The Coins

So every evening, Louis changed his clothes for those of calisthenics to give after his usual walk. Although behind all this, there was a very particular and somehow a bit morbid, than to vent their bitterness Luis beyond anything that could produce a twenty-minute walk. And was that every time before leaving, this was addressed to his wife, who after working all day in a flower shop, was already home to look at one of the household chores that it apparently it mattered little, because they always beat a cry saying: – I hate – After that he was leaving the house to take his usual walk. Juliana, was limited to only look down and stood there silent as a sign of a certain indifference to the usual and in that daily ritual. In fact, on most days, that was the only element of communication between them. After hearing an "I hate you," look down and forge more indifference.

But came the day that the coins and did not reach the trunk for good luck. They had just finished as a big game was accumulated for the jackpot lottery. Towards weeks and nobody won more than one million numbers around. For any player was a mortal sin in degree not bet that day and Luis, this was a torment. There was what they did not obtain more coins. I look on all sides and in all parts of your home. And finding coins made it very difficult, due to the precarious economic situation they were living at that time. Such was his zeal in the pursuit of metal, which beat fatigue and even came to abandon the idea of playing that day.