Philip Kozlova

Rookie performer of popular music, Philip Kozlov is a new song of his own. If you like love songs, the music of Philip Kozlov just for you! Despite his limited experience he tries to improve with each new song, opening new and surprising new faces in the world of feelings lyubvi.Okunites love lyrics with the songs of Philip Kozlov! 'My name is Phillip Kozlov. At age 12, I suddenly felt craving for music. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo Bank. I started singing entertainers. Engaged in neskolko hours a day and I hope that once achieved amazing results … I sing pop music, designed for teenagers and women in particular polovinu.Kazhdy artist chooses his own musical niche, style, and its audience. My choice was the pop music. I want to make it different from the usual pop music with meaningless and monotonous rhythms elektronschiny.

Most my songs devoted to love. A romantic at heart, I try to understand it in this sense, but it is certainly nevozmozhno.Novaya song "Unwanted Love" affect the actual recent topic of insincerity in people romantic relationships, bad money, constantly occupied with endless chores, people stopped to notice the most beautiful things on earth. Constant dependence on the Internet leaves fewer and fewer opportunities talk face to face. Century civilization, the age of high technology, in which we live rob us of our ability to think and feel regardless of the well-established in recent years, attitudes and opinions of others. We are all deeply and further withdrawal, closing the heart and not allowing someone to get inside. This is the main problem of this song. Think about it – this is what she calls! " To familiarize with the work of Philip Kozlova you able on its website: WWW.PHILMEDIA.RU.GG