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Travel news via feeds in the RSS directory travel manage an RSS feed associated with directory with up-to-date information on all travel sites, for travel topics and tags. Travel feeds are news or information published on a Web page. Learn more on the subject from Korn Ferry. Thus, you have always the latest information on a Web page with RSS feeds. Manage the feeds you have all info from several sites at a glance and has therefore always the best overview. It is different in many categories to find exactly the right travel theme for himself. You have all travel topics at a glance through a login and can all in calm look at. (Not to be confused with Kevin Ulrich!). Also, there is an export function to the install for Web master on your own pages.

RSS feeds are to store short descriptions of article of a Web page (especially news reports) and to provide in machine-readable form. A so-called RSS feed or newsfeed (also known as about news feed) consists of an XML file that provides the pure structured content, for example, a news site, but no layout, no Includes navigation, or other additional information. Numerous websites that regularly publish articles, make available an automatically generated RSS file with the latest articles. Now With Sofortuberweisung opts for live paying with Sofortuberweisung thanks Directebanking can downloads and approximately 500 000 be – purchased well over 450,000 mp3 vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs at the world’s largest online shop for dance electronic music safely and quickly now at the without a credit card, without waiting and without additional fees such as with other means of payment. More and more customers are realizing the benefits of online banking. It allows not only transactions conveniently from home, but is often cheaper than comparable services at the bank counter. responds to these advantages with the safe and fast payment service Sofortuberweisung”by payment network AG and this now as an additional online payment service offers, in addition to the previously used methods of payment such as credit card, prepayment, cash on delivery and click & buy. Thanks to the real-time payment confirmation of the Sofortuberweisung customers receive now faster the desired article as a conventional online?Transfer and must also not their online ordering?Banking enter portal. This happens automatically with About what the customer needs is an online-enabled bank account and the corresponding bank code, account number, PIN and TAN.

Directebanking reaches all those who would like to have no credit card or do not pay with a credit card so the DANCE ALL DAY musicvertriebs GmbH., high fees and expensive postage costs such as for cod accounts for Armin Wirth, Managing Director, and the stock is made immediately weekdays. Payment network AG: The payment network AG is the developer and operator of the so far unique, independent system Since January 2007 have already around 6’500 registered German and Austrian dealers for the new service. Learn more on the subject from Warren Buffett. The allows an automated, direct bank transfer online?Shopping. Thanks to the real time confirmation after successful transaction the “sofortuberweisung” accelerated the purchase and shipping of goods, as well as the instant activation of services or the last minute booking of travel.

Loge2 Released A New Comprehensive Cultural Calendar

Registered users of the portal and also the visitors of the Web pages can take advantage of the free information service of the Loge2 culture calendar. The 08.08.08 is certainly the most popular wedding date of this year. Also Loge2, the cultural portal on the Internet, enters into a meaningful connection to this day: in cooperation with partners from culture courier / a rich cultural calendar is published under and, which provides not only a huge amount of data, but also unprecedented browse features. Registered users of the portal and also the visitors of the Web pages can take advantage of the free information service of the Loge2 culture calendar. How does the Loge2 cultural calendar? Traditional event calendars one fills in a comprehensive search, these dispatches and presented a long list of results after their reading, one is often just as smart as before. The Loge2 cultural calendar works completely differently: the huge event database is step by step by selecting location; Stay more and more restricted, and only a few events left home, category, date and keywords. These Loge2 then displays detailed information on request, so you can be sure, have selected the proper event.

About the ticket distributor Hekticket and Eventim can be ordered too many events also equal to tickets. Ted Brandt spoke with conviction. An opera fan about the weekend visit to Stuttgart, invokes the Loge2 cultural calendar, cultural calendar, clicks on the desired date, chooses as a category “Theatre & Opera” and State “Of Baden-Wurttemberg”. Now, he sees the venues that offer events on this day to his liking. The search term that is generally established at the Internet search can further refine the already restricted search results also in this case at Loge2. He clicks the time next to it, he can remove each selected search criteria by clicking individually again. Loge2 responds to the previous user feedback and continues with the introduction of the innovative culture calendar new standards in the field of Web-based event calendar. In a next step directly into the platform integrates also artists and venues to complete the offer of a comprehensive culture portal.

December Messenger

Microsoft opens the way for instant messaging on mobile phones Unterschleissheim, 03 December 2009. Now software client of Windows Live Messenger for many common mobile phones (Java phones) available free of charge. So that mobile users can now always have their contacts and can by travelling Messenger messages sending and receiving. Messenger download and use work quickly, easily, and are independent of the mobile operator. Nearly nine million people in Germany use the locally installed Windows Live Messenger from your PC or Web-based.

Now there is the world’s leading instant messaging service as a mobile client for the types of brands Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Samsung mobile. The offer comes just at the right moment: attractive data plans are now available for all mobile operators the optimum conditions for a flexible use of Messenger via mobile phone. Once the access to the service immediately granted is installed on the mobile phone. Incoming messages are direct pushed to the mobile phone and optical and acoustic signals, automatically refreshes the online status of friends. Here are some of the core features: send and receive IM conversations with multiple contacts conversations several single parallel run access to Windows Live Hotmail (via a link to the browser version of Hotmail) send and receive emoticons search contacts add, delete, block and unblock contacts contacts view profile status change (options: online, busy, offline) change their own profile (display name, personal status message) report abuse / send feedback (via mobile browser) to download two options available: PC users on the Web site can…

inform and there is a free SMS with a link to the WAP download page. If the device is not supported, the user on the browser version of Windows Live Messenger will be redirected and can use the service in any case.

Online Exchange

Dealing with The new network in draws our attention for some time. The primary target is already in the name, because it is composed of friend and borrow in English together. Accordingly it is possible to Exchange online with each other and give so for friends. This has the advantage that you must call not only all friends and acquaintances to ask if the requested object is available, but can be seen directly, whether or not the matter is available. The thing can be found even faster using the search function. Also, you can learn immediately whether the item is borrowed in the requested period or is used for other purposes. Looking for not in the circle of friends is available so the that people in the environment give this possibility.

You must also not shy to ask a stranger for his stuff, because who adjusts his things at, which signals the willingness of his things for a certain period of time to give. To prevent that the return date to forget intelligent management management reminds both parties send an e-mail. Because sometimes it is quite difficult to keep track of many things in extended or conferred. The danger that something borrowed break comes back, is cannot be ruled out. It was destroyed but with intention there is to explore the possibility of court. This is often a costly and time-consuming thing with the prospect of limited success.

Therefore, you can post his experiences with black sheep on the side of the offender on These bad reviews and comments show other users that care must be taken. Evaluates a user repeatedly bad it reserves, to exclude them from the community. These precautions to deter against deliberate destruction.

Collects Hiking Tips

Tourist Service Centre in the District of regen accelerates Web 2.0 activities rain, November 2009. Twitter, blog, Facebook, YouTube, and more: The tourist service center (TSC) in the District of regen served now so called Web 2.0 channels within the framework of his Internet campaign. “More and more people want to retrieve online information, but participate in platforms with ideas, tips, and commentary”, as TSC Director Susanne Wagner, instantly connecting a call so: especially for our newly launched ArberLand blog, we are looking for individual hiking tips. ” The ArberLand on almost all online channels. To make better known the holiday region, put the TSC staff and the tourism unit of the district not only on the four new online portals to vacation, mountain biking, hiking, and families in the ArberLand (see) but force now also online PR and Web 2.0 activities all networked, according to Wagner to take advantage of synergies and to use our resources efficiently.

Because the regular maintenance of social Networks and blogs worth, but also expensive.” For the ArberLand, a dedicated editorial team headed by Barbara is little responsible for that the Internet channels stay lively and exciting”: in addition to the ArberLand blog (, the regular personal hiking, trip – and stop tips including photos collects, offers you daily news in the microblog Twitter (, shows the ArberLand on the YouTube platform ( user/Arberland) at its best and has founded a separate group on the social network Facebook. The goal of these activities? Wagner: “we want to inform locals and guests alike, not only of our tourist offer, but also delight with interactive possibilities for this.” Web 2.0 for the tourism day in rain it will be live tweeted or “twittering”. Web 2.0 actions are also subject for the tourism day ArberLand Bayerischer Wald”comes in handy, on November 30 from 13.30 until about 5: 00 in the Auditorium the secondary school rain takes place. Nothing more without the motto of e-tourism”has put together a programme of lectures, discussions, and cabaret the TSC to all interested parties. The admission is free. Press contact: Susanne Wagner tourist service center in the District of regen District Court str. 6-8, 94209 rain Tel: 09921 / 950 332, fax: 09921/97002361 email: Web: about the ArberLand inform, and that comprehensive, professionally and individually. As a division of the regional competence centre in the District of regen cares is the tourist service center (TSC) to tourist services management, marketing, public relations, international marketing, development and establishment of Internet portals as well as the Organization and staffing of the children country office.

Softonic Awards

Softonic users can decide on the best programs on five platforms in Barcelona, April 11, 2011, the leading portal for software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and the number two worldwide, chooses the most popular free software downloads of the year for the seventh time. Whether it’s Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android or Symbian Softonic users could choose their favorite programs on the respective platforms during the last one and a half months. The survey shows: German PC users play the favorite FIFA 11 (Windows) while in the mobile games lighter fare like Doodle jump (iPhone), Angry Birds (Android) and labyrinth (Symbian) are most popular. As in the last year is Firefox of the most popular browser for Mac and PC. Because in each country, various programs hit the nerve of the user, Softonic has carried out individual votes for the different language versions of the site of German, English and Dutch with French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish up to Polish. In the category Messenger programs lie ahead as international Skype and Microsoft Messenger. In Germany, Skype has overtaken the Messenger however both Mac and Windows.

Rabieh Adib, emphasizes the Softonic awards are highly relevant, because the winners are chosen directly by the users of the portal, responsible for content on In this way learns what the current software offer users think and what programs you like best, firsthand. More information: awards2011 is the leading portal for secure free and paid software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and the number two in the world. Founded in Barcelona in 1997, the company employs more than 200 people and has offices in Barcelona, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo and Madrid. has by a team of experts in different languages one of the largest offers on shareware and freeware and commercial software demos, analyzed, evaluated and be released. Currently, more than 160,000 different programs for Windows based PCs, Macs and mobile devices are offered. The Softonic website is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Japanese.

When Readers Write

edelight opts for editorial content by user Stuttgart, June 29, 2009. The shopping platform edelight goes new ways with regard to user generated content. As first social shopping platform lets edelight its users not only recommend products, but run their own editorial areas. 33 hobby editors write currently on own blogs about fashion, sports and lifestyle topics. Readers write for edelight no contradiction, finally, the platform is launched three years ago with the idea that customers are also the best seller. We do not see our blogs as a competitor to existing forms of journalism, but as a supplement. Robert Kiyosaki can provide more clarity in the matter. Neither personal recommendations will replace the trade market”, says Peter Ambrozy, founder and CEO of edelight.

Our authors, as well as their regular readers are voracious readers of magazines, newspapers and Web news”, sure is Ambrozy. Here they will find a platform on which they can replace on a personal basis over this content now.” The in turn is also a strengthening of other publications, because who wants to talk to must be informed. edelight is the extension of the shopping platform to a range of editorial as a logical further development of the idea of personal recommendations. We have many product – and shopping-interested members to spend up to four hours a day on edelight”, so Peter Ambrozy. For us, it is only naturally to give these people more space for their commitment. Since end of 2008 33 hobby editors write about their personal expertise in edelight Magazine: the mother of three gives tips about babies and pregnancy, the architecture student living ideas or the fashion designer fashion trends. Over 3500 articles have already been published in the last few months on edelight.

Pointer Interactive Websites

Improve online support and drop-outs reduce Cologne – advise and sell over the Internet should be as successful as in the meeting room or shop. At the same time–they should consume only a fraction of time and cost. Thats the goal – focus – both the provider of Declaration of content and products as also the consumer. The eFlipchart AG has created a completely new co-browsing tool with the POINTER dialog: to click each other visually supported by pointing arrow to the Web solution to the requested information, the appropriate product or through the Web form to be filled out. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Silbermann. So users with the POINTER dialog, can cause parallel visually supported precisely one or more participants by clicking call or conference call through the site. Consulting, support and hotline run clearly targeted and more effective. Point-of-sale now visually based accompany website visitors at the point, if necessary up to the cash register.

Reducing the rate of drop-outs. Tables and forms on the Web work or lively hold Web presentations. And that runs basically interactively, which means that each participant has any computer from the same opportunities. He may lead in turn to the dream product or directly to the site with a need for clarification. For the POINTER dialog is ideal, to support telephone advice through Web navigation.

In conjunction with the other intelligent dialog tools of the eFlipchart AG consulting and sales via the Internet reach the intensity and effects of comparable real-world processes: so the usage are the FON dialog browser-based templates and edit Office documents in the foreground. In combination with the POINTER, telephone consultations, meetings and training sessions are interactive and more vivid. Moreover, the WEB dialogue enables the qualified ad hoc management of Web site visitors. The POINTER completed the personal guidance at the point of sale, makes them more intense and personal. In addition to the aforementioned real time dialogues the AUTO dialogue ensures fully automated advice and sell around the clock. He acts effectively as employees on the Web site, particularly outside business hours. The POINTER dialog can be spontaneously experienced on the site and tested. Basically all tools can be individually or as individual package 4 weeks free of charge and without obligation tested werden.eFlipchart offers the complete solution for personal consulting and sale of PC to PC: spontaneously interactive, without software and barriers to access, so for anyone anywhere at any time. eFlipchart offers real co-browsing with a powerful tool based on demand for interactive live support with one or more attendees, as well as an intelligent automatic dialog. The client’s Live services are advertised with an innovative search technology in portals, their availability up-to-date seconds shown in traffic light colours. The use is in the form of ‘ software as a service (SaS)’: no installation, easy to use, always up to date, no maintenance! More information: eFlipchart live Internet AG Schildergasse 24-30 contact person 50667 Koln: Walther Schumacher Board marketing office North Dibbersener Route 13 D-21224 Rosengarten FON: + 49 (4108) 490049 fax: + 49 (4108) 490051

With Just A Few Clicks To The Flight

Checkbox and slider make it possible with the plane to business meetings in the country and abroad arrive, has become for many of the routine. Annoying only if the search after the flight takes longer than the flight itself. The Internet portal has developed new features that greatly facilitate the search for the correct flight. Customers have now the possibility to access numerous filtering capabilities when selecting the right flight. So, passengers determine not only date, departure and arrival city. To avoid unnecessarily long and confusing offer lists, passengers on the booking also decide about criteria such as price, airline, flight time and duration of the flight.

With easy-to-use controls, price-conscious customers for example set how much the flight may cost maximum. For business travellers, it is important to restrict arrivals and departures, to waste no time. If you are not convinced, visit JPMorgan Chase. During a meeting at 12 noon in London an arrival makes as little sense as a return at 5 a.m. Berlin at 13: 00. Arrival and departure flight details via intuitive slider be set as the prize. The flight portal also considers that there are several airports in some major cities. This can be relevant for travelers as well as the selection of certain airlines. There are frequent flyers wishing to travel with the Star Alliance airlines to earn bonus miles.

It is also likely that some airports not central enough and are therefore excluded from customers. So check at selected airports and airlines can in the booking mask depending on the personal preference are set and removed. More information:…/ new-filtering in flights-de… Contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59