Communist Party

Naturally, all materials included in the collection may be subject to discussion, so apart in a small review of each of them it makes little sense. I would like only to note that excessive emotionality is not always decorated. Thus, in a rather informative material A. North periodically slip phrases about "obtusely Maurice Thorez" or "Fool, who call themselves political scientists," which hardly corresponds to the research article. A recurrent allusions to the nationality of the majority of Trotskyists, as in the material Kolpakidi, many can lead one to believe that the heroes of the book – after all "brothers", which this author is unlikely to want to. Finally, it seems very strange opinions Zhukov that the "totalitarian" might be called left-wing and communist, but not fascist regimes of the 1930s. Fun is also the title of the book where the authors of the section reads: "S.

Kara-Murza and others. " It is clear that the publishers have decided to draw the attention of the reader name of a famous author, also enjoys the sympathy general patriotic native soil – from many members of the Communist Party to the pro-Kremlin activists movements. This effect is even publishers have tried to strengthen, used in the design of the book the phrase "mind manipulation" of the most famous by the author. This is a good marketing move, because of which, however, the reader might be misled. The fact that the ideas of the foreword, written by S. Kara-Murza, largely inconsistent with the findings of all other articles in the collection.