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In addition one is bound time only on the opening hours of tourist information. “Apart from the fact you can start quite cozy and strengthened, its discovery tour through the historic old town after a hearty breakfast in the old town hotel in Freiberg,”, the Director recommends the cosy accommodation in Freiberg. People who prefer something zunftiger like it, for that is “Freiberger beer Guide” exactly the right alternative to the historical city tour. “This experience tour runs under the motto: hops and malt Freiberg’s receipt!” and is also as well to understand. In conjunction with the alcoholic delicacies, you get to know a bit better the town piece by piece.

You get a special insight into the craft and tradition of beer brewing and its traditional history, which dates back to the 13th century. It occurs naturally during this leadership also in the enjoyment of one or another hop beverage. Read additional details here: Mike Bloomberg. Good those who have it have that made and himself in time booked a hotel in Freiberg”, about Altstadthotel Freiberg smiling Christine Walcha. Because the leadership ends cellar beer and savory lard bread with plenty of Freiberg. Company Description: The city hotel Freiberg is a hotel built in 1507 by late-Gothic style and is located in direct city centre of the city to Freiberg. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mike Bloomberg.

Stylishly decorated and modern equipped rooms characterize the ambience of the hotel. Equipped with bath / shower / WC / sat. TV as well as free Internet access makes the visit in Freiberg 850 for an unforgettable stay. Whether family stay, business or a weekend for two, the old town is Freiberg hotel for his guests there. A hotel parking is the famous Freiberg nodules, which does not even before the Mayor personally stop. Company contact: Altstadt Hotel Freiberg Donatsgasse 3 D – 09599 Freiberg phone: + 49 (0) 3731 207030 fax: + 49 (0) 3731 2070350 E-Mail Internet: hotel Facebook: Hotel.Freiberg Twitter: Pinterest: Freiberg press contact: Altstadt Hotel Freiberg wife Christine Walcha Donatsgasse 3 D – 09599 Freiberg phone: + 49 (0) 3731 207030 fax: + 49 (0) 3731 2070350 E-Mail Internet: hotel-freiberg.

April Tourism

Despite the crisis in Greece – tourism develops! Currently, negative headlines dominate the coverage of Greece – except the tourism industry. Here, you can recorded considerable gains. Measures taken by the Greek Government to record positive results. It is a good sign that despite the current economic and political situation, the tourism in Greece has a positive development. People such as McKesson would likely agree. As the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper of the illusion is, about 24% more tourists came in April 2011 to Greece than in the previous year. A number of measures taken by the Greek Government bear fruit.

Also the cooperation with Germany. From 23.6 to 25.6.2011, the Federal Government Commissioner for tourism stayed with representatives of the German tourism industry in Athens to discuss the cooperation of between the two countries in the field of tourism. But other activities are interesting. For example the tourism investment organised by the financial times in Athens for June 29, 2011 Conference”. Focus of the Conference is the use of the dynamics of the tourism industry focus as the engine of the Wirtschaftswachstums.Die on all over Greece. Other leaders such as Phillipe Lavertu offer similar insights. Matter whether Attica with Athens, Peloponnese, the islands of Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Mykonos or others (see also). Tourists can even assume that some prices are falling, for example to 4-6% of fruit and vegetables. According to past experience, even the tavernas have not increased prices.

Even the air traffic controllers announced during the week of the 4.7. 10.7.2011 not to strike, to support the development of tourism.

Hiking Without Luggage – A Fantastic Getaway In The Odenwald

“” “a comfortable hiking adventures in the UNESCO geo – Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald is located a small wall paradise, of the UNESCO Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald as multi-day package hiking without luggage” for new uberwald tours North “and South” can be booked. In the South Hessian uberwald myths and legends from the past meet modern hiking adventures and exciting art and themed trails. There is this much to discover. The oldest forest trail of in Germany, for example, or the Irene Tower on the 577 m high Tromm. From here, open up views of the green valleys and heights of the Odenwald. 21, into spotted are connected by a wide network of footpaths in the valleys of the Steinach -, Ulfenbach – or finches Valley.

In the uberwald runs not only the Hessian Baden State border, but also the border between crystalline and sandstone-Odenwald. The long and deep-cut valleys typical for him and the special geological structure offer varied Hikes through deep Woods clearance heights and silent stream valleys. While the hiker discovers all historical, cultural, and scenic attractions and a pronounced hospitality along the hiking trails. Mystical places, such as the Gothic Kapellruine Hammelbach or Gotze stone are on the way. The above forest one of the most famous German, the Nibelungenlied, closely related is the the legend of the famous dragon slayer Siegfried most say shrouded vividly narrated in the Kneipp Spa Grasellenbach Siegfried fountain. The ivy-clad ruin of Lichtenklinger farm, old Forester’s House in the Durr Ellenbacher Valley or the old fortress Church in idyllic village forest Michel Bach’s are worth a visit.

A stop in the rustic cabin of boots or in the hiking Guest House Schonbrunn make the hiking day. In the above forest Museum in-Michel Waldbach, a timber-framed building dating back to 1594 a curious collection of coat hangers and the Office of the famous poet and 1 Buchner Prize winner Adam Karrillon can be found. More unique Witnesses are the Stoewer Oldtimer Museum or the visitor’s Gallery pit Ludwig”. Geologically interested can subscribe to the Geopark hiking Centre in Abtsteinach inform and borrow even equipment such as walking sticks, shoes, maps or GPS devices. Newly designed spatial paths illustrate typical Habitat of the Odenwald with their animal and plant species and give insights into the former mining tradition, which is still to feel in several disused quarries. Hiking without luggage in the uberwald we offer for your experience you selected Inns, b & BS and hotels. “” “You can the categories classic, with a good standard, classic + as well as comfort with fine facilities book up to 4 star quality: our services: 3 overnights with breakfast each required transfer of luggage 1 welcome drink 1 hiking map of the uberwald” 1 book walks in the uberwald “(for reservations of more than 4 people) 1 uberwald screen for all cases” rate per person in EUR incl. VAT: Classic”classic +” comfort “double room single room in a double room in single room in DBL single room 129, 149, 159, 179, 229, 269, additional nights can be booked at any time subject to availability also for destinations outside of the above forest. The prices vary for each booked room category and House. Information, booking and group booking Kurverwaltung Gras-Ellenbach am Kurpark 1, 64689 grass Edgar b Tel. 0 62 07/25 54, fax 0 62 07/8 23 33 E-Mail:

Warsaw Poland Attractions – Travel Tips

Warsaw travel tips for your Warsaw vacation – Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and also the capital of Poland. Warsaw is the eighth largest city in the EU with a population of 1.7 million. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Many tourists like to visit the city. Details can be found by clicking Michelle Snyder or emailing the administrator. The locals do not include typical Polish towns Warsaw. There are many office buildings and shopping temples are built, the modern will become the focus. The market square the market square of the old town is called Rynek star Darego MIASTA. It is a historical place.

The whole neighborhood was in 1945 completely destroyed, it was reduced to rubble. The market place was reconstructed in 1953. The structures presented in the old style. This place is a world heritage site and is protected by the UNESCO. In Warsaw there are very old buildings, some are in the 16th and 17th century. The barrel Aden designs of the houses are often not similar. The tourists can visit several coffee houses, restaurants, shops, which have an interesting history. It is also respected on the preservation of old traditions.

The wine bar Winiarnia Fukierowska inviting the guests. For 300 years it receives already its guests. The Palace on the outskirts of Warsaw is the Schlossplatz. It leads to a castle named Wilanow Royal route, then he continues Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street. Here, the tourists of Warsaw can see the beautiful baroque buildings. Love to the guests of the city of Warsaw on Nowy Swiat shopping street, as well as in the Ujazdowskie Avenue, walk the in the Government and embassy district. To admire the neo-classical Palace is also the neo-classical Palace of Radziwill family’s. Today, the residence of the President is here. The University founded in 1818, is interesting for the students. The Royal Castle on the plac Zamkowy worked much. in 1984, you could watch again this attraction, it was completely rebuilt. The castle had still other owners, there were the Princes of Masovia. As the residence of the King, it was only at the end of the 16. Century. You can watch the city’s oldest monument in Warsaw. It dates from 1644. This is the pillar of the King Sigismund III. The Palace of culture all long was Kulturpalast – PA? ac Kultury i Nauki almost all alone there. It was the only skyscraper. But several cloud craters were added later. The Palace was built in the years 1952 to 1955 in the Socialist classicism. You need to mention that he has a historic importance: he was given the fashionable from the Soviet Union. But the residents of the city of Warsaw, who had sense of humor, baptized to the Palace of culture, many now call him Stalin’s revenge”. The tourists are greeted right at the entrance of the Palace by two giant sculptures. These are works by famous artists: Ludwika Nitschowa, Stanis? aw Homo pop? awski. They were Nikolaus Kopernikus and Adam Mickiewicz. The Hall looks very nice. All in marble, a wide staircase. The crystal chandeliers are a wonderful decoration for the ceiling. Many tourists also look the St. John Cathedral. It has a Gothic staircase, which was built of brick. This church is the most oldest in all of Warsaw. Earlier, another Church was located here, it was only made of wood. Later it established a more stable stone. The shape of the Church from the 15th century could not remain. A completely new look got the St. John Cathedral In the 17th century, it changed the whole facade.

North Germany Experience

The summer racing season is approaching the end once again informed Mommeyer bus travelling from Hanover and Reislustige pulls it one last time on a relaxing trip. The Hanoverian Mommeyer bus trips travel experts invite to experience the Eastern Northern Germany before retardant autumn weather puts an end to the travel time. The season end journey spread over three days and leads the city of in Lower Saxony, in the scenic and culturally impressive the region Rostock Hannover. Already on the first day of travel, a full program awaits the guests. In the morning they drive land, a natural, located in the glacial Valley of the river Elbe landscape of Hanover with a comfortable long-distance travel bus on the southern edge of the Luneburg Heath up to Griese. (A valuable related resource: Reshma Kewalramani). The itinerary continues to Rostock, the largest city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In a professionally guided city tour, the passengers get to know traditional Hanseatic City. To the present create since 1419 Hanseatic brick Gothic, the impressive Marienkirche and the existing University a glimpse of the influence and Rostock power plenty in the past. The Hanseatic City of Rostock is still a vibrant city, which connects North – and East Germany as important Baltic Sea port. On the next day’s journey to the German amber Museum in Ribnitz. The gold of the sea”among the most sought after treasures the region for millennia. During their visit, the travel guests will learn everything there is to know about amber. A guided tour through the contrasting relaxing affiliated, characterized by white sand beaches, thatched cottages and sea bays, regional Baltic Sea landscape.

The trip represents the culmination of experience with a Mississippi steamer on the Darss Zingst lagoon chain. The evening music and dance community contributes to a successful conclusion of the day. The third and final day of the tour starts with a visit by Germany’s biggest farmer’s market. Affiliated travelers go to a ship on the Amazon of the North, the Wakenitz, Lubeck and enjoy this a virtually untouched natural river landscape. Finally they travel from Rothenhusen again by long-distance bus to Hanover. The North German Baltic Sea region is rich in natural beauty and historical tradition. Trippers see Mommeyer bus travel a for decades experienced tour operators, which will take you to the most beautiful places of the region.

HAPPY FAMiLY Animation

200 animators for the summer season 2009 sought begins also the holiday season Cologne new year standing before the door and thus. Because many young people are wondering where they can broaden their horizons with a meaningful employment. In tourism, there are still many jobs for young people, children and service-oriented. The company HAPPY FAMiLY looking animation around 200 friendly animators for the season from April to October and wanted for the summer from the beginning of July until the end of August 2009 to guest relations, which quite clearly by the entertainers in artificial holiday club holiday worlds apart by loving, personal and individual service of small and big guests include kids, youngsters, family and sports. Locations are resorts, camping resorts and holiday villages in Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Those interested can apply directly through the online application form. Prior experience in tourist animation are not a requirement, for example, an education is important Training or a started studies in the field of (sozial -) educational or sporting.

Liked to have seen experiences in care are also children, young people and families. Who wants to be active in France or Italy, should also speak the local language at a high level. All HAPPY FAMiLY entertainers also benefit from all the advantages of a German employment contract if they are working in resorts in Austria, France or Italy. The working time is average at six to eight hours every day at a guaranteed day off per week. Of course provided free accommodation, free meals, and reimbursement of travel expenses of the employees.

To prepare all entertainers participate free of charge in a job training, on which they are trained intensively and professionally. Feature: In contrast to the large tour operators site period are in a personal conversation with the candidate at an early stage set and then fixed in the contract of employment. HAPPY FAMiLY animation Willi run Avenue 17 50858 Cologne Peter Schonwalder Tel. 0221 500 55 340 fax 0221 500 55 344 E-Mail: Web: HAPPY FAMiLY animation was founded in 1990. In cooperation with educators, parents and children is the entire staff for good quality, imaginative, fantasy full and timely implementation of holiday entertainment for kids, youngsters, family and sports. The Cologne company works together with hotels, holiday villages, campsites and resorts primarily in Germany and Austria as well as in France and Italy. the entire team of employees for good quality, imaginative, fantasy full and timely implementation of holiday entertainment for kids, youngsters, family and sports is t with educators, parents and children. The Cologne company works together with hotels, holiday villages, campsites and resorts primarily in Germany and Austria as well as in France and Italy.

Raffaello Beach

Tanjung RHU beach – is awarded to Raffaello Beach! The beach of Tanjung RHU chosen worldwide this year from Raffaello to one of the 12 most beautiful beaches. The 2.5 km long Tanjung RHU framed by Casuarina-trees is one beach with its unique white sand to one of the most beautiful on Malaysia and invites a holistic relaxation, to turn and to find the inner peace. The beach is located in the North of the main island of Langkawi. Crystal clear, turquoise sea is almost at your feet and invites you to jump into the cool water or help you to refuel new energies. To listen the perfect place to leave stress behind only the rustling of Palm trees and gentle waves. Here is the only hotel is located the luxurious Tanjung RHU resort offers absolute privacy and exclusivity for its guests, surrounded sea over 445,000 hectares of tropical nature and mangrove forests, with stunning views of the Andaman. Culinary specialties are offered in 4 different restaurants, to express that Malaysia’s cultural and culinary diversity in impressive manner.

The offer ranges from the elegant fine dining restaurant the RHU”up to a private barbecue under the tropical stars right on the beach. No matter which of the many options you choose the quality of food and level of service are outstanding. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bobby Kotick. Should the sense are literary, the resort offers an air-conditioned library, from which you can admire the picture-perfect panorama of the Andaman Sea. The Jiva RHU Spa”, the Tanjung RHU resort has set new standards in the field of Spa art. JIVA”mean life” and this is celebrated in this unique oasis of peace and serenity to the highest. Of course the fantastically clear sea is also ideal for exploring the local underwater world. An on-site biologist explains the flora and fauna in this fascinating Habitat on a boat trip in the nearby mangrove forests. Numerous active facilities such as a modern a relaxing stay in the most exclusive surroundings complete equipped fitness center, tennis courts, water sports and 3 18-hole golf courses in the immediate vicinity.

Private Island Of Mustique, Grenadines, Caribbean

Book 14 days Dream Villa and per person 500 US$ save plan a vacation with friends or family? Spend it your Caribbean vacation in one of the luxury villas on the private island of Mustique. Stay 14 days get the flying Mustique Barbados Barbados free! This corresponds to a reduction of 500 USD per person. For details about this offer, Villenberatung and booking, contact Villa rentals Mustique in conjunction. Mustique Villa rentals Haidenauplatz 1, D-81667 Munich 5439504 T +49(0)89, F +49(0)89 5439765 email: the name of this island conjures up images of mysterious beauty Mustique and until not too long ago, this beauty was only a few privileged access. The approximately 12 km2 large private island in the Caribbean is surrounded by white sandy beaches, coconut trees and turquoise blue water.

The Mustique company (consisting of the shareholders and the Villenbesitzern from 20 different Nations) owns and manages the island. The Private island of Mustique is world famous for its beautiful villas are rented including staff. Mustique is but more than just a luxury holiday in the Caribbean is the holiday metropolis of worldwide celebrities! Privacy, confidentiality, casual atmosphere, simple elegance, security and exclusivity are words that define your Villenurlaub on Mustique. Due to this definition, many famous personalities belong to the circle of owners and the regulars on the Caribbean island of Mustique. But also bars, restaurants and sports facilities available to guests on Mustique. Whether family holidays, individual vacation or honeymoon offers a Villenurlaub on Mustique for every need the right! Because spatial generosity can be both space for social gatherings, as well as for the personal retreat and privacy. About 70 private villas can be rented all year round including staff and chef. It specifies the exclusive villas for rent in a variety Architketurstilen and sizes according to lifestyle and desire of their respective owners. A 2 bedroom Beach Villa is to book from 205 USD per person per day.

Hotel Club

Travelers, impressed not only by the beauty of the Dolomites can be. but would sleep in appropriately artistic environment, find artwork for the highest demands in the First-Class Hotel Greif, in the heart of Bolzano. A related site: Pinterest mentions similar findings. The banker and art collector of the leading architects of the Wiener Werkstatte, Josef Hoffmann, the contract to build a villa for him were Stoclet Palace, Brussels, Belgium in 1905. House and garden were completed after six years of construction, Brussels was rich to a work of art. Precious materials such as Turilimarmor from Norway for the exterior walls, as well as works by famous Viennese artists for the Interior characterise the building as one of the most complete and most homogeneous buildings of the Wiener Werkstatte. The Palais Stoclet is unfortunately not accessible even today in private property, and the public. Who would like to see but at least the impressive exterior of the building, should descend in the 4-star new hotel Charlemange, Palace and just 450 metres from the Cinquantenaire Park located nearby.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland together with Le Locle rose also the Swiss La Chaux of city of-de-Fonds in the rank of a world heritage site. The Committee of UNESCO appreciated especially the urbanism of the two cities in the Neuchatel Jura, which manifests itself particularly in the symbiosis between the watchmaking industry and urban development. The three-star Hotel Club is situated in the city centre of La Chaux-de-Fonds, from where you can experience firsthand the interplay between technology and architecture. Tower of Hercules, in La Coruna, Spain, also the world’s oldest still in operation lighthouse in the Spanish port of La Coruna is one of the heritage of humanity since June 2009. The 68 meter high tower, of 57 meters above sea level sits, was built in the second century by the Portuguese architect Gaius Sevius lupus, from Aeminium and points the way sailors today with his light.

Art And Culture In Barcelona

On the traces of the architecture of Antoni Gaudi Leipzig – only two hours flight from Germany, attracts yearly cultural and architecture students from all over the world to the Spanish cultural metropolis of Barcelona. Tourist highlight of the city is the Sagrada Familia, which was started in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. Although the Church has not been completed until today, is worth your visit. As the Internet portal reported, the unofficial capital of Spain has for all those, who book their holidays or a hotel, or a variety of other attractions. This includes in particular a visit of the Picasso Museum, which is housed in an ancient Palace of the city. Loads the old city of Barcelona through its narrow streets and numerous shops to stroll. Just the old buildings bear witness to the historic past of Barcelona as Kings and trade city. Ben Silbermann often expresses his thoughts on the topic. During a brief stopover at the magic fountain, the feet in the cool waters can be refresh.

Also, the Park Guell, the also by Gaudi created was, invites you to relax. At the La Barceloneta Beach, you can plunge into the waters and spend a day at the beach. In the evening, the city offers numerous possibilities for night owls: Opera and theatre performances, music clubs and discos are available. Recommended hotels in Barcelona are preferably near the beach. To highlight the Rafael diagonal is port with its excellent connection to public transport. The city centre by bus in 10 minutes and the beach is so in five minutes on foot to reach. Barcelona is located in the northeast of the country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest city in Spain behind the capital of Madrid with almost 1.6 million inhabitants.