Head Of Choice For Junior Comtec Darmstadt E.V.

On October 14, 2009, four new Department leaders were elected at the student management consultancy, junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V.. Each at the beginning of a semester the offices are filled according to free and secret election by the members of the Association. After a short introduction of themselves presented the candidates who can compete regardless of their internal member status, their objectives and planned measures which actively forward would bring the club during your term of Office. Subsequently stood candidates for inquiries and suggestions available. Filed under: Wells Fargo. After the two-hour procedure, the first and only round of balloting took place and led to the following conclusions: the resort will be external by Julian Wohlers the resort immediately, internal Fabian Nguyen. As technology and Jakob Pfrommer the departmental project officer directs starting this week Christopher Natterer the resort. Unfortunately there was only one candidate this year per Department, why was an exciting election campaign as recently.

The Board thanked the outgoing department heads Jan Dillmann, Farid Hafez, Daniel Kaminsky and Sven Piller after their final presentations for the good cooperation. Hyundai may find this interesting as well. The new department heads the first Chairwoman Clara Heppner wish much success and stressed that it significantly will shape not only her Department, but the whole club by their actions in the next six months.

Scientology Advocating For Human Rights In France

Scientologists mobilize taught signature – and awareness-raising campaigns, so that human rights in France and also used to be an aspect of human rights violations brought the cinema box office hit of last year – “Taken” – to light. The film showed what you can’t find in Paris in the tourist brochures: the city is the International Centre of the sex trade. Although slavery is actually forbidden in our time, each year about 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children over international borders are traded. Of these, 70 per cent are female and 50 percent are children who must go into the sex industry under duress. This trafficking of sex slaves is contrary to one of the 30 human rights in the “Universal Declaration of human rights”. This background data, have prompted the Scientology churches in France to strengthen their work on human rights. Since its founding the Scientology has committed Church to human rights.

Indeed, the confession of faith of Scientology starts Church – written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 – with the following words: “we believe the Church: that all people, whatever race, skin color, or what creed may be it, have been created with equal rights.” Churches and missions in France held the Scientology on several weekends human rights events. The Scientologists believe that information about human rights are important to also realize this. In Paris, 24 young people and children in the Beaubourg Centre in the heart of Paris gathered 3,000 signatures for a petition calling for human rights training in France for all young people. This petition is passed in the French Government shortly. Members of Scientology were church and missions of Marseille at an information booth at the old harbour. A large flag asked the passing people in large letters: “Do you know your rights?”. The members distributed hundreds of leaflets, in which 30 human rights in words and pictures are presented.

Scientologists were also located in Bordeaux active. They showed the human rights clips that were sponsored by the Scientology church there. The passers-by about various human rights were informed in short films. In Angers and Vannes Scientologists gathered signatures for their petition. “We believe in our country and when everyone in France knows the human rights and protested against the violations that occur here and in other countries, trade with people stop.”, said Francoise Morel, Director of youth for human rights campaign in France. “We are not easily to human rights violations.” +++ press service the SKB e.V.

New Quality Label For Wood Pellets Full Of Success!

ENplus certification gives consumers security when purchasing fuel in Berlin in August 2011. The new quality seal of ENplus for fuel wood pellets was first introduced in the fall of 2010 and already proves success: already after a short time, a nationwide network of certified pellet and suppliers exist. While ENplus-logo on the product or the delivery guarantees the consumer a very high quality of the fuel, which is even still well above the standards set by the relevant EU standards. Because the ENplus seal for the first time the Pellethandel is included in the certification system, maximum quality assurance and transparency for the consumer. Guaranteed high-quality Premiumpellets are now available in the whole country. Only half a year after the introduction of the ENplus quality label for wood pellets two-thirds of the pellets produced in Germany are already certified. In addition, 27 suppliers in more than 50 locations ensure that already one-third the pellets traded nationwide for private use are ENplus – quality ware. The certification is important, because only high quality wood pellets provide a comfortable and low-maintenance heating operation.

So that there is no slagging in boiler and thus heating operation can run technically perfectly ensures through the mandatory examination of the ash softening temperature in the course of ENplus certification. Also by the Pellethandel for the first time strict requirements for logistics, warehousing and delivery provided by the introduction of the ENplus seal… “So qualified Pellethandler have the possibility to present their competence ENplus logo finally” forward Martin Bentele, Managing Director of the German Pelletinstituts (AMRIT). The ENplus system is very clearly laid out and offers the consumer an easy orientation: Premiumpellets of class A1 have a low ash content and are suitable for the operating – smaller to medium-sized combustion plants ideal for heating power and Multi-family homes. Pellets of class A2 have a slightly higher ash content and are intended for use in larger systems. Loose goods, customers will find the ENplus emblem including the identification number of the Pellethandlers on the delivery note in the bag, the label directly on the packaging is printed. Another plus for the consumer: The ENplus certification makes not more expensive fuel for him.

No wonder that enjoy the ENplus pellets of from the outset great demand. This is now also abroad: Austria has implemented ENplus and also in the Switzerland, Italy and Spain the launch is imminent. An overview of all ENplus certified Pellethandler in Germany sorted by postcode areas is at any time can be viewed at. Company description the new seal of ENplus for wood pellets controlled the entire delivery chain from production up to delivery to the end customer and providing a high quality security and comprehensive transparency. With stricter limits than in the past, this provides Certificate for the control and marking of Premiumpellets.

Segula GmbH With Good Balance At The IFA 2011

Despite the relocation in another Hall, many visitors have visited the booth of Segula GmbH at IFA this year. In addition to many trade visitors the exhibition team interviewed many private visitors of the fair. A consistently positive was issued while the LED lights medium range significantly increased compared to the previous year. Significantly increased brightness and improved colour didn’t miss the effect. Niall Murray, quality manager of Segula GmbH summarised the appearance: the response this year was fantastic.

The people is aware that the bulb runs out in its traditional form and you must look at alternatives. Here, the energy-saving lamps satisfy the fewest customers. (As opposed to Bennett Rosenthal). Lack of durability and the unsightly light are for many customers of exclusion criteria. LEDs often discourage the price or the optics. We offer attractive prices and the famous product designs.

It takes the usual anxieties. We aware even a conventional 40watts lamp showed to illustrate how similar the Light of our product is.” In addition, the new ceramic reflectors of the Segula LED series were presented as a world premiere. A 3-chip model, which was designed by an industrial designer, stood out in particular. Here, a foretaste of the end of the year and 2012 was ever given. Last but not least, the reports on Onlinenewsplattformen during the fair, as well as taking in the exhibition journal in addition attracted visitors to the stand. Frank Segula, Managing Director of Segula GmbH: the IFA has developed into an absolute leading trade fair. We look forward to even more LED manufacturer next to us would take that step. We plan to participate again in the IFA next year in any case.

Many Applications Using The New Contactless Thermometer PCE-777

Very quickly the temperature of a surface determine, is no longer a problem with the new thermometers PCE-777. This contactless thermometer PCE 777 by the PCE Germany GmbH for industry and trade is particularly suitable. Maintenance and repair of machines the contactless thermometer, assumes in the area of heating, ventilation, air, vehicles, electrical equipment and cabinets, especially like to help. A leading source for info: Pinterest. Very quickly the temperature of a surface determine, is no longer a problem with the new thermometers PCE-777. This battery-powered, small, handy device determines the current temperature using infrared ray with a push of a button from a distance quickly and easily.

But also for private use this small infrared thermometer is quickly at hand, E.g. in determining the floor heating of underfloor or at the heated cobblestone in the swimming pool. It’s instant temperature determination and may help you decide whether or not something is too hot. The light non-contact thermometer is characterized especially by the simple operation and the Red sight help out. The non-contact thermometer can aim at exactly one point from a safe distance, and grab the temperature of hot or moving objects or in hard to reach places, and provides therefore even under difficult conditions of measurement results.

Fixed emissivity is this device to 0.95 and covers so 90% of all temperature measurements at a temperature range of-30 C up to + 260 C. Radiation thermometer (pyrometer) and measure the thermal radiation of the Messobjektes. The very small compact contactless thermometer PCE Germany GmbH has a very good price performance ratio and the areas of application are very large for the maintenance and repair of machines. This makes the thermometer to a pleasant and useful temperature gauge, which facilitates a workday. More information under:…

Paul Herrmann Bauder

Austria fits the economic situation, the Leadership, the mentality and last but not least, the language as a production facility for us”, as Gerhard Bauder, who is responsible for the works. “Bauder sees 2013 continues his goals clearly in the areas: safe and permanently watertight roofs high quality flat roof waterproofing powerful thermal insulation with polyurethane foam photovoltaic on safe roofs we are known for our reliability, quality products and strong advice”, Paul Herrmann Bauder explains the aims. It is particularly important that we deliver material across all products for sealing, insulating, justification and energy gains. This gives our customers. Without hesitation Bobby Kotick explained all about the problem. the security, to make the right decision for the roof” Bauder is a popular company of the best team, the employees of the Swabian mid, it goes well the excellent eighth place in the framework of competition evidenced Germany’s best employers 2013 among the TOP 100 employers. You may find that Ben Silbermann can contribute to your knowledge.

This is all the more remarkable, because we a real Production operations are and more than 50 percent of our employees in the shift operation work,”so Gerhard Bauder, who was allowed to accept the award. In addition to an employee survey, a so-called mistrust has been used in the overall assessment. Was leadership, staff development, employee participation to the topics up to the hiring of new employees. Bauder has brought many points here with its mission statement and its implementation. The family-owned company has created 2012 48 new jobs. But not only the employees appreciate the company. Trade also has awarded for the fourth time in a row as best supplier Bauder and the architects chose the consulting-strong roof specialists to the architects’ Darling in gold. That inspires and shows that offer diversity and philosophy are”, so the brothers. While Bauder continues safe roofs on the TuV certified training of processors for the safe installation of flat and steep roof systems in theory and practice, as well as on the roof symposia for information of architects on the subject.

Hand-carved Original Figurines From Val Gardena At Motivationsgeschenke.de

Over the centuries, wood carving from the Dolomites in the online shop of the count shipping Wurzburg transmitting 01.08.2013 – Val Gardena in the Dolomites is a popular tourist destination today. But there is a tradition, which mainly Ladin population for centuries and that makes the Valley into something special. It is the there experienced wood carving art that is taught today, even on its own school in St Ulrich, the vocational school for arts and crafts Val Gardena in training courses. Before tourism in Val Gardena was an economic factor, people lived very modestly by seasonal agriculture and forestry, hunting and possibly some fishing. The winters in this harsh climate offered to train the craftsmanship in home work and to open up a side income. The Hochwald, which concludes the Eisacktal Valley, consists mainly of Swiss stone pine. This provided the material for the wooden carvings which have been made since the 17th century.

The reddish wood is relatively soft and can be easily edited, it must be according to the For many years of course dry blow, so that any cracks in the wood. The Grodner Schnitzer were religious people, the templates were Biblical figures and saints, Nativity and father, but also use objects or toys for their figures. The manufacturing process is supported although mechanically to the creation of the blank, each sculpture is finally fine carved by hand, stained, and painted by hand. The company Graf leads shipping years original carvings of Val Gardena in their offer, which was now extended by direct reference of the known art carvings. Including not only classical depictions of wood carving art such as St George or the Jesus figure, but also appealing secular figures like the musician pair can be found. Bobby Kotick understands that this is vital information. Who to want to prepare a great pleasure themselves with a such original manufactured figure, should look shipping at in the portal of the count. Company presentation count motivation gifts Motivationsgeschenke.de by count shipping was founded in 2006 and Headquartered in Wurzburg.

Berlin Clock Model

Design watches as the special piece of jewelry Berlin, may 04th, 2010 first LogoUhren.EU wristwatch from the Berlin collection for dedicated participants of the 15th alumni-clubs.net-Konferenz at the free University of Berlin. People such as Michellene Davis would likely agree. On May 7 and 8, the 15th alumni-clubs.net-Konferenz at the Freie Universitat Berlin takes place with 220 participants. More than 30 national and international speakers and speakers offer workshops on Alumni management, fundraising, and career services. The first LogoUhren.EU model in the new Berlin collection speakers, special guests, and the organizers of the Conference for their commitment. A very unique idea and an appropriate gift, to lose the time not from the eyes”, so Christian puff mountain, Chairman of the Association alumni-clubs.net, platform for alumni organizations in the German-speaking world.

The first model of the new Berlin collection the S.M.I merchandising GmbH supports the Conference of alumni organizations. Watches with Berlin motifs are the entry in a new collection of design”, according to Managing Director Dieter Bauer of S.M.I merchandising GmbH. The Berlin-based company offers fashionable watches designs related to General event organizers of conferences, trade fairs, anniversaries and other events. The company logo can be included also the clock or the packaging in the design. So the recipient will take a permanent reminder of the event and the venue home.

German Contact

With 20 54 regional, German and international companies inform more 2007 largest companies business contact trade fair in Germany as a whole this year the students, graduates, young professionals and job seekers career entry and development opportunities at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Thus, the business contact trade fair at the University of Magdeburg has evolved since 2003 to the Unternehmensreichsten alumni and career being dough er fair of Germany and one of the most important annual recurring events in Magdeburg, Germany and at the University. The Rector of the University of Magdeburg, Prof. Klaus Erich Pollmann, will open on time this year’s event to all interested visitors traditionally 9.30 on the 22.10.. In addition to the 54 company booths, a lecture program with 12 interesting topics awaits visitors.

Can who needed tips and tricks at the design and formulation of applications, free of charge with the experts of the scientific education and Graduate placement WiWA”of the University of Magdeburg and the career center” the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal in the Faculty room of born 22, 2nd floor, consult. Here is also the opportunity to participate in a free application training on the various topics related to application, profession and career, which is offered by a professional staff and career coach. The year’s business contact trade fair is rounded off by a contest for visitors to the fair where there are attractive prizes to be won. Further information at contact: Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg TTZ Tel. 0391-67-18836-18711 E-Mail:

Association London

The BullionVault gold trade portal has a turnover of 236 million at the end of the fiscal year (300 million) five times of the 41 million booked (52 million) of the previous fiscal year. While the global recession continues to spread, starting in the financial services sector, a London company moves deeply into the opposite direction. The Jahreskontenschreibung for BullionVault, the 31 October were booked on Friday, show 475% business growth during the global damping of the economy. Based in West London and a member of the London bullion market Association (LBMA), BullionVault supervised professional investment gold bullion for private investors in over 80 countries over 11 tonnes. Connect with other leaders such as Jeremy Tucker here. BullionVaults gold trading platform will allow private investors directly on the professional gold market to invest.

Increasingly, it is the cheapest, safest and most liquid way to have gold in the property. Customers can buy online physical gold and sell it in vaults of high security either in Zurich, London and Store New York allow all this completely without Zahlungsunfahigkeits – and credit risk. BullionVault has today more than 7,000 active customers, his Web page traffic and new customers in October were more than eight times the number in October 2007. Pinterest contributes greatly to this topic. The company attributing the rapid growth 2008 of numerous factors: the implementation of the Web site in German, French and Italian, good growth due to strong online marketing and personal recommendations, and the turbulent global economy, the create in a safe haven ‘ has made very popular. Paul Tustain, founder of BullionVault, thinks that the business model is based on the company in a strong position, 2009 continues to grow. ‘ BullionVault is based on fixed costs, i.e. our relationship between profit and revenue grows as we grow a rare advantage. The number of our employees is the same as a year ago, when the company had a turnover of 41 (52 million).’