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Coordinators will be the Guarani Theater Competition, Dr. Teresa Beatriz Cardozo Apopy Kambuchi Chaves – Cultural Association, and Omar Cibils by ATENEO GUARANi LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. JPMorgan Chase wanted to know more. February 19, 2010 (birthday of Rudi Torga) Rudi TORG Read original (click) at: BIOGRAPHY poet, man of the theater and cultural worker. Born in San Lorenzo on February 19, 1938. His real name is Gabino Ruiz Diaz Torales and the composition of the artistic pseudonym obtained which is widely known. (Ru ral iz Ga To Say az bino).

A graduate of the Municipal School of Performing Arts "Roque Centurion Miranda" (1962). He served as actor and director of the People's Vanguard Theatre (TPV) and in 1970 he founded and directed the Studio Theatre Libre incorporated into the Program of Action Community Cultural Friendship Mission. Successively Urban Program Coordinator, Coordinator Promuri (Promoting Urban, Rural and Indigenous) and Director of the Mission of Friendship (1970-1990). He was also Director of the Department of Popular Culture (1993-1997) and Director General for Research and Support of Vice Cultural Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture (1997-2002). As playwright wrote "Mborayhu rape" (Guarani), "Chokokue rape", "Julio Correa.

Text and Context." He did the translation and adaptation to the environment peasant from the book "In the right hand of God the Father", the Colombian Enrique Buenaventura, which was titled "nandejara resay'i." He published Mandua'ara "which includes his poems in Guarani (1990). He has written "This land is me" (history of Paraguayan women), "Where my song went" which is a selection of his poems in Castilian and "Notes travelers. Essays on popular culture." Among the most important recordings he has done as an actor include "Paraguayan Guarani Poetry" (1973), "Poetics Anthology Carlos Miguel Gimenez" (1979) and "Poetics Anthology Jose – Luis Appleyard (1979 and 1990). His letters in Castilian were musicalized in "City … A musical story to life Asuncion today." "Ka'aguy Pytu" with music by Alexander Cubilla, is the result of a thorough investigation on the origin of Paraguayan music. His poems were set to music by different composers achieved popular recognition. Among them: "Mandu'ara" and "Pilgrim of Assumption", with music by Carlos Noguera, "Where my song went" and "The country that beats in me," with Arnold Llorens, "Vy'apave nendive" and " Ridge man with Cesar Cataldo. "As a journalist has been a contributor to the newspaper" La Tribune "in its cultural supplement (1981); daily" Today "section of Arts & Entertainment – column" Open Curtain "(1981 – 1988). newspaper "Noticias", the theater critic. And notes in the newspaper "ABC Color" and the magazine "Action", among other print media. Providing continued support for more than three decades, national and regional festivals, was also valued their contributions in various international meetings (Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany), introducing the Guarani language studies and the various manifestations of national culture and American Indians. He co-authored with Raul Amaral of "Poetry of Paraguay" monumental work, edited by Aramis, in March 2002 One of his last works was the translation of "The Family of Pascual Duarte" Nobel Prize Camilo Jose Cela, which he titled "Pascual Duarte Rekovekue ". This work raised the Guarani as a language of high literature. He died in Asuncion on July 5, 2002.