Comedy Club

The rest – touring the regions and products under the brand Comedy Club. Under this brand team cc suits, in particular, visiting festivals – like event at the end of 2006 was held in Greece, and from February 20, began selling tickets to Sicily. Destination Festivals coordinates resident Comedy Club Paul Will – he is a partner company. By the way, some of the main stage Heroes cc partners (read – the shareholders of the business) – feature producing team policy. Earnings of artists in the 25-50 thousand dollars and participate in the "division of revenue" – the factor which, according to , will keep the backbone of the team and the business itself. For a new project the company – Comedy Club Fashion – the responsibility of another famous resident of club Vadim Galygin. In late 2006 Comedy introduced a clothing line – a collection of cause and original trousers, shirts and hats, belts, prepared by the designer Ivan Ayplatovym, provoked a storm of positive emotions for the visitors of the Moscow Fashion Week. Industry Comedy Club Arthur not hide the fact that Comedy Club – this is a purely commercial project and the company's goal – the creation of the entertainment industry under the brand Comedy.

That is the strategy chosen by only a few years allowed a "new Armenians" outrun income humorous factory in Russia's number one – Empire kvn Maslyakova (according to experts, kvn has a turnover of 4-5 million dollars a year). Facts and figures about Comedy Club Residents Comedy Club – one of the highest paid artists in the comic genre. Hourly program with a minimum number of "stars" will cost the customer a 10-thousand dollars. For example, the performance of the team of kvn of the Major League will be worth three to five thousand. In 2006 Comedy Club encroach on the turf kvn – change a small hall at the concert hall, residents cc appeared on the first channel. The experiment, however, did not last long – showing the public their very "ottsenzurennye" talents, Comedy back to tnt (from which however, and was not going to go away – on the main channel of the country came out only the best cutting performances of artists). Today, shooting Comedy Club held in a nightclub and entertainment complex Golden Palace.