The Tumult

I closed and any day I open of new, until saberque I still I place a dry iris inside of it. of this skill, you fazendode a particular rest was that I thus learned to be, eight or eighty, ten or one hundred, seven or seventy, all the set that you to judge necessary. Vocveio one, two, three, a thousand times until me. E, all these times, I never temandei even so, always gave shelter to you. E, all time that I died a little, eravoc killed who me. Tripudiava, cried out to the four cantos of my cabeaquadrada one that you had free pass there and that I nothing could make respeitodisso, after all, who created you was I. ' ' Aqui&#039 forgives the girl; '.

Its tolerance with the meusdesacertos, serenou the tumult of my head and a realmado angel helped me to aquietar coraocomo. Then I believe perhaps that failures in meeting can serencontros in potential – in new format or in another rhythm. Excuse still you dizerisso through metaphors, of what he is not yours, but that it finished being. It wanted sernua and raw pra not to leave more shades of doubts here. I found that you meesperava in the staircase.

It seemed me so subtle this that I wanted to go down with you. It does not understand for badly, ' ' but pro our samba was vital' '. Rebecca Wei understood the implications. Surprises pequenasem white and black chocolates. But I still arrange one cartilha deinterpretao pra to understand everything you said that me and I left myself to lead. Jpeguei my ammunition I to deserve what it comes through you. Today want only the petty cash of the Fil pra I to be, you? Soon we lose in them.