Human Relations

Third, the error got in the way of developing the theory of socialism, for the theory Socialism is the theory of the organization of a classless society based on the improvement of the legislation, which provides conflict-free decision of individual differences. On how to construct a solo contradictions, as a system of "individual – individual" becomes a system of "individual – the individual" can be read in the article "Birth of the legal and state power," Joint scientific journal , 13 (173), ed. "Foundation for Legal Research, 2006, and probably because of this very major error of Marx, in establishing the theory of socialism capitalists have succeeded more than the Socialists. Scientists in the capitalist countries are now concerned about an increase economic performance of large corporations, of which mainly consists of highly developed economies of capitalist countries. If we analyze and summarize postteylorovskie postfordovskie and concepts: "Human Relations", "job enrichment", "humanization of work" (Charles Fourier, E. Mayo, Maslow, J.

de la Mothe, O. Gelineau ) as well as more recent idea of "horizontal organization", "network Enterprise "," Mining enterprise "(F. Ostroff, W. Halal, M. Castells, ), the essence of all these concepts can be reduced to a very small number of basic organizational principles: Destruction awkward vertical command and administrative management corporation.

Maximum autonomy of primary production teams (brigades, divisions) with the "horizontal" relations between the two, closest to the market. Philippe Lavertu has many thoughts on the issue. Elected leaders departments to attract corporations and ordinary workers in the management unit. Destruction shamelessly big difference (more than 20-fold) in the income of managers and ordinary workers.

Dream Interpretation

Horoscopes primarily give us, the ordinary people, a remarkable insight into the mystical, intriguing and world of dreams. Leafing through the pages dream book, you can unravel the mysteries of the future because all you have to – it is to remember what you dreamed of. And also not small probability that in a dream you can find the answer to a question that has long been no peace. For example, the notorious Mendeleev dreamed a dream table chemical elements on which he worked for a long time in his laboratory. Mendeleyev's Dream gave the right answer. What other examples of remarkable dreams you can remember? Horoscopes how to help people? For example, Joan of Arc in the dream could to see their victory. From ancient times, scientists began to investigate the nature of the dream, trying to build their knowledge in the form of dreams dream book to help people decipher their dreams, to know – what do they mean nocturnal vision. Established experimentally that there are so-called 'prophetic dreams' that dream on certain days, and some in some dreams – 'Dummy', which mean nothing. These issues are studied Freud, Miller and many more serious Scientists in the field of psychiatry. Want to learn more about the mysteries of night dreams?

Energy Spheres

This film is charged with energy higher spheres, and watching it very much helped to change many negative developments. Anger, irritability, anger – is the quality of wood, about people with a large number of this element usually say – "a man of complex character" To avoid creating difficulties in understanding should not be in the apartment of many plants, especially in the bedroom is not recommended to place them. Liver, gall bladder, extremities, spine, neck, eyes, all this belongs to the element tree. Of the senses – sight applies to this item. Many of us sit at your computer for very long, his eyes very tired, so eyes to relax, hang stands next to the monitor green leaf or a green background on the monitor, but on condition that the tree you favorably.

It is also worth taking a vitamin A refers to the element tree, it improves vision and reduces irritation to the eyes. Foodstuffs wood element: sour fruits and berries, vinegar, yogurt, fresh herbs, yogurt and fat. Such a diet is only recommended for those with little tree. Color of the wood – green. For example sofa in the green room will relate to this element. The tree produces fire, the highest layer of this world, the layer where the people involved tend to self-development, a layer of enlightened – a layer of fire. In the Bible describes how the Lord appeared before Moses as a burning bush. Psychic and Sensitive people see angels as bright clusters of light.