Om Shanti Om

Arjun and Kareena brought the audience in the mood, as well as also Katrina and Javed, who thrilled with their performances were celebrated. The Hall boiled over almost as Shah Rukh Khan first appeared on the scene and to DARD-e-disco from his current movie danced Om Shanti Om. He had shown a few months ago at an awards ceremony this performance and he looked absolutely gorgeous in his outfit. After this point, he came back to recite a poem, but it was nearly impossible to hear him amid the acclamations of joy of the audience. Together all the artists thank your fans for the fantastic tour start of Ganesh hedge at the end of the evening, the choreographer of the show who is also a singer, had to take over the hardest part: to occur immediately after Shah Khan.

But he did brilliantly together with Ellen… It was a treat, the professional dancers to watch him, and work on his boyish charm. He was clearly the best dancer this evening and moved with a grace, that it was a pleasure. By Anushka was told the audience that he has stopped watching his first film as an actor, which later in the year in which Movies to come. Then came the part of the show which was most been hoped: King Khan as he is called by his fans, invited some fans to be on the stage. “First he called a young man and a woman to to with them the romantic scene to the song main agar Kahoon” from Om Shanti Om to represent. (This and the following number was already listed at an event honoring the Indian and Pakistani cricketer) A man with the src came to main Hoon Don”danced and everyone had fun watching. Shah Rukh Khan even amused himself obviously Royal here to play with the audience, as well as to distribute gifts and signing autographs. Swarmed by offers, Marko Dimitrijevic is currently assessing future choices.

Time Second

In general, this point is clear. Yellow Jackets oftentimes addresses this issue. 2) It is more complicated. All claim that they know how to play. But I personally can not play the second guitar player, if he does not know about the guitar pro. One barrier screening. I would be very uncomfortable with guitar, playing half a year. The second barrier. And most importantly – someone who, while guitarists dime a dozen.

Each second takes up the guitar and says that he plays on it. Only in the selection of bass guitar or, worse, lead vocalist, realize how few of them. 3) Suppose we do find some people to their seats. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Philippe Lavertu. Composition recruited. Now, faced with the problem, how do we negotiate the time of rehearsals. The first one-two all, of course, will attend. The sound will lousy, because, as always, everything came so look at each other. What to play – nobody knows.

But then begin excuses like: I'm busy today, let's not me or the person can do, no one informed not to come a rehearsal, or he will be busy all the time, and the rehearsal will go bimonthly. 4) The preceding paragraph is based on the adequacy and aged people. The problem is that people who want to play it for fun, often dally for this event. In addition, this often involved young people who did not initially disciplined and irresponsible. There are, of course, the alternative – to find professional musicians. But they, in their turn, it will be interesting, or play for money, or you will have to pay them for their time.

Julia Griese

With them, he has shared his successes and put away the initial failures. The team is a unit. We have produced the album in the now familiar Nik P. manner; times very rocky, sometimes more schlagerhaft, even at the risk of that from a certain variety of things not like some. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). But here am I and I know that only the audience Sparks, if I do my thing.” His thing, also single, unusual topics are in addition to the sensual, driving Schlager songs.

In the title, you can hear me ‘ “, explains Nik, a fictional worlds through the all flying sometime in the next millennium and no longer finds the Earth with a time, although the coordinates”. Message understood? Even the witty summer number says that nothing is infinite, but in the smaller frame the last shirt”from. And that therefore the life in the here and now to be worth, what would be encouraged”. “” In the German proverb treasure Nik P. dared two handles: at night, all cats are grey “and even zero” are musical hit on vernacular base, taking the small nuggets of wisdom to which they turn, very honestly and directly under the microscope. You should have heard it! “And the energetic, life-affirming come on Let’s Dance” Nik P. judged succinctly and accurately: A great number!” Which is nothing to add.

Keep, but: the album you know still appears on July 3, 2009 in the trade. “” And what else: before the release of his album tears of joy “over a year ago Nik P. was asked whether the Star” him gradually nerve. “His answer was: no”. Now, before the release of his album, you know, nor have we asked the same thing again. His answer: No, still net. The people come up to me to congratulate me on this song; tell the title that has given them help, consolation, or moments of happiness. I think it’s great that a song can make such waves. On the Germany-tour, we have played the star twice, once in the well-known uptempo version and once unplugged. Then have we kept silent and only the people sing, and all made with children up to aged. A beautiful feeling to stand on the stage in such moments! You can ask me yet a hundred’s I’ll never sorry this song!” So it’s no wonder long been a know you nor “song!