Trade Industry

Since the publication of orders of the complaint must be filed within six weeks. Before accepting the protest, the administrative body is obliged to listen to an interested party. All arguments should be taken into account. If the objections of the interested party found to be substantiated, the appeals are no longer required. However, most of the administrative authorities are not inclined to revise their own solution.

According to the Administrative Law Holland – the Netherlands, the decision on the protest can not worsen the situation of a man who protested, in comparison with the contents of the original order. The appeal to the administrative court in the Netherlands – Holland If the protest is not satisfied, the party concerned has the right to appeal to the court within six weeks after the decision on the complaint was issued. Set deadline for filing protests and appeals – for six weeks. In the case of a protest or appeal by the deadline, the result remains the same. Most orders can be appealed to the offices administrative law of the District Court. The decision of the District Court may be appealed to the Office of Administrative Law of the State Council (Raad van State), the Central Court of Appeal (Centrale Raad van Beroep), or the Court of Appeal and Trade Industry (College van Beroep voor het Bedrijfsleven), in accordance with the dispute.

The standard procedure for an appeal to the Administrative Court may well last for one year. In a very important and urgent debate, the parties may request expedited proceedings or interim order. Participation of a lawyer in the Netherlands – the Netherlands does not necessarily during the court proceedings. Nevertheless, taking into account the large number of complex laws in the administrative law and the importance of interest representation by counsel is usually necessary and recommended. An appeal in civil court in the Netherlands – Holland's administrative judge in the Netherlands – the Netherlands has no jurisdiction in all cases. Usually mandatory rules, regulations and laws of civil rights can not be appealed. These types of administrative acts and decisions are considered in the Netherlands – Dutch civil judge. In the event that civilian and judge, and administrative judge authority to consider claims for compensation due to the order, a civil judge in the Netherlands – Holland is subject to an administrative judge on the legality of orders. Since the conclusion of commercial business in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, you're sure to encounter many procedural rules and regulations that relate to planning policy. Netherlands – Holland known for their detailed instructions with respect to all physical projects and on the possible environmental impacts. Therefore, to open a commercial business in the Netherlands – the Netherlands need to know these complex rules and regulations. As a rule, you will need more than one permit. Under the current legislation in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, every resolution must be handled in different instances. Search necessary authority would in itself create problems. Introduction in 2008 of a certificate of permission for all physical projects will likely be an improvement. But the administrative process remains a complex procedure. At the same time thanks to this government is using their tools to systematically monitor and ensure respect for existing rules. It is therefore recommended to use a lawyer to help Netherlands – Holland, if you have to deal with a difficult situation or office administration.

Golden Square

Kazakh financiers themselves acknowledge that the country is progressing "Dutch disease" in a neglected state. FEC gives almost 65-70% of total GDP. Another 20% – mining and metallurgy. Economists estimate that "in circumstances where from 1999 to 2005 oil prices increased by 6 times, and oil production by 2 times the price of copper, zinc and other nonferrous metals – in 3-4 times, be proud of GDP is growing at 9-10% a year – so say its poor management. " You can ask the question: where was the "Kazakh economic miracle" in 1999, when oil cost $ 9 per barrel!? That's it. Country then teetered on the brink of default. General debt of Kazakhstan and its businesses for 1st Jan. more than 61 billion dollars.

The situation in the social sphere is even starker. In a country of 15 million people, experiencing a demographic crisis, 125 thousand children are in the queue in children gardens. In a country whose leader for the visit to Kazakhstan, former President Boris Cleeton in September 2005, donated to the American Fund for AIDS nearly 50 million dollars, nearly a hundred children infected with this terrible disease. Vaunted Berlin pension system is reduced to increase the retirement age by five years – 60 years for women and 65 men. In Russia and neighboring Central Asian countries the retirement age is respectively 55 and 60 years. And this despite the fact that life expectancy in Kazakhstan – 61 year for women and 58 – for men. Apparently, the idea of "reformers" of the pension system, the remaining pension savings in a funded system will go to the funeral. In the democratization and political reforms – such as self-deception.

Over the last year in Kazakhstan imprisoned three journalists, were shut down four newspapers, not loyal to the current government. Adopted in 2006 a law on mass media makes the work of journalists "Mission Impossible". The reform of the party system has been reduced to the creation of a super-party "Nur Otan". According to the method of work and membership in her officials, the organization is much more like the Communist Party of Kazakh SSR, rather than the Democratic Party, created for the parliamentary work. Apparently, due to excessive "wealth and prosperity" in recent years in the west, then east on ethnic conflicts erupt. Atyrau, Kentau, Karabatan Shelek … Where to explode next time? A social upheavals? Buckeye, Sharynak, "Golden Square" … In general, the Astana long should understand that its permanent and starts bragging, "Soap Bubbles" nothing but the nausea, the partners does not matter. With each "PR" is becoming increasingly obvious inadequacy of the intellectual resources of the Kazakh leadership in matters of internal and external management. It turns out not to Senka hat … Not everything went smoothly in the steppe kingdom "of distorting mirrors." And, apparently, Mr Nazarbayev should think twice before you declare at the Berlin hotel "Adlon", which, allegedly, someone does not rejoice in "success" of Kazakhstan.

Principles For Making SROs In Construction

Since the SRO in the building was created to regulate, ie, the formalization of rules for building business and establishing accountability for their failure to perform, creating the SRO is used as called branch principle, which is defined by one activity = one branch of one type of SRO. In fact, the shop is a historic SRO principle objective need and to avoid conflict of interest within the SRO in the building. It is hard to imagine what kind of education, consisting of stakeholders representing various professions and activities that can take any effective rules for one of these activities and then monitor their execution quality actors. However, the creation of SRO with the sectoral principle does not limit any form intersectoral action, such as the participation of representatives of other professions in the work of SRO in the building. Continued use of the terms in the article and view of the profession due to the fact that establishment of SROs in the building can function effectively only in regulated markets. In particular, it is therefore no need to create, for example, the independent directors of SROs or professional investors, not defined as the subject of regulation, ie, profession or activity. If we take into account that the regulation is subject to risk management (risk packages) for each sphere of activity, the specific role begins to play an obligatory feature of SRO in the building, as the use of mechanisms of material responsibility.

It can be assumed that the forms of private regulation to ensure financial Liability SRO will be more effective than regulation officer, are not responsible for their decisions. It is the existence of liability (the formation of compensation funds or property mutual insurance companies is the expense of the SRO participants in the building) to create an effective system of market surveillance. It is assumed that the SROs will monitor compliance with compliance with the requirements of not only legal acts but also its own rules and standards. Definition of requirements in the construction of SRO as additional to the requirements established by federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, does not mean overregulation participants within SRO and market acceptance of additional obligations in order to create goodwill, and eliminates gaps and develop regulatory control as it is. It should be noted that the implementation of SRO functions of the arbitrator is not qualified by her. Despite the fact that the arbitration function is very important and useful, the establishment of arbitration courts in the CPO does not affect the specificity or the very SRO or arbitration procedures. At the same time, the law imposes on the SRO in the construction of the duty create bodies who apply disciplinary action to the members of SROs in the construction of a violation of the rules and standards. Such a punitive function is required for greater accountability of members of SRO in building and contributes to a collective brand.

Taxes For Companies

On April 1, 2011 came into force a new tax regime for companies, introduced by the Government of New Zealand. Officially named the new type of company Look through company, which can be translated as "you are viewing the company" from the English to look through – see, look past. Perhaps this is not a good name, and may create an impression of the company, which somehow compromised the corporate veil of limited liability. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo Bank. In fact, it's name – just reference to the tax transparency of the legal person. It is expected that the new regime more more "accredit" the jurisdiction of New Zealand as in structuring asset (asset institution that is not located in NC, and in benefit of the people who do not live in NC).

New Zealand is already well established in the provision of such tax "neutral" corporate structures, as offshore trusts and limited liability partnership. Swarmed by offers, JPMorgan Chase is currently assessing future choices. However, one of the distinguishing characteristics of New Zealand, is that she is a member of the OECD and therefore differs from the classic 'offshore' financial centers that offer similar solutions. New Zealand also established a strong position in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. Distinctive features of the new regime 'Look Through Company' (hereinafter – LTC) – is essentially the same as a traditional limited company Ltd, established in accordance with the Companies Act 1993, but which has different rules of taxation of their income. New or existing shareholders registered in New Zealand companies may choose this option, provided that the company: It is no more than 5 shareholders, all shares carry equal rights and are voting, all shareholders – individuals or managers of the trust.

Management Companies

In recent years, the economic practices of Russian companies was widespread use of the services of management companies, thus optimizing not only the structure of the company's management, but also production costs, including by reducing tax deductions. As a result of working out optimal solutions to industrial and business activities, organizations can implement legal operations with minimum tax losses. It should be noted that the transfer of the sole executive body of the current legislation provides for both corporations and for limited liability companies. Robert Kiyosaki often says this. In accordance with Art. 69 of Federal Law 26.12.95g 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies" by the decision of the general meeting of shareholders sole executive body of the company may be transferred by contract to a commercial organization (management company) or an individual entrepreneur (manager). The decision to transfer authority of the sole executive body management company or managing the AGM only at the suggestion of the board of directors (supervisory board). In accordance with Article 42 of Federal Law 14 08.02.1998g-FL "About Companies Limited Liability Companies ", the company may transfer its powers under the contract of sole executive body of the manager, if the opportunity is directly stipulated by the charter company. The contract with the manager signed on behalf of the company by a person who presided at the general meeting of the Society, approved the terms of the contract with the manager, or member of society, empowered by the general meeting of members society. Despite the fact that the involvement of the management organization of the management company directly stipulated by the legislation, the use of such services raises numerous claims by the controlling authorities, who often classify these actions as a scheme of tax evasion, especially in cases where no reduction of the administrative apparatus after the transfer of administrative functions, the Parties organizations, as well as reducing the profit tax in certain periods. If you are not convinced, visit Ben Silbermann.

Federation Council

Recently, the number wanting to buy vacation home or cottage in the cottage has been steadily increasing. In this regard, the suburban real estate sector is booming. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the land sites suitable for construction are often farmland. You may want to visit Robert Kiyosaki to increase your knowledge. And in order to build a cottage, it is necessary to turn this land from the category of agricultural land in category of land settlements. If the land owner has taken care in advance of the transfer of land to another category, it receives several advantages: first, as soon as there are many who want to buy this land, and, secondly, the value of land rises.

But the process of transferring land is still fairly time-consuming. Categories of land in 2001 by the Federation Council approved a new Land Code. By this Land Code of the Russian Federation plots are divided into categories according to its purpose. Allocate the following categories of land: Agricultural land settlement lands of the forest land fund water fund land industrial land, energy, communications, transportation, TV, radio, defense, security, to ensure that space activities, information and other social-purpose land protected areas and sites lack a mechanism transferring land from one category to another was a significant drawback of the new Land Code. January 5, 2005 came into force the Federal Law "On the transfer of land or land plots from one category to another 172-FZ from 21.12.2004, the agencies involved in the change of status of land transfers from one category to another land federal property deals The Government of the Russian Federation.

Central Asia

In fact, that can bring a useful Media forum if Kazakh businessmen are forced to provide for a lot of fees involved in it such "authoritative" people of the world of the journalist as K. Sobchak whose only achievement – tidbits of toilets in the pages of "yellow press" and the role of lead in the "Trash"-project "Dom-2"? The situation with the Interreligious Forum – a much more deplorable. The cost of the approach to 10 million. Kazakh diplomats sit in the hallways for months the leaders of sectarian movements and give as gifts of expensive gifts to gain their participation in the next event. Perhaps the emergence of "Borat" is the answer to inadequate "PR" RK-campaigning.

The result – more than 1 billion earthlings, looked a movie by British comedian, are convinced that the Kazakhs are kept inside the house cow, harness their old "Mercedes" – oxen, forcing women to travel top of the bus, drink fermented urine instead of wine, etc. After this "PR" or hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers Kazakh advertising in international media and no western lobbyists, does not help to "image" of RK. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry, dealing with "PR" Nazarbayev, in fact, turned into a commercial lobbying firm to protect the interests of "big family" the head of Kazakhstan. Now take the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia, China, countries Central Asia, U.S., EU and other partners. Russia is currently reviewing its relationship with Kazakhstan. Moreover, in the direction of tightening. The reasons are many.

First of all, with each subsequent step in the development of "multi-vector" of the Kazakh diplomacy, its western vector built up. There is a growing military and political presence in the West country and external control over its energy sector and steel industry. "NATO area" appears in the border region of Orenburg, Saratov, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Tomsk.