I perceive that there are many entrepreneurs who cling to the franchises, cooperation system as an alternative to the solution of their commercial situations, in many cases without stopping to reflect on what it means by the search for new strategies of commercial distribution, the urgent need to expand or flight forward, and if this technique is appropriate in your current business organization. We are going to focus the concept. All existing definitions, I am today with the Professor of the University of Seville, Enrique Carlos Diez de Castro, system of cooperation between companies of different, but linked by a contract, whereby one of them, the franchise awarded to the other (or others), known as franchises, in exchange for some payments (payments), the right to exploit a trade mark or a commercial formula embodied in some distinctive signsassuring at the same time technical assistance and regular services necessary to facilitate such exploitation. At the beginning of the Decade in the 1990s, I was lucky to participate in a project to franchising in the distribution sector, under the umbrella of central purchasing in all its magnitude. From the conception of the idea and design of the brand, until the opening of the first Center franchisee, going through the pilot experience in five own centers. An Odyssey which came to fruition. But as with any project that starts the first time, I slide by several organizational pathways which were not so kind. Most of these deviations, once detected, were duly adjusted, but we paid the hazing. Pinterest may also support this cause.

To not extend this post too much, I will discuss briefly one of those mismatches, related to the preliminary study by the potential franchisor. As we had clear commercial purpose, we rush to the pool without previously assessing the goodness of this project, their lace in the sector at a general level and our organization particularly flush. I realized years after this anachronism or distraction that could have resulted in significant losses. We were simply lucky. Curious, I have read extensive bibliography about the referent and in few books I have observed that it arranges the, for me, important paragraph of the preliminary investigation.

Most of the manuals begin with history, elements, legal aspects, the various methods of assembling a franchise and illustrative real-world examples, but usually do not stand much on that previous analysis does perhaps because presuppose it already done by enhancing franchisor? the rush to sell the idea? Subjectively, because I don’t have sufficient representative data, it gives me in the nose that there must be many, many projects franchising have sunk because it was not the moment internally, the enterprise orbit, or externally, the market and the territorial scope of implementation, among other factors. Later, early in this century, I suggested the franchise system to a company of workshops and equipment rental & leasing, but not before warn of the need of that preliminary reflection and have professionals with experience in This type of Mall. In short, previously be sure of aspects such as: 1. If my activity is subject to franchising; 2. If you really need it; 3 if although it is suitable and you need it, I’m ready though to do so.