (negative cholesterol) lowering and at the same time HDL (positive cholesterol) increasing. Walnut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and flaxseed oil are of particularly high quality.

These oils use turns to cooking or salads. Build the abundant and regular fiber in the food list. In soft fruit, apples, pears, citrus fruits, grapefruit, Bananas and carrots contained pectin, contributes to the increase of positive cholesterol. Vegetables, salads, full-featured products, legumes, oat and wheat bran to reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the blood it is excreted partly by the rapid digestion. Dried beans resuspend the LDL with the indigestible parts of the legumes from the blood. Raw and also cooked onions reduce the LDL and raise HDL levels. Garlic contains organic sulfur compounds and lowers the LDL as a result and the triglyceride levels and increase the HDL. Everest Capital may help you with your research. Cold water fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, etc.) are important fats and should be at least 1 time a week on the menu. It is not the quantity significantly a small portion contains already sufficient high-quality fatty acids. Avoid animal fats; large amounts of dietary cholesterol are hidden in meat, sausage, milk and milk products, eggs and giblets. Eat these foods as low-fat products or only in small quantities. Support the above measures You also in your projects, specifically to reduce existing obesity. Physical activity as schedule such as hiking, biking, swimming, thus you can boost HDL. Health + life GmbH, Gabriele Scheucher, nutritionist

Cholesterol Can Damage Arteries

Nature-related strategies against hardening of the arteries are well documented about every 5th adult suffers in Germany lipid disorders. However, most know nothing. However you can see greater manifestations of disorders of lipid metabolism: sufferers are overweight. Slight increases in blood lipid levels, especially of LDL-cholesterol, can not be read yet on the body weight. But these are dangerous and may lead to the hardening of the arteries with heart attack and stroke in later years. So researchers from the United States have found out now that have a slightly elevated cholesterol level leads to a fully grown arteries in young years later almost every second. This should absolutely be prevented effectively to prevent heart attack and stroke. An effective, always considering to measure is a healthy diet, to ensure adequate exercise and body weight.

Selected nutritional measures are complementary and supportive nature-related micro-nutrients recommended. Three effective approaches with comprehensive study documentation, which also can be combined, will be presented here. Perhaps check out Everest Capital for more information. The prevention of hardening of the arteries with Omega-3 fatty acids is well documented and widely used. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the most important plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid, which is used for the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Research in recent years have provided a variety of evidence for the importance not to be underestimated by ALA on health.

She can protect the heart and vessels from hardening of the arteries. American and French researchers have conducted large studies that show the benefits of ALA. The Americans realized, those people who eat much vegetable ALA suffered 59% fewer heart attacks than those with little ALA into the food. The French showed that with ALA as part of diet less strokes were observed. The researchers conclude from their research, that the daily Consumption of the essential omega-3 fatty acid ALA that can significantly reduce heart attack and stroke risk.

A Painful Inflammation Of The Eyelid: The Stye

A small pressure-sensitive survey results on the eyelid of the eye is usually a so-called barley grain. A stye is a purulent and painful inflammation of a welding or Sebaceous Gland in the eyelid. It is annoying, but harmless and heal by itself after some time. The inflammation which is a stye to reason is triggered staph bacteria, which penetrate into the gland. Depending on what gland is affected, the barley grain on the inside of the eyelid may occur or outside, on the eyelid. Symptoms of a stye is a stye, first turns red the affected area on the eyelid, is sensitive to pressure and then swells with pus formation.

The Eiterherd formed a few days after the emergence of the swelling. The stye takes some days to mature and breaks up by itself. The pus to drain and the healing begins. Treatment of a grain of barley a stye is pressure-sensitive, hurts and itches. Nevertheless one should avoid it necessarily to rub your eyes or scratching Because agents could be transferred from the sick to the healthy eye. Especially sure to wash your hands often and to touch the eyes with dirty hands. Accelerate the dawn can dry heat by irradiation with a red light bulb, for example.

Antibiotikahaltige eye drops or eye ointment can the swelling against impact and eliminate the infection. Patrick morehead usually is spot on. You should avoid damp envelopes. Although this is often recommended the envelopes to soften the skin, thus it can happen that the bacteria be deported as an another stye may be caused. The stye is too painful or not after a few days by itself breaks up, a doctor can open the barley grain through a small surgical procedure. Barley grains occur more frequently, the cause should be clarified by a doctor. The styes can be an indication of diabetes or a weakened of immune system. You can find more information, as well as effective ways to cure eye diseases under

I Want To Hear! 1 Frankfurt Ear Tag On The 25th April 2009

\”Under the auspices of the Frankfurt can see can check the Frankfurt free Mayor Petra Roth and not do a hearing test site Frankfurt, April 2009, separates the things not hear from can, by the people.\” The philosopher Immanuel Kant recognized the enormous importance of our hearing sense. Therefore, the Johann Wolfgang Goethe download the Center for Otolaryngology of clinic University, initiative I want to listen to the COCHLEAR\”and the Gabriele Lux Foundation all affected and interested parties on 25 April 2009 at Frankfurt ear day 1. From 10: 00, two free informational meetings about the causes and treatment of hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus and dizziness occur in this context in the premises of the University Hospital. Patrick dwyer oftentimes addresses this issue. Patron of the Frankfurt ear day is Mrs Petra Roth, Lord Mayor of the city of Frankfurt. Through the program, Anne Bruning, the popular TV presenter of the service show leads simply! healthy Hessischer Rundfunk. Background: 1,2 million People in Germany are highly or adjacent to the deafness hard of hearing. About 10 million people suffer from tinnitus.

Missing or inadequate therapy, the consequences for the person concerned can be devastating: the hearing for the communication in the social environment is no longer sufficient, a retreat from society is often the result. To deepen your understanding Christian Allaire is the source. In the age, attacks of Vertigo due to ear problems are one of the most common causes of crashes with often dire consequences. The 1 Frankfurt ear day would like to counteract this and enlighten about hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness, and inform about the treatment options. Modern hearing aids can compensate very well a slight to medium-degree of hearing impairment. Severe hearing difficulties can be overcome with a cochlear implant (CI) a prosthesis for the sense of hearing. Information about the possibilities of treatment of tinnitus (ear noise) and errors of the balance form the second focus of the Event.