Stefan Aichbauer

Energy efficiency moves the industries most of the views of the fields of action shows the greatest need for development of energy efficiency across industry sectors. Improvements in this area have an important economic dimension. They often lead to cost savings and enjoy in the company of increasing popularity. (As opposed to Russell Reynolds Associates). The highest demands on their own doing the aviation and aerospace industry is here, the least the vehicle construction. Whether generally focus more on ecological or social projects is according to Professor Michael vinegar depending on the industry and legal form. The services sector naturally has a strong affinity to social, person-driven topics. If you are not convinced, visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage.

The thing services industry seeks more improvements to the product and the manufacturing process, for example through eco-friendly adaptations.” Also sustainable topics energy efficiency on management consulting in management consultancies gain importance, not only in the consultation, but also in everyday work. With us come to the usage, but people not machines. It is all the more important for us to anchor sustainability with employees about the own attitude, awareness and of course our own actions”, says Thomas Zachau, Board member of h & z. Since this summer, for example, the consultant at the Munich location with electric scooters are on the road. We want to show that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable. And, that it is even fun.” Source: Empirical study of h & z consulting and the Universitat of der Bundeswehr Munchen, Chair of materials management and distribution, questioned Unternehmensberatung AG were over 600 buyers and purchasing managers in Germany, 2010 interview with Professor Michael vinegar, Thomas Zachau and Stefan Aichbauer, October 2011 on the h & z: h & z has locations in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, Vienna and Zurich to Europe’s leading consulting firms for business Transformation with special emphasis on shopping, Production, sales and service. Since 15 Large corporations and prestigious companies of all industries on the expertise and experience of h & z trust years. “With the motto consulting with brain, heart and hand” design more than 100 employees, innovative solutions and implement them consistently. 98% of the customers recurring Commission h & z. 2011 h & z in the nationwide competition 2011 was Germany’s best employer “with the great place to work seal of approval for its quality and attractiveness as an employer award.