Buy A Gift In The Jewelry Store

We all make purchases, make gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Make gifts of at least pleasant than they give. Choosing a gift we often put his heart and soul into it, especially if the gift is for a loved one. Of course, the best gift – a gift made by the hands, but if you want to give your favorite something from the jewelry store, chances are you'll have to buy the finished product, of course, if you are not a jeweler. So, you go to a jewelry store to buy jewelry. Bill Phelan wanted to know more. Let's say you already know exactly what you would like to purchase. From choosing the type of jewelry you can decide on the spot, of course, because today showcases jewelry stores are filled with a variety of urasheniyami.

These can be rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, including piercing, cuff links, tie clips and many others. Jewelry design as well as the choice may affect imagination. Jewelry stores offer items from gold, platinum and silver. Jewelry can be with inlays of precious stones, and without them. We will not be in this paper to give advice on the choice of jewelry and talking about design.

Here we talk about quality products and give general advice. Earlier in the jewelry stores selling mainly products of high-quality home the gold, now on the shelves at jewelry stores Imported products are mainly sold to have a low price, attractive design. As always, the lead jewelry from China, whose master copy jewelry world famous brands, resulting in products are obtained several times cheaper than the original. Not lagging behind, and Turkey – Turkish gold products are also actively sold in jewelry stores of the country. Jewels of Russia's gold more expensive, but more qualitative as well as the likelihood that the product will break down into components is significantly lower. Yes, and repair of imported gold jewelry is much more complicated because of the low-quality alloy. Choosing a decoration in jewelry store, in addition to the producing country pay attention to the brand and the sample. Of course, the stigma is located on the inside of the product in itself, so to speak, hidden place. Jewelry Wizard has not yet reached the point that make the main stamp decoration. Please note that by law the sale, jewelry, sold in jewelry stores in the Russian Federation should be in oprobirovanny Gosprobnadzore and have a stamp and a sample of the Russian origin. How to read a sample? The higher the number, the more the gold in the alloy. It's no secret that the gold ornaments that are sold in jewelry stores, are not one hundred percent pure gold, and alloys, in which occupies most of the gold. Gold 585 denotes an alloy of gold with other metals in a ratio of 585 to 415. Thus, in jewelry 585 gold content is 58.5%. Alloy of gold with other metals allows you to make a more durable product, stiff as gold itself – a rather soft metal. By making a purchase at a jewelry store and also pay attention to the clasp, if, say, earrings or bracelet, as well as backstitching inserts. If a stone wobbles in its nest, it is a good chance that it will eventually fall out, and if the clasp on the chain badly closed, she can just slide off with a beautiful neck. In general, pay attention to when buying on various aspects, in fact return or exchange the product after purchase you do not succeed, because jewelry can not be returned or exchanged.