AUTVIEW – your partner for professional software development AUTsource-why IT OUTSOURCING? IT outsourcing is a complex task with the simple goal to minimize costs. The relocation of IT projects in low-income countries (IT offshore in more distant countries or IT nearshore in closer, regions) offers enormous savings potential at the staff, as well as in the IT infrastructure, application development and application maintenance, as well as the overheads. The external procurement of IT services can lead to a qualitative leap of IT in total. At Ben Silbermann you will find additional information. Intelligent, partial Outsourcing streamlines the IT portfolio and today the trend in this direction. The outsourcing must be at the core of your company’s strategic planning.

Outsourcing advantages can offer your company? Cost advantage: The reduction of cost is the most important motivation for outsourcing in addition to the availability of resources. The literature identified cost savings 40% in relation to the total project cost of 20. Strategic arguments: are smaller companies with a fluctuating Own resource needs faced. You can little? exible respond project requests. JPMorgan Chase shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Outsourcing allows to build up resources in the short term and project-specific. The increased flexibility of resources can also a? Ow have on the timing of market entry. Under certain circumstances, outsourcing helps to reduce the “time to market”. So, the outsourcing of IT services allows a focus on its core business. Qualitative arguments: smaller software companies have a limited pool of its own know-how. Outsourcing allows the specific access to additional technical and methodological expertise from external experts.

Hanseatic City

In the project of PEPPOL, the dealing with the Pan-European electronic Procurement of management organizations, is the bos actively KG also together with Bremen. This facilitates the networking and coordination of projects, also closely on results of the IDABC Programme (interoperable delivery of European eGovernment services to public administrations, business and citizens) or the efforts for the standardization of business documents are linked. Wells Fargo Bank has similar goals. Moreover, the coordination with the standardization projects of the German administration, which are supervised by the OSCI and Centre at the Senator for finances of the free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The close coordination between the projects, programs and the standards projects should lead to possible sustainable results. The SPOCS project is currently in the first phase, which involves, to capture the national systems and forms of organization around the single point of contact and to analyze. The results of this study will serve as a basis to develop a technical infrastructure that allows the national solutions to make interoperable. This national profiles of Web services play an important role.

Not only OSCI, other national standards will be implemented in the future to. Of the participants of this project are as secure as that of the other large scale pilots”OLAF Rahul reported the previous coordination talks. The SPOCS project at the fifth Ministerial E-Government Conference in Malmo from 18th to 20th November 2009 has a first public appearance. In addition to a presentation of the project before the Conference participants will be shown on the accompanying exhibition, which targets have been Member States participating in the project. Bremen online services GmbH & co. KG Sandra of the Neela in the drop Tower 9 28359 Bremen, Germany phone + 49 421 20495-970 fax + 49 421 20495-11 E-Mail:

Service Processes With Actricity CRM Portal Reorganized

proLogistik achieved significant performance improvement in the software support Eschbach in Freiburg – proLogistik is one of the best known suppliers on the market for systems of intralogistics. The Dortmund family business develops, produces and distributes soft – and hardware solutions for warehouse management and material flow control since 1983. About 330 customers at home and abroad work with the proLogistik industry solutions, including well-known food, non-food and building materials wholesaler with extensive logistical processes. Throughout Europe, proLogistik warehouse management systems are installed in about 500 stores. Also over ten thousand hardware components have been sold since 1983. But increasingly lagged the performance of both the software and the hardware support. Main reason was the traditional collection and processing of cases, the employees demanded personal attention, memory and flexibility. Cases were overlooked or multiple created 60 software supports and repairs running daily round in the support center of proLogistik.

Earlier, they were typical middle class\”in an ever-lengthening list of Excel and managed. There they could get before the time in the out of sight, or cases have been created accidentally double and triple if the concerned customer phoned several times his proLogistik contact. Occasionally created ticket blocks from multiple requests, often too late, and then were processed at a time. There could be delays when lacked competent employees or other cases were brought forward spontaneously. Practically, a predictive design of elaborate heads did not take place. Anyway good 60 percent of our cases, we could handle easily within a week, but there were too many tickets, which are stayed too long or were forgotten even in the extreme case\”, portrays Peter Haubold, Manager service center hardware and software, the unsatisfactory situation. Exactly left do not measure the performance of the service area: evaluations weren’t without a database course possible.\” Finally decided the proLogistik Managing Director Heidi and Jorg Kuhnert, a modern database-based service software to purchase.

Senior Manager Public Relations Schlossstrasse

In the past two and a half years, the company nurago and USEEDS have been added : nurago as special service provider for technologies and services to the brand -, media -, and usability research in digital media as well as USEEDS as a creative consulting and design firm to design user-centric user interfaces for software, websites, and other interactive applications. USYS: corporate baptism on the dmexco USYS benefit research presents itself for the first time on the online marketing show dmexco on September 23 and 24 in Cologne, Germany. Here, USYS benefit research celebrates also baptism: on September 23, 2009 from 17: 00 in Hall 8 / stand F 071. Who is already an appointment would secure in the run-up to the fair with the USYS benefit researchers, can do this by E-Mail). More information: as of September 23, 2009, under of the three companies: SirValUse user experience research SirValUse is Europe’s largest consulting for user experience and usability research.

The Business and method experts set standards in the areas of research, testing, consultancy and monitoring for years. SirValUse products undergo a hardness test and it developed concrete recommendations for the optimization of technical devices and digital applications in all phases of product development. nurago applied research technologies nuragos technologies for brand -, media -, and usability research are leading on the market. The combination of innovative measurement techniques with classical method approaches allows particularly efficient and extensive checks of success in digital media. nurago establishes dialogue between customer needs, technology and the actual data and thus contributes to the exploitation of the benefits of digital media. USEEDS user centred thinking USEEDS helps companies as design consultancy in the user-centric development of interactive products and services. This combined USEEDS the perfection of user-centred design-process with the passion of a design agency. In addition, USEEDS helps its customers in the Search for innovative product ideas through the analysis of user needs and supports the integration of user-centred thinking into the company.


Often this information will be intercepted by hackers before they reach the ultimate goal. Learn more at this site: Pinterest. Bait links which seem to be the site of a famous, or the user of may accidentally prioritized bookmakers are also in circulation. Before clicking these links should anyone close look at the respective URL and inconsistencies or eye-catching cryptic links better the official URL of the betting provider manually enter into the browser. Security software also on the Smartphone download just to protect themselves from attacks on Smartphones etc., BitDefender recommends to use a reliable security solution for mobile devices. Recently the virus protection expert gave the go-ahead to the public testing phase of mobile security BETA, its software designed specifically for Android smartphones. The solution uses the latest BitDefender cloud technology of scanning to protect Android devices from known and emerging malware threats. Mobile Security BETA can directly see downloaded and be installed. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software.

Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender


BGB continue to transmit. The requirement that SAP of the resale must agree to mandatory, is therefore a material breach of the copyright principle of exhaustion and against the cardinal obligations flowing from the sale business dar. Without hesitation Ben Silbermann explained all about the problem. The SAP hampered also fair trade in used software by this unreasonable disadvantage of SAP customers, so that from the perspective of Anand is a breach of competition law. Jeremy Tucker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The SAP customer should need to not accept therefore that he must ask before a further sale of the thing bought from him to consent. Sentence of the clause in paragraph 2.4.2 (which has always the consent SAP, if the purchaser shall submit a written statement of the new user, in which undertakes to SAP to comply with the rules agreed upon with SAP for granting the right to use, and if the purchaser against SAP in writing that he has given the third party on all copies of the original and deleted all copies of itself created) does not change on the illegality of the consent requirement. In particular SAP restricts this supposedly favorable to the customers control immediately again by sentence 3 and reserves a refusal to give of consent “explicitly above: If the use of SAP software, the new user is contrary to your legitimate interests”.

As above mentioned, it belongs to the kaufvertraglichen cardinal obligations of the seller, the purchaser to obtain the ownership of the purchased goods, and thus in accordance with 903 the right, about the thing to have BGB. In this respect, the buyer receives a final legal position on the goods so purchased software can be sold basically free. This means that the purchaser of the software can resell the software and the associated usage rights itself, without having to ask a permission at its seller. The disputed clause should also significantly contribute to the uncertainty of the original purchaser and a potential second buyer: the second purchaser can only be sure that he can acquire the software and use, if the SAP as the original seller consent before him.

Hotel Marketing Made Easy

hotline sales & marketing is about 7000 shows how advertising influences raining down daily on each of us. In this time of sensory overload it have to penetrate and hotels hard with your advertising messages to the guest. Active, tailored to the target group marketing is the key to success here. Encourage potential guests to the booking. Make existing guests to repeat offenders”. Regular care.

How’s that? With which time and above all personnel is to realize that?” On the day of the open door at the vocational school, Bad Worishofen this question was frequently asked by hoteliers. With the right tools many processes can be automated and implemented cost-effectively”, Bjorn Ahrndt, sales manager of the hotline could counter hotelsoftware gmbh: your 2 days prior to booking guests automatically send an email with directions. 3 days after the departure of the guest receives an email with a review sheet and the possibility of the following reservation.” These are only two examples, such as hotline sales & marketing the hotelier can actively support. For me the absolute plus: the marketing program, where for example a photo of the guest is payable. Each reception employee can find out shortly if you arrive today. So each guest name can be welcomed,”Mrs Kullmann raves about the hotel zum Wiesengrund in bad hindelang.

The new tool can do much more. It is not something Ben Silbermann would like to discuss. Through intensive testing in our project customers we have further improved hotline sales & marketing after its launch in February 2009″, so Mr Ahrndt continue. Guests who sign up for a newsletter, be in the hotel software automatically or logged off. Request forms, as they already are usually on each Web page, can be imported automatically. Without having to edit the Web page of the hotel. The syncing of E-mail, electronic correspondence of score can are automatically associated with the House in the hotel program. To prepare regular releases, extensive selections can be saved also advance. The aim of the new programme: the Hotelier open spaces create a higher guest satisfaction and ultimately more profits. Note d. Editor’s Note: The hotline hotelsoftware gmbh has for your business solution hotline sales & marketing at the IT Innovation Prize 2009, received 2,000 applications for the total, received the award “Qualified product”. The IT innovation prize the Initiative Mittelstand under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology were issued by an independent jury. The award indicates that hotline sales & marketing is one of the most innovative IT solutions for the mid-market.

Customer Data Integration (CDI) In Life Sciences Companies

The key success factor of the CDI implementation is the focus on the requirements of the knowledge workers during the next pharmaceutical companies want to move more years many and more from primary care to specialty care. This trend of dacha the number of customers (hospitals, pharmacies, investigator, and so on) with multiple relations to functions and affiliates. Today the customer data management function is very often distributed. In the environments most each transactional application, customer data management by itself does including the interfacing to other applications. Re cooking thing the business move to specialty care to efficient customer data management is one of the key success factors. Customer data integration (CDI) is important step to get high quality on customer data. Doing customer data management by a CDI approach provides a significant higher customer data quality level and a more efficient data management processes. Implementing a centralized data function at each affiliate guided by global processes and a global system ensures the necessary local flexibility by getting the benefits of an integrated approach of CDI.

Key benefits of CDI system the key success factor of the CDI implementation is the focus on the requirements of the people (knowledge workers) working daily with customer data. A customer data integration system is able to gene Council improvements at customer data management processes business processes using customer data and elimination of hidden costs regarding bad data. The centralized customer data management allows a cost efficient use of data quality management tools (data cleaning, data standardization). Manual data integration processes can be automated. Multiple performance of same updates can be avoided. So the CDI approach eliminates data standardization activities during the data warehouse loads On efficient combining of CDI and data warehousing can close paint of functionality at the transaction systems and can provide the end user with on additional value regarding the enlarged functionality.

The integration of all customer data in the data warehouse by using the CDI functionality show a 360 view on all customer. Bad data gene Council enormous cost in every organization or make some activities impossible. Bad data trigger mainly hidden costs, which makes the cost management most difficult. The additional work generated by bad higher quality of data generated by CDI eliminates data and so reduces the hidden costs. Single, integrated strategy managed in of additional data source mark out leading practice in customer data management additional data sources augment traditional sales and scripts data (e.g. patient/longitudinal data messages delivered, etc.) Multiple data repositories merged into enterprise data warehouse to provide one source for storage and provision of sales and marketing customer data de-duplication processes augmented by appropriate use of local knowledge structured management of relationships between customers (e.g. professionals to group practices; Direct purchase customers to IMS outlets, to hospital of institutions) and use of these relationships promotional effectiveness analysis within single, integrated strategy for data procurement and delivery across departments Sugguestion of CDI approach customer data management, CDI and distributed to all transaction systems will be done once at. Data warehouse loads from transaction system can be done without additional data clarification activities. The CDI data load ensures data consistency. CDI solution manage changes by time stamps and enriches the data quality. New applications can be almost integrated into CDI workflows on a consistent level of customer data integration 65719 Court home Tobias Greissel, Germany

Largest German ITSM Congress

“ITSM scientists a parallel Congress discuss on the SERVIEW event on innovative approaches to IT service management for the first time with PRINCE2GETHER for project management Bad Homburg, 03.02.2010 – from 19th to 22nd April 2010 hosted the consulting company SERVIEW under the title meetITIL” the biggest German Congress for IT service management (ITSM). It takes place in its 8th Edition, and over 350 participants are expected. For the first time, the event in Bad Neuenahr with PRINCE2GETHER brings together”a parallel Conference for project management. Also new is that numerous ITSM scientists from the SERVIEW University cooperation through innovative approaches to IT service management will discuss in a separate workshop. “The title of this year’s Congress start live” and 20000th this serves in his four days as a platform for an intensive and extensive exchange of experience and knowledge, particularly in the areas of ITIL, PRINCE2, COBIT and ISO a series renowned Companies give detailed insights into their ITSM innovation strategies and experiences present from their optimization projects. The primary intention is that the participants will be effective stimuli for their personal challenges in the daily business of IT”, describes SERVIEW Managing Director Michael cross the goal. This transfer of best practice and the respective range of technical innovations have proved successful in the past and led to a continuous increase in the number of participants. You may wish to learn more. If so, PayNet is the place to go.

This service area has become meetITIL as the most important event in the IT in this country”, he says. The continuous further development of the concept of the event to contribute to which this year, for example, the addition of the PRINCE2 Congress belong. ITSM has inevitably always something with projects, so it is consistent, sufficiently wide to address also this topic box”, cross founded the additional emphasis on professional for registered SERVIEW members free event. The substantive expansion of the Congress by the inclusion of ITSM scientists in a special workshop followed by a discussion of the results of all participants follow a clear intention. Practice and theory must grow together here stronger and mutually to fertilize, because the IT service management despite its fundamental importance for the business strategies of companies in computer science education a long time has led a shadowy”cross explained the approach. Therefore our annual Congress on the various activities of our higher education cooperation, should provide a platform for the communication between practice and science.” MeetITIL more information and registration to the 8th “Congress of the SERVIEW Institute in Serview GmbH Gartenstrasse 23 61352 Bad Homburg Tel: + 49 (0) 6172 17744-0 fax: + 49 (0) 6172 17744-99”

With Acrolinx IQ The Entire Product Communication Potential

Author support by acrolinx sustainably improves the voice and information quality of technical communication. Berlin – Hannover Messe the acrolinx GmbH on the is software provider for the intelligent authoring support, for the first time represented as an exhibitor (Hall 17, Stand D50), in the area of digital factory at the VDMA partner booth. Industrial software solutions, in particular for the production and product development, and integrating them into the business processes in the foreground are in this exhibition hall. With acrolinx IQ, the Berlin software company addresses companies that want to improve their technical communication through comprehensive, consistent and easily translatable texts. Users benefit from a consistently high voice and quality of information and can exploit at the same time fully the potential savings for upcoming translations. Cost reductions are possible by up to 30 percent. Bosch, Siemens, Voith, Liebherr, HOMAG, SEW eurodrive, Leica and Hirschmann include the know-how acrolinx GmbH convinced.

We follow our customers at the fair\”comments Oliver Collmann, for marketing responsible CEO of the acrolinx GmbH. our solutions for the intelligent creation of technical documentation and information of increasingly in an industrial environment to use.\” Meanwhile, the acrolinx users include more than 20 big companies and corporations in the manufacturing industry. The concern to score not only through high product quality for the customers is them all together. An easily readable and understandable good manual worth gold\”, unanimously believe acrolinx’s customers. The volume of support requests is customer satisfaction thereby substantially less, better.\” Acrolinx specifically for the quality assurance of the entire product communication’s customers use the intelligent authoring assistance acrolinx IQ. Texts are checked for spelling, style, terminology and reuse. This way will ensure the consistency of the contents as well as the consistent use of in-house terminology and reusability of texts increased. Live demonstrations on all days of the fair, each to 11:00 and 14:00, interested parties can become intensely familiar with acrolinx IQ.