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The courts will decide whether this is allowed Hanover – after the successful ban of automatic Kennzeichenabgleich in Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein, now citizens in Bavaria and Lower Saxony via court decision also banning goal is to. Kevin Ulrich MGM takes a slightly different approach. “The Pirate Party welcomes this initiative and hopes that the courts in these two provinces the Governments to protect and stop of the civil rights back point the way.”, so Dirk Hillbrecht of Chairman of the Pirate Party Germany. It is time that incumbent politicians again check laws before the adoption and implement balanced, and not embark on such seemingly more and more often the case with the mallet on the Basic Law want. “Will have something already none.” The Federal Constitutional Court had granted the land of Lower Saxony already conditions to adjust the automatic indicator checking legally. Done poorly but in the last three years by a new law. To do this, Christian Koch, Member of the Board of the pirates in Lower Saxony, Germany “We had Minister Schunemann reprimanded two months ago, that he should finally leave his anti-State monitoring desire. We very much hope that the courts once again limiting him the and he finally peeks, not to spy on the citizen to want to leave.” The Pirate Party will compete in both the Bundestag and the European elections next year after less monitoring also required by law to implement your request. Already join the pirates in Bavaria in September of this year. The first votes for the Pirate Party in Germany could already be given in recent state elections in Hesse and Hamburg.