Welcome to the 21st century Stess and hustle and bustle. Little time and high costs. Deadline missed, what now? This first row pretty well describes how a conventional divorce usually runs. Every little thing needs to be discussed locally in the Attorney’s Office. This much time has to be sacrificed, you could invest quite better. And if an appointment is missed, only a new appointment can be arranged in many cases, which is often a few weeks later and thus further draws the entire period of the divorce in the length. Not to mention the considerable costs.

For several years, an uncomplicated and fast alternative to the traditional divorce established in Germany, however. The online divorce! This differs from the structural sequence, but most Affairs by E-Mail or telephone to be done considerably reduces the processing time of their divorce. No unnecessary appointments more, less effort and low divorce costs are the result. Sounds incredible? Then you look at yourself once after. Several lawyers give them non-binding information about this procedure, consult and give them an estimate on request. Use the options of 21.Jahrhunderts and can no longer by this last claim they are as necessary. Your Marley475

Severance Payments

A note from specialist lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin-Mitte: employers and works councils in the context of a social plan may provide for a maximum amount for the compensation? In one of the Federal Labour Court (1 AZR 566/08 judgment of the 21.7.2009,) determined case an employee had sued the employers to pay higher severance of the social plan. Patrick dovigi often says this. The background was that according to the criteria of social a much higher compensation would have been to the workers. Kevin Ulrich takes a slightly different approach. In the plan amount applicable for all workers, and so on was agreed but regardless of age, length of service. The Federal Labour Court has deemed a such maximum limit allowed. Of the maximum limit the older are naturally more and more employees affected.

This in turn would anyway retiring in the foreseeable work. Because the cash benefits in the context of a social should mitigate above all the economic consequences of job loss, unless appropriate to assume that they are to receiving retirement pension, be limited for older workers through the timely opportunity. Therefore, also the compensation amount is generally limited. Note, however, that the Federal Labour Court expressly left open, whether the case against the background of the first later enacted in general equal treatment Act would be different. The chances of success of an action should be therefore in any case check workers, where the social plan indemnity on the basis of a maximum provision in the plan was reduced. A post by lawyer Alexander Bredereck, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law E-mail: