Rental Cars

Rent and rent a car in Minsk, Belarus. Rental car – it's fast, easy and inexpensive! Car hire is essential not only for important ceremonies and events that require special ceremonies – and therefore extra costs. We, JulyPol & Car, aim to dispel this stereotype, because we provide a service 'd minsk rent a car'! Our cars will make your life easier, more convenient and more economical – in fact rental cars are cheaper than a taxi, even when short-term lease. Each year, car rental is becoming increasingly popular service, and we are proud that being on the editorial scope of car rental can keep pace with the times and provide our customers first-class service at affordable prices. If you are a citizen of Minsk, and you need a temporary replacement for your car – we do deliver your car and we are glad to help you survive the temporary inconvenience. If you come to our city for a while and you need a rental and car rental – will be glad to meet you at the train station to help get to the hotel and will be at your disposal for as long as you need us.

The risk of theft, accident, vandalism, theft equipment for rental without crew fully insured. (Subject to the minimum procedures, which will tell our manager, just a car rental in Minsk, the most profitable and safe). We only ask to take minimum security measures – to put it on the alarm, lock the car, etc. For active people has long been a car not a luxury but a means of rapid transportation in mega-urban space. In a business trip, in period of technical repairs and unforeseen circumstances due to the lack of a reliable friend – Auto creates a lot of inconvenience. There are several ways to avoid discomfort, take the car to use another, relatives, take a taxi or public transport, however, rent a car in the car rental companies 'JulyPol' – the best option izbezhatvoznikshih unpleasant moments.

Do not think that renting a car- difficult, requires a lot of documents, draw long, expensive. We are a team JulyPol, aim to dispel the stereotype! You can order a car via the Internet (it will get a discount) or by phone. You need to provide a minimum of identity documents and the right to control the car. You'd be surprised the amount of cash costs associated with renting a car, much less than you use a taxi.

Logistics Carriers

It so happened that I needed to sort of services auto transporters. As expected regularly to deliver loads and volumes were not very large, then, of course, was most advantageous to deliver their passing transport, ie add to the load passing car. Logisticians do not want to pay, and I will – perforce had to deal with this issue seriously. Delving into the Internet, I came across several websites offering the right I service, but such that the entire service was completely free, I could not be found. In the end, and had some time to enjoy the services of local logistics.

However, in the summer, as soon as some free time, I decided to create similar to their own Internet service, but completely free to users. The result had been here this here site. The service I have tried to foresee everything that may require the user to judge but the convenience and other matters, of course users (I will be very grateful for reviews). It works as follows: – Non-registered users have access to a database registered on the site of transport, has the ability to Contact The user who posted information on their vehicles – passing artless registration, the user can place their transport units and manage them, such as issue flights for each vehicle, so that finding the location of the vehicle was issued. Ie any shipper will see in the search, which machines are at the right time in the right place – there is a possibility place the goods you want to move to the carriers concerned have been able to find it and connect with potential customers – could record passenger traffic and passengers analogy with the freight transport and goods – a free classified ad placement and the possibility of thematic and promotional articles. In conclusion, I want to reiterate that all of the above is absolutely free.

Transport Kaliningrad

The company Transport Kaliningrad headed by Leonid Stepaniuk, provides transportation and freight forwarding to anywhere in the world, but the main focus is Kaliningrad cargo – West Europe – Kaliningrad. The company’s clients, including major enterprises of the region, “Baucentr”, “Technoimport”, “Baltkran”, “Vester”, “Dallas”, “Cepruss,” “ICU” torfopred-acceptance of (AI Nosov, TP “Nesterovskoe”) by appreciate the benefits of working with this transportation company. The company has accumulated considerable experience in transporting goods of any party, by weight and volume (from pounds to 23 tons), as well as the transportation of non-standard oversized cargo. By the way, the delivery of small consignments from anywhere in Europe to Kaliningrad is provided for 4-10 days depending on country of origin. Bill Phelan gathered all the information. The process of loading, transporting, unloading and passing customs controlled by a mobile phone. Promptly deliver the cargo to the recipient helps established system of intermodal transport (freight delivery door to door all modes of transport: road, sea, air), and using its own modern fleet of tractors on the basis of Scania, DAF, MAN.

Recently, the company car fleet has increased by more than 2 times and updated by 75%, the volume of cargo transportation by own transport also increased more than twofold. Customers, and this is more than 200 Russian and foreign companies are guaranteed an individual approach, offered flexible pricing and discounts. The apparent advantage of “DFDS Transport Kaliningrad “is the fact that all the risks associated with the carriage of goods insured in the leading European companies and law firms in Germany and Russia, which established partnerships, can help if necessary expeditiously resolve disputes. At the same time prices of transportation services companies have remained virtually at the level of 2002-2003, despite rising fuel prices, the current transportation costs and seasonal fluctuations in demand for freight transportation. Your goods will see Kaliningrad in time!