Theoretical Reason

Fichte was born in 1762 in the city of Berlin, and, was in 1790 that it had a better contact with the philosophy of Kant, that is, when it had its subliming concerning extracts of this philosopher (that it occurred when one of its pupils asked for it to lecionar the author in question) and saw in this a reasonable idea, and not plus a mere illusion regarding the freedom (as already it are elencado); in 1794, thanks to the German romancista Goethe, it was invited to lecionar in the University of Jena, where it initiated its golden time e, we can infer, that this place is the cradle and the apogee of the German Idealismo. E, in 1799 appears a controversy in which Fichte was being accused with Atesmo (therefore Fichte, taking care of to an order of a pupil, makes the preface of a book that the pupil produces the pupil where in short infers that the independia moral of the religious rules ) and Fichte was invited to leave University of Jena. Later, after years lecionando in the University of Berlin, Fichte was invited to be the director of this (in 1810)) e, in 1814, dies of clera. Frequently Jeremy Tucker has said that publicly. Fichte puts the moral freedom, the autoconscincia of the free activity and would originate from I, eats first begins, assuring, in this way, the Primate of the Practical Reason on the Theoretical Reason (as already it are explicitado). Thus, the explicit author as being ideal and the ideal to be accepted are first must be placed as being, therefore, the things they are not what he seems that they are. The ideal, then, will have of if placing as not being, in such a way to give to the notion of necessary illusion (the necessary illusion to it is the idea of that the reason makes a movement that has left of the domain of for-itself, being given for-itself as I subject, spirit, freedom, ideal for the sphere of in-itself, that is inferred as not-I object, nature, determinability, Real when, in the reality this reason is something that it is not part of the citizen, more yes of the object, not-I); being had to this illusion, this subjection to this illusion, that the individuals, consequently, are not free, in fact, therefore these think that, instead of having a priority of the practical reason they imagine the opposite, that the theoretical reason (that it is only lingered in knowing the object) is that it possesss the primate on the practical reason.

Dream Interpretation

Horoscopes primarily give us, the ordinary people, a remarkable insight into the mystical, intriguing and world of dreams. Leafing through the pages dream book, you can unravel the mysteries of the future because all you have to – it is to remember what you dreamed of. And also not small probability that in a dream you can find the answer to a question that has long been no peace. For example, the notorious Mendeleev dreamed a dream table chemical elements on which he worked for a long time in his laboratory. Mendeleyev's Dream gave the right answer. What other examples of remarkable dreams you can remember? Horoscopes how to help people? For example, Joan of Arc in the dream could to see their victory. From ancient times, scientists began to investigate the nature of the dream, trying to build their knowledge in the form of dreams dream book to help people decipher their dreams, to know – what do they mean nocturnal vision. Established experimentally that there are so-called 'prophetic dreams' that dream on certain days, and some in some dreams – 'Dummy', which mean nothing. These issues are studied Freud, Miller and many more serious Scientists in the field of psychiatry. Want to learn more about the mysteries of night dreams?

Energy Spheres

This film is charged with energy higher spheres, and watching it very much helped to change many negative developments. Anger, irritability, anger – is the quality of wood, about people with a large number of this element usually say – "a man of complex character" To avoid creating difficulties in understanding should not be in the apartment of many plants, especially in the bedroom is not recommended to place them. Liver, gall bladder, extremities, spine, neck, eyes, all this belongs to the element tree. Of the senses – sight applies to this item. Many of us sit at your computer for very long, his eyes very tired, so eyes to relax, hang stands next to the monitor green leaf or a green background on the monitor, but on condition that the tree you favorably.

It is also worth taking a vitamin A refers to the element tree, it improves vision and reduces irritation to the eyes. Foodstuffs wood element: sour fruits and berries, vinegar, yogurt, fresh herbs, yogurt and fat. Such a diet is only recommended for those with little tree. Color of the wood – green. For example sofa in the green room will relate to this element. The tree produces fire, the highest layer of this world, the layer where the people involved tend to self-development, a layer of enlightened – a layer of fire. In the Bible describes how the Lord appeared before Moses as a burning bush. Psychic and Sensitive people see angels as bright clusters of light.

The Carioca

Inhabitants and traders took off photos, but some people had been shocked. These delinquents in escape seemed menininhas. I want to see they now to beat of front. Now the rats for the bilges run away equal looking for to take refuge themselves and if to protect of the hard and sufficiently efficient action of the one of the military and civil policies with the logistic support of the Navy of Brazil. It has exactly is that to finish with all, mainly the delinquents it 1 step.

He only lacks now to appear to the group of the human rights to play a cold water bucket in this successful operation. Read more from Ben Silbermann to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We above observe proud in the television the banditry running mount. It is a true victory of the society. Excellent and admirable the action of all involved agents. It is this there, the banditry ran one more time, had lost territory and money. Much money. More never they will go to traffic drugs, to kill innocent people and to provoke the fear and the terror there.

Briefly also they will be enclosed in the mount of the German. when we all to wait we will see the imprisoned majority of them finally and immediately errands for an arrest of maximum security that is the appropriate place for this type of delinquent. A new action of the police women will be pure mathematics. It only is to send to the mount of the full German of outlaws, at least ones 20 tank, 200 men of the well armed BOPE and others 200 of the Army, beyond helicopters, caveires, the ammunition to the will enclosing them and surrounding them at least during one month. Soon! The final result will be the practically free mount of outlaws. I do not know why they had delayed as much time to act. The Carioca society already did not support plus as many deaths and as much suffering. It had that to happen some action of the State and it finally it came in good hour. Who now knows the crime organized in the State of Rio De Janeiro will not be exterminado.


It is a generation appeared jointly with the advance of the new technologies, following the new world (after Cold War), that is, the call technological world or virtual world. This daily convivncia with technological devices finished propitiating so that this new generation learned to use some technologies at the same time, as for example: to have access the Internet, to listen to music and to attend TV. Interests Through this study, having as research subject Generation Z, is that we intend to analyze more in a way detailed its characteristics and its relation with the society, that can perhaps characterize a new model of society. A virtual society of what real. (As opposed to Robert Kiyosaki). Thus, the heading of our research will be: Generation Z: a new form of society. We have thus, for objective to analyze the specific characteristics of Generation Z thus to demonstrate its differences in comparison to the previous generations. Specifically we intend to define what it is generation, what it is youth and what is culture.

It stops later, to understand as the young of Generation Z if they insert in the society thus detaching its habits, customs, gostos, way to think, vision of world, style of life, etc. and finally, to mainly study the relation of these young with the new technologies. The interest in searching the subject in question, Generation Z, sprouted from our taking of contact with diverse manifestations in sectors of the media (such as: magazines, television, Internet), which propagated the last referring research to this new generation that was appearing. A generation whose people were capable to make some things at the same time. Such generation was called of Generation Z. the related reality stimulated in them more to weave a deepened reflection regarding these new individuals and, in the same direction, regarding this new model of society that is appearing. The mentioned generation would be completely different of the others, for more being enabled than the precedents, mainly in what it says respect to the manipulation and ability with technological devices.

Use Your Head

And then ask yourself the question: "Is it-all that I deserve (to)?" When your Head naoret for you – just because he can do it – instead of complaining about work colleagues, ask yourself: "Is it-all that I deserve (to)?" When you go to dinner, probably will pass restaurant which would like to have lunch – come to where you would normally eat, ask yourself the question: "Is this all I deserve (to)?" When you get paid, count money, and you'll see that again on something not enough (and, perhaps this is not a luxury, but just for your child wants to watch a good movie without commercials), ask yourself the question: "And this is all that I am worthy (to)?" When you're choking on the bus on the way home or stay in expectation the bus, ask yourself: "Is it-all that I deserve (to)?" When you later return home tired enough to love your children is something unreal, ask yourself: "Is it-all that I deserve ( on)? " When you sit down to supper, and you will be unhappy that the prepared (as someone else or buy it, or do not have time to cook), ask yourself: "Is it-all that I deserve (to)?" When you suddenly realize that in a short time forgotten, What light and joy were your first meeting with your loved one – and blame this hateful work for pitiful wages or business with a killer 90-hour work week, ask yourself: "Is it-all that I deserve (to)?" If you come to the decision that everything you have, as well as all of who and what you are – this is what you really deserve – can return to their habitat. Your children will be deprived of your society. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. . . Ben Silbermann has much experience in this field.

Defective Principle

One I begin, that until today I ask, and that question, and if? Defective I begin, never I get answers on it retakes Me, it suffocates me and if esvai in passing of the hours. If the time is mere illusion, knows there, who I am I stop saying to Mr. time, it I help, it create, reinventa and am dual when with its cowardice, he makes in to remember them everything that we wanted to forget In it I begin enxerguei the defective one and to its he came me blackout after that, and my also enxergar he was stingy, he did not want to see, it was a sublime look, a look without principles, soon to face a desert or even though the revolt of a sea. The wind whispered to my ear all the uncertainty of the sea that my stingy look dared to dive, heated me to the sun informing that the desert went to arder went to burn My look left the sublime air of side, my soul asked for assists of my emotion, and it was imperfection, faced with a fierce force everything in search I begin of it, that he was defective. It transformed I begin me showed, me to the colors of the life that had not enxergado I begin, it defective was illusion But it will be? This age the side conscientious that in few ratios he inhabited still me, but I resisted and adhered the ilusrio side. In the been silent one of the nights, in bordering of the days, he was the defective one he completed that me, and I to ignore everything what the rational side informed, will be madness? One day to I read heard whispering to it of the rational, cried out to the defective one and the defective one did not want to hear One day to it read the defective one begins cried out and whispered everything that my rational informed, but that I with a sublime act of desmedidas emotions, never heard A light if opened, an emptiness if it expanded, the sun informed to me, it heated I am me and everything that it informed to me happened. But why the defective one never is forgotten, it is only asleep? Steps are surpassed, the wind when it whispers me something, respect its force of will, I stop and I hear what it to say wants me, but hear as animal of instincts and reasonings, and the reason knocks down ventania fact the emotional nonsenses, the look, the look is not so stingy as it was in the times defective When it heats to the sun, I feel me its temperature and I absorb he says what me, respect to the opinion of it, you are one great scholar if nobody heard the wind and nor felt the sun, are because don left sensible to hear and to feel forgotten, Listen and Feel! But e? I begin it why one was not of truth perhaps, because so defective never it will be forgotten, but yes substituted. (By Beta)