Fire Extinguishers

Selecting a suitable fire extinguisher you determined the size of the room, physical-chemical properties of materials at this facility and other factors. On the composition of quenching substances isolated: – liquid fire extinguishers – fire extinguisher powder – foam extinguishers – carbon dioxide fire extinguishers – extinguishers aerosol – combined fire extinguishers. The most popular of these fire extinguishers are powder fire extinguishers because they are used to extinguish the fire of any class. There are three types of powder fire extinguishers: portable, stationary and hand. Fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide used to extinguish fires that occurred as a result of fire appliances at voltages up to 1000 volts, as well as to extinguish flammable fluids, internal combustion engines and in all cases where it is not recommended to put out the fire with water.

When dealing with this type of fire extinguisher is very important to take precautions and do not touch it bare portions of the body, because, when a bell goes carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, then a temperature of -750 C, which can cause burns isometric. Other means of fire fighting an effective means of fire fighting are also fire hoses, felted, sand hoses operate on the principle of fire cock. Fireplug in diameter coincides with the diameter of normal water (about 2 cm), and its length is 15 m. If there fire need to install the valve and connect hose water pipe. Felted fabric is a fire, which effectively copes with extinguishing a small fire.

Usually rug made from such materials such as fiberglass and asbestos. In the absence of fire-fighting equipment on hand can do, and materials at hand to extinguish the fire, such as earth or sand, mops, wrapped in wet cloth, just soaked in water, rags, etc. The main thing – do not get lost and to proceed immediately to extinguish the fire, because many in such a case, as an effective fire fighting, depends on fast response. We hope that you will benefit from the resulting information, and not to lose, if the time comes to put into practice your knowledge of the fire fighting equipment.