The Workmanship

As it said citizen 2, has the reading lack, even though emdecorrncia of the boarding that is given literature, as algofechado, as only answers, of preference of the professor, ondeno if of the importance to the knowledge of the pupils, to the point to deleschegarem to the definitive interpretativas conclusions. It will be that the challenges for the education of literature alone must seratribudos as responsibilities of pupils? Table 3 – Knowing that many pupils do not reveal interessepor Literature, as you have worked so that desperte in them ointeresse and the curiosity for disciplines? To awake interest porLiteratura suj & To look for to say a little doenredo of workmanship 1 50 after Faz some questions aleitura Mostra that literature temuma narrow linking with the history of humanity 2 50 Solicita to the pupils queescrevam texts portraying its histories TOTAL 2 100 In table 3, inquired it the citizens as they work literary texts so that the pupils can demonstrate interest. The answers had been varied, where each citizen answered two atosque executes in classroom. Citizen 1, looks for to say a little doenredo of the workmanship and makes some questions after the reading. interessante, this determination that citizen 1 possesss, in tentardespertar the interest of its pupils with the contao of the plot, therefore will despertar a certain curiosity.

another strategy, it fazalgumas questions after the reading. According to Martins (2006, P. 117) ‘ ‘ the possibility of the production of different meanings in virtudede a deliberated work, that creates the paradiferentes convergences of the text disposals receptivas.’ In sight of this, it is to precisoconsiderar the cultural luggage that each reader possesss, thus comovarias experiences that go to consider different interpretations. Citizen 2, looks for to show that literature possesss one ligaocom the history of the humanity. Cndido (2002, P. 77), says ‘ ‘ the funohumanizadora of literature, that is, on the capacity that it temde to confirm the humanity of homem.’ ‘ It confirms in the measure in quemostra histories based on the humanity.

Investigative Analysis

The important one is that when making the critical one, through a multicriteria and investigativa analysis, we can understand the texts, in such a way literary as technician, identifying critical and theoretical elements, commenting and if locating critically concerning different theoretical chains and the inherent characteristics to each one of the literal sorts. We can say that it is not an easy task. Recently Bill Phelan sought to clarify these questions. The way is arduous and requires much devotion and persistence. However, the subject brought that me to this argument, is about pseudo-writers. here, I ask for pardon for the expression that many will judge pejorativa, but to each day more we find people venturing themselves in the field of the letters. To write is good, is an exercise, that, added to the continuous study, feedback, to the auto-critical one, with certainty goes to lead to the growth as a whole, to the appropriation of concepts, domain of vocabulary, among others advantages. we have a word-key here: Domain of the vocabulary.

To the one venturing in them for the way of the literary creation, he is obligator that let us have to the reach of the hands and eyes, a good and old dictionary. Between one and another pearl of the Internet, without no preconception, even because we find good texts, articles and references in it, has a text of a writer, professor of literature, critical postgraduate in literary, where it makes a vindication to the proper work played next to pupils. The text things among others manifest against ' ' texts of auto-ajuda' ' , but it is, deplorable and pathetically, auto-mercy text. Between one and another literary escorrego, uses the word erroneamente ' ' parca' ' – substantive feminine that assigns a type of clothes or in mythology: Each one of the three deities that presided over to the duration of the life. The employed direction intended to be of the smallness, or the minimalismo, what it means total unfamiliarity of the language. In this in case that, optimum it is not to risk. In the doubt, it is better not to use the term of what to sin for the inadequate use.

Making the critical one, I suggest that the author reviews the tone if not of auto-aid, but of auto-mercy, pathetic, lamurioso and indescritivelmente humilhante to the extremity. Crown this ' ' prola' ' with depositions enaltecedores its dear person Perhaps it was better in the verse fluency and it did not have to be ventured in chats. Speech incuo and I infuriate of a professional. It can have to see with the public which was directed the text, without much erudio or literary concern, but let us agree, we have an obligation with the readers: To offer material of good quality, after all, writers, theoreticians, studious or pretense literary, are formadores of opinion. He is Arduous work of a critic!

Germany Alumni

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Market Study Output Management

revolutionize electronic documents impact on the sale of personalized mass printing output management market is still largely printed on paper. Many companies print millions of pages every day. Personalized business documents and mailings are the focal points of the production. The trend seems to go in the direction of electronic documents. Many companies such as banks, telecommunications companies and electric utilities, who daily send business documents such as bank statements or even promotional mailings, offer the customer to get his post via file via E-Mail. How will this trend develop? It will be at some point as far as that the printout on paper of the electronic document is outdated? When will this be? Expects you at all? And how would the market behave, if this is true? The author Heinrich Barta in the form of an online survey researched these and other questions. The results of this market study are surprising and were published in a book about the market study: “Market study output management: revolutionize electronic documents: effects on the output management market” # ISBN-10: 3842859287 # ISBN-13: 978-3842859289 the book can also be purchased among others at Heinrich Barta, born in 1963, is employed as technical consultant for the software manufacturer PrintSoft, the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for the creation of highly personalized documents, since 2001. The constantly emerging question whether there will be a transition from paper documents to electronic documents, motivated him to this study. You can reach the author about his mail address