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IT cluster Upper Franconia writes graduation Award from the IT cluster, Upper Franconia (ITCO) awarded theses by students of the departments of information and telecommunications technology (ICT) with the ITCO graduation award. Graduates of the universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth, as well as the universities of Coburg and Hof can participate. Other requirements are that the graduate has written the thesis in cooperation with a company and an ICT subject. The ITCO is price of graduate of 3000,-EUR for the first, 2000,-euro for the second and doped 1000,-euro for the third place. Practical work sought the supervising professors the Bachelor, master or diploma work of their students up to November 30, 2011 submit. The application consists of a unilateral project sketch to drafting of the graduates and an opinion of the professor.

The topic of ICT includes, inter alia, the areas of software, hardware, networks, and Web applications. Condition for participation is that the work has received well at least the note and the Submission deadline for no longer than 12 months. Exchange of experience between science and economy an eight-member jury made up of professors and entrepreneurs rated the submissions and selects three works for the finals. The decisive factor here is the practical use and the applicability in the enterprise, as well as the scientific quality. With the graduation award we promote the integration of science and industry”, says Konrad Bastian, Executive Board member of the IT cluster of Upper Franconia and initiator of the ITCO Alumni Award. We draw out practical projects, strengthen the IT location Upper Franconia and make a contribution to keep the graduates of our universities in the region.” High voltage in the final the public award of the ITCO Alumni Prize takes place in the spring of 2012, in Bamberg.

In each 30-minute talks, the three finalists present their projects. On the basis of the presentations and of the documents submitted, the jury will award the positions one through three. You compete with the short presentations Participants before large audiences,”says Dr. Jr. Markus Diehl, Member of the Board of the IT cluster Upper Franconia. We create a competitive situation, as it is still often encounter the graduates in the profession. “For finalists and audience is an exciting award ceremony final guaranteed.”

Paracetamol: Tolerated And Few Side Effects

Prof. Dr. (A valuable related resource: Robert Kiyosaki). Konrad Heintze occupied trust of the active substance on the occasion of the uncertainty due to emotionally media reports on the active ingredient parCETMOL Professor Dr. Konrad Heintze, an overview Pharmakologe the RWTH Aachen has classed together. Ben Silbermanns opinions are not widely known. In it he examines whether it misjudges the proven pain relievers when its effect and possible side effects. The results: there is no cause for concern. Still, a daily maximum dose of 4 grams of the active substance paracetamol applies to adults.

Note this guide patients, there is no danger of overdose because a sufficient safety distance for a potentially critical limit dosage of more than 10 grams is met. The diverse phar and dosage forms of paracetamol are adapted for young and old useful, to find the appropriate dose for every need. The needs of young and old: ranging from 75 mg of active ingredient in the form of suppositories to the 1000 mg tablet. How other medicines also the dosing guidelines of the leaflets complied, the stomach-sparing paracetamol is still easier to recommend to moderately severe pain and fever as a side effect of poor substance for the treatment. Law manages to avoid sensitivity about the misuse of larger quantities of the active substance, the prescription was introduced on April 1 this year by large packs of paracetamol. This measure meets only very few users but in everyday life. The usual sizes, which are desired for mild to moderately severe pain and fever, are still available without a prescription at the pharmacy. In addition, the prescription can be understood as appeal that no lifestyle pills are also widely used medications such as acetaminophen.

You should hintereinander maximum of three days and taken only in ten days in the month. The overview work can be professionals and journalists under. Contact: Andrea Hillebrand PRONOUNS GmbH & co. KG PR and product communication alley 24 – D-50968 Koln Tel + 49 221 / 940 812 11 E-Mail company profile: bene medicinal GmbH good for your health for 60 years produced the Munich company bene medicinal drugs of the highest quality. Then as now the brands offers preparations, which are manufactured in our own production in Germany. New innovative drugs emerge from the research and development of the medium-sized company since its founding. This distributes bene – pharmaceutical products not only in Germany, but in over 35 countries worldwide.

Nestoria Espana

View the patterns in the consideration that the shift of the visiting hours on the Web hourly patterns of visitors (circadian rhythms) are very consistent, if they are subjected to a comparison to the same day of the week, week after week. The distribution in percentage of visitors in total daily hours sales varies strictly over 7% to the total daily average. The differences of the total percentage of visit have been measured. We found that daylight saving time has had a noticeable shift in the Stundennutzungs pattern of the site: up to 10% of the users move the start and end of your visit to the site between the beginning and the end of the day. While the total variation in numbers looks small, reflected a shift of activities to expected behaviour of visits starting earlier and earlier decline on the day. Similar patterns can be found in other Web sites by Nestoria, in countries which use the summer time. (Nestoria UK, Nestoria Italia and Nestoria Espana). An extra hour so not much activity generates the additional hour of the last October-Sunday erhohtet the actual duration of that day by 4% (from 24 hours to 25 hours).

The number of visits rose summarized in an average of 2% – all 4 sides or seen. It is unclear whether the change in the total number of visitors, week-seasonality and / or increased duration of the day, due to. It seems that additional availability of time is no longer applies to online activities. This would have additional hour on this day to rest or dedicated to leisure can be. It would be interesting to compare these patterns of online activities with offline behaviors – such as retail, transport, use, phone use, etc.. Conclusion DST has no significant impact on the use of Web pages, on the visits, or on their performance.

Surveillance Company

The press brought it to light. At the discount stores, Spionagen be made in the workplace… Daily business include a video surveillance or a homing beacon. Several discounters came lately in the discredited, to make room monitors, and Spionagen in the workplace. In the foreground stood the containment of committed theft by the employees and the customers. Recently noted in times of wage stagnation and the awareness of wrongdoing is plummeted, a high unemployment rate. Inventory losses and the handle in the checkout are long since no longer rare. Through video surveillance, tracking and a surveillance company to curb theft attempt.

Press releases according to overshoot but some companies far above the target. Evaluated materials a video surveillance or wiretaps on the part-mounted trackers brought terrifying light. Spionagen how how often are you Mrs Bauer on the toilet?”or who did what with whom?” are shown in the logs. Surely one Video surveillance or a homing beacon sending such information, but have nothing to look for in a protocol. The companies usually give contractors to have traded the blame not in the strict sense the detective agencies and security firms. That this but lame excuses are, is already known. There are companies who back an observation team leave for every insult of an employee to see if everything is legit.

Reaction on the part of the policy followed. Consumer Minister Seehofer criticized sharp performing a surveillance. Video surveillance is positive, but the boundaries have been far exceeded. He spoke of a violation of human dignity and it went further. Systematic spying remind of times long ago overcome thought in Germany”originally posted by Seehofer. At the same time a sharper legal protection of employees is required. Oliver Bunzheim

Thiem Kleist Forums

The Xinnovations merge solution providers, developers and users of innovative information technologies with decision-makers from the fields of economy, science, administration and politics. Berlin, 03.06.2009: Preparations for the Xinnovations of 2009 have begun. They take place from 14-16 September 2009 in the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. The focus of the Xinnovations are Web-based technologies for the information society of the future. The three-day conference program consists of business forums, workshops of the science and the W3C tag.

The Xinnovations merge solution providers, developers and users of innovative information technologies with decision-makers from the fields of economy, science, administration and politics. They serve the networking of actors in science, economics, policy and management, to establish lasting cooperation networks. The event accelerated the exchange of knowledge and experience between universities and the industry, creates market transparency and initiated innovative collaborative projects. For 2009 are Planned economic forums to the following fields of application: E-education, E-Health, E-Government, E-justice, E-marketing, E-manufacturing & supply of E-strategy. Problems make solutions and trends in the fields of economic forums, the programs of the forums will be developed with experts from companies, ministries, research institutions, semi-public and private institutions in the form of Advisory Board meetings. Also other regional and national networks as a partner of the event contribute to shaping the program. Web (CSW) and the eponymous working group at the free University of Berlin invite the project corporate semantic to workshops in the area of Semantic Web technologies. In 2008, a workshop on the requirements analysis for the corporate was conducted within the framework of the Xinnovations Semantic Web.

In 2009 this is continued with a workshop for the presentation of the designed solution approaches of the Junior Research Group Corporate Semantic Web. In addition to the forums many providers are their successful in an accompanying exhibition Demonstrate and give an opportunity to try the lectures presented applications live on the stand. In innovative projects to convert pulses of the Conference, continues the dialogue in real and virtual forums.