GFH GmbH Publishes Half-year Report 2010

GFH GmbH the budget planners published half-year report for 2010 Nuremberg, 09.09.2010 – the GFH GmbH the budget planners published the interim report for the first half of 2010. While the GFH GmbH can report 2010 the budget planners a positive start in the first half of the year. In a still difficult market environment, the revenues of the GFH GmbH were up 35% in the first six months compared with the same period last year. It should be noted that the parent company also an increase in turnover by around 30% achieved. In particular the profitability of the GFH GmbH the budget planner achieved good progress. During the first half of the year 2010 earnings also increased significantly before interest and taxes. Clearly the operational success of the GFH GmbH will be the budget planners also continued high operating cash flow amounting to 20% (previous year: 12%) reported.

Reason for improving the results on one was the renewed increase in the sales figures of the GFH GmbH, which is increased by 12%. As a result of can be assumed in the second fiscal half year of a further increase in consistently positive numbers. This shows in an overall declining market that is the GFH GmbH the budget planner on the right track. On the other hand, the essential cost position as staff costs could be reduced in the period under review despite the expansion of the business of GFH GmbH. This also contributed to the increase in earnings of the GFH GmbH. An important milestone for the further development of the company with the successful financial analysis program of the GFH GmbH the budget planners is reached. Due to the fixed already to this day orders for the second half of 2010, now free agent were to invest in further growth. The GFH GmbH planning the budget planner to replenish the workforce for the second half of 2010.