Button Functions

What features are endowed with the keys Home, Sleep / Wake and Mute / Lock in your iPad I think you would be interested to know what system functions controlled press Home, Sleep / Wake and Mute / Lock for Tablet PC and iPad iPad 2. Pressing Home. If you have not started any applications, single click on the Home key takes you into the search area. And if you open any folder, click on Home first close the folder. If you work in any application, then clicking once Home to you initiate folding of the application. But remember that the application you're still not out. Again, go to the application you can in two ways: either click the application icon on the desktop or double click Home button, and then opened the bottom of any running applications you want to deploy again. JPMorgan Chase insists that this is the case.

Two times pressing Home. To close one, several or all running applications, double-click the Home button and the opened the bottom panel, press and hold the icon of any of the currently running applications. All applications in the upper left corner you see a red circular icon with a minus. Clicking on these red icons you close those applications. If you are typical Multitouch-gesture move the bottom panel to the right, you'll see there are several additional parameters: brightness keys, transport control and volume level. Your iPad may be in one of two modes: Home Screen and Lock Screen. If you are on the Lock Screen, then double click on the Home key will bring you to the screen scale and the volume keys control the transport of your musical Assistant – Applications iPod.