The Conductor

The conductor said to him, son will tell a story you, listens well. Work at night to sustain family. This morning to few meters to arrive house, I saw as my better friend gave to the final kiss of one night of passion wife him. You think that after this desire to live? And placing the accelerator until its limit they were lost in the middle of the city. A burst, a warning, estrujn caused that the car hit against a tree. (Not to be confused with Linkedin!). And resemblance to a beer tin when it is been above by the foot of which I satiate myself with its content. The taxi was contracted. The conductor was first in dying.

Juancho by things of the life, later woke up a day in the hospital, miraculously with slight fractures. Since the lap belt of the back seat I cushion the blow. A smooth and delicate hand caressed the face to him. Breast that step I ask Juancho? Which one you more younger candy and, answer to him. Many things Juan. Then delivering a slight attack to watch the sense and the trajectory of you, astonishment when seeing the beautiful princess alongside his.

Because these here? She watching like whom contemplates to him to a hero, him conto who his friend had informed it to John into all intentions and that among them, was she. She would have to deny to me to come? Clear that no! The young lady responded. For that reason I am here. That step later? Not it. Pregntale to great Orlando. What if, is that thus it was as were born a deep love and that after two years to be together. The university I communicate to him to Juancho that had been granted a scholarship to finish its medicine race in Cuba. Cofla when leaving the medicine faculty was in search of loved his and embracing it strongly it said to him: you remember my dream, then today has been made reality.

That Is The Life

The soul of the human being is like a great tree. We see its trunk, its branches, its leaves and its fruits but we do not see its roots, where the answers to all their existence lie. In the roots it is because, when, where, how and with whom or who it will again leave the soul to the not-physical world. Those roots belong to the tree and not to the entire world. Although it is not spoken much of the subject, ALL BEING OF LIGHT he is expert of his game, osseous, KNOWS when it is going to leave his present life.

The roots KNOW EVERYTHING in spite of our resistance and oppositions not to allow the game of those who we loved. All game is an election of the BEING; there is no authority over this nor over his decisions. And the sooner we include/understand that WE ARE NOT this body and that we are free to enter or to leave the planet when to our they wish it beings or they indicate, less suffering we will feel and more unconditional love we will be expanding. Much people that I know (or that knew), including relatives, some form or other knew of than " iban" and they returned to house. One of they were my father. Weeks before " to do mudanza" it shared: that one finished, that this finished and it went away. And thus it was. When they are started off traumatic, osseous, when the games are fast and " inexplicables" for that they remain, often we felt that it has been an injustice, or that was not the suitable moment, or was or, or was happy because. Porqus is in those roots that we do not see and that we do not include/understand to first instance but I can observe, and I have done thus it during years, that the people who made a change " inesperada" they walked after a great CHANGE in its lives and they did not know how to explain or to approach the subject with its dear beings.