Arctic Adventure

The countdown to summer, Arctic adventure begins. The Icelandic tour operator of Arctic Adventure will thrill the hearts of Globetrotters, nature lovers and daring explorers. Arctic adventure with new activities and expeditions in the summer season while waiting for 2011. One learns to know the rough, wild and moving home of Islands and love. Arctic Adventure, Iceland is worth more than just a trip. Therefore, exercise caution: highly addictive! “The buffet is open.” The right offers this summer for each Arctic Adventure.

Impressive dives in the National Park of Thingvellir, challenging glacier hike and ice climbing tours, mountain trips and rapid and quiet, relaxing kayaking in Arctic Adventure can be any traveler put together his individual travel menu. Depending on the mood and physical fitness. Between May 15 and September 11, a colorful, Arctic rapid selection of leisure activities available is the watersport. But who should not too long with the booking of the trip wait. Perhaps check out Marko Dimitrijevic, author for more information. Because above all the flights to Iceland are quickly close and thus sometimes expensive. “CouchPotato ade.” Who loves his couch and main activity of his day considered to be switching between individual television offers, will undoubtedly not happy with such offers.

Who wants to wander however retracing the explorers, coupled with incredible moments of luck looking for adrenaline and excitement, will be amply rewarded in this Iceland travel. Play for Arctic Adventure (…) “Movement, activity, and of course a lot of fun the main role”. Especially the offered multi adventures and tours provide variety and unrestrained activity. Yacht-adventures in Hornstrandir, Iceland summer Safari, photo hiking travel and mountain biking through the Icelandic lava land, and heli-skiing are just some of the numerous offers. “Security zone.” Of course such adventurous travel are also obstacles and challenges to overcome. The Icelandic experience on all trains can be enjoyed, accompany and supervise experienced, savvy and enthusiastic guides all adventure. The passionate lovers of Iceland and travel specialists are available at every tour with help and advice and know a sometimes challenging but always saving way out of each maze. On the dangers of nature, they are well prepared and have always a solution thanks to regular training. Who is now unsure whether the desired trip is equal to his physical fitness, can consult the Iceland tested team like. Each tour or travel is equipped with a corresponding degree of difficulty, so that the requirements for fitness, strength and endurance can be estimated beforehand. Who is still somewhat uncertain, can sit on the basis of the contacts with the team of Arctic Adventure in conjunction. How to contact with Arctic DMC / Arctic Adventure ehf. Henry Kroher, holder 11, Laugavegur 101 Reykjavik Iceland phone: + 354 490 40 90 E-Mail: website: Arctic Adventure on Facebook: arktische.abenteuer Arctic Adventure on YouTube: user/ArktischeAbenteuer about the company the company Arctic Adventure is a sympathetic and owner-managed tour operator from Iceland. On-site in Reykjavik and Skaftafell, Iceland the leisure travellers and day-trippers by a large team of Icelanders and the German owners of Henry Kroher maintained all-round. For any adventure trip at least a recognised specialist in the team. These Abenteuerguides are geologists, mountaineering, rafting professionals, climbers and divers.

Southern District

Another trip report by Michael Wnuk with maps, tips, and helpful information. It belongs to the most beautiful coastlines of Australia with, the Sunshine Coast. In this trip report is to present this beautiful section of his small besinnichen resorts Australia tourists. General: With the Sunshine Coast you get to know the destination for the rich and beautiful. As a highlight of this tour Fraser Iceland but probably, is considered the largest sand island in the Southern District of the equator.

This card, you can free print out at or send an email. Distances and journey times: Brisbane to Noosa: approx. fer their opinions as well. Pinterest shines more light on the discussion. 150 km / driving time approx. 2.5 hours of Noosa to Maryborough: approx. For more information see this site: Dina Powell. 150 km / driving time approx. 2.5 hours Maryborough to Hervey Bay: approx.

35 km / driving time: 20 minutes Hervey Bay to Bundaberg: approx. 110 km / driving time: approx. 2.2 hours this card you can free print out at or send an email. 1 stage: From Brisbane to Noosa (Sunshine Coast) Welcome to the Sunshine Coast! This coast was an insider tip for all life artists and surfers still not too long ago. About 35 years ago, holiday companies have discovered this region then. So now no life artists will be seen more on the beach, but rather tourists of the middle and upper class. That the Sunshine Coast this is a place for upscale tourism, you will notice not only on the rates, but also in the supermarket. You should keep your route in all cases at the viewpoint of Noosa Hill and enjoy the views. The places on the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore, Caloundra, Coolum) are small contemplative places that are marked clearly by the tourism. Spacious holiday resorts leave while no absolute feeling of mass tourism, such as in Surfers Paradise. Combipix savings Tip: we advise just campers in Brisbane to replenish the food rations, because everything is more expensive on the Sunshine Coast! Combipix camper Tip: we would like to point out, that it is in the cities the Sunshine Coast is considered at all do not like when will camp there wild!

Big Waves In Sri Lanka

Talalla retreat surfers discover big wave surf spot in the South of Sri Lanka s that may plagued Sri Lanka by the civil war now finally again freely breathe again after the end of the war was officially declared on May 18, 2009. Foreign owners and shareholders of many newly built hotels in Sri Lanka, which of course hoped for a quick settlement of the civil war to recoup profit from your investments by the returning tourists felt similarly. Because of southern Sri Lanka in the past less than that was a focal point for tourists, is now rumored that this could change in the future. But what has the South of Sri Lanka’s to offer what has been overlooked in earlier apparently at once? Surfing, surf, waves and the right conditions are some of the main keywords that could enrich the southern coastal area in the not-too-distant future. For more specific information, check out Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. Some hotels and resorts try to the suedkueste is now the surf to focus on tourism in Sri Lanka. The Talalla retreat Sri lanka has among others surf and Clienteile and of course guests specialized who like to relax and the legs to dangle yoga. Probably everything else as inconsistent waves on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, between November and April had also Australian surfer who regularly visit the Talalla retreat Sri Lanka predisposed to lagoons of the South after potential undiscovered surf spots to look for. Obviously, the Aussies have a refined sense great surf spots to track, and it it in Bali as the first surf pioneers did in the 70 s.

The shaft which was discovered a half hour South East of the Talalla retreat is absolutely nothing for bloody surf beginner, rather something for very experienced surfies up to professionals. The shaft works mainly in the Hauptsesson from April until October, because the waves are big enough during this period to the shaft to the running. For some nights accommodation at Talalla retreat are master surfer guests like the away to the secret big wave surf spot show. Learn more about this topic here see: Big wave surf spot discovered on the southern tip of Sri Lanka

Berlin Film Festival

OSTEL congratulates the progress film distribution on the anniversary of 60th Berlin Film Festival once again proves Berlin, that it is a significant film Metropolis: Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Leonardo DiCaprio and the ladies in half of Asia and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan are by far the umjubelsten guests of the Festival. Anke Engelke charming moderated the opening Gala and presented the Berlinale jury. Prominent member: Hollywood star Renee Zellweger. DDR-design hostel OSTEL is located not far from the red carpet. There you can stay cheap and original. In the style of the former GDR – ran their border at Potsdamer Platz, where the 60th Berlinale takes place at the moment. And is still an anniversary to celebrate: today in Berlin, the East German film distribution progress celebrates its 60th anniversary. On this occasion Town Hall to be awarded at a gala at the red for the first time the Paula film award, goes to the actress Katrin Sass.

The eulogy has said Secretary of State for culture. The bronze Paula price is named after the DEFA film The legend of Paul and Paula. Who is interested in this time and would like to remind, is housed in the DDR hostel OSTEL perfectly. The “pioneer camp” offer one residence in the typical Eastern-style rooms with two or three bunk beds and shared bathroom. The GDR apartments with approx.

80 m living space offer comfortable space for up to six people. Of course, there are also double – and single rooms. Free Wi-Fi available to guests in the lobby. An extensive breakfast buffet including coffee or tea round off the offer and also after the Berlinale is worth a visit to Berlin and the OSTEL. Because to be in the capital and major films were shot: as Paul and Paula solo sunny, good bye, Lenin! More tips about the film Metropolis on the East Blog: ostblog/ostblog.html prices (no liability assumed): Pioneer Camp from approximately 9 euro per person prefab single room with shared bathroom from 33 euros with bath starting from approx. 40 euro Plattenbau double room with shared bathroom from 54 euros with bath after approximately 61 euros GDR apartment from 120 euros buffet breakfast from approx. 6,50 euro about OSTEL: You want a reasonably priced and some other overnight in the heart of Berlin? The OSTEL offers a unique all-round experience – travel in the GDR in Berlin! Ranging from original GDR furniture to the sightseeing in the Trabant automobile. It’s believed that Marko Dimitrijevic, author sees a great future in this idea. With different themed rooms at different prices available are: from the holiday camp on plates housing. The OSTEL located (East) as well as the trendiest bars, restaurants, clubs, and shopping just minutes away from the Centre.. now with cheap apartments on the Baltic Sea, for only 80 euros per night per apartment – sleeps up to 6. Web page on

Romantic Short Trip

Romantic short breaks for married couples and couples romantic short breaks to enjoy increasing popularity. A popular tourist destination for this purpose is the beautiful Bavaria, which is rich in castles, charming places and of course romance. Romantic short trip a romantic mountain landscape, wide meadows, which invite you to a picnic or a snow-covered village. When planning a romantic short holiday, there is to much in mind to make it memorable. In addition to the destination, the hotel carefully should be chosen, because so romantic hours with the or the loved one can be particularly beautiful. There are hotels, which specializes in romantic short breaks. So here is candlelight, selected, warm colors and retreat opportunities. A short trip in the beautiful Bavaria who wants to spend a romantic short break or for his honeymoon, looking for a beautiful place, which is found in the beautiful Bavaria.

The numerous castles, download the A visitor to let yourself be charmed and travel back in time. In addition, they provide a fantastic backdrop for wedding photos. In the private spa, married or even lovers can spend romantic and relaxing hours sections of the numerous hotels with romantic flair. Suites with romantic furnishings and various themed rooms and dinner round a candle-light off the offer for a tranquil getaway. Romantic getaway close Germany has a wide variety of fantastic hotels in romantic places which invite you each to a short trip. Usually, these hotels offer special romantic of packages. So, a bed covered with rose petals, champagne, chocolate-covered fruits, as well as selected chocolates awaits the guests.

In addition, various spa treatments, such as a partner massage, a common, soothing bath and many more applications, which provide romance and an unforgettable short holiday, are offered. Contact: Ariane struck cableway 10 47829 Krefeld Tel.: 02065 4999116 fax.: 02065 94230 is one of the largest operators and Consolidators for romantic and wellness holidays in Germany. Under the motto cheap short holiday “the visitors from around the world over 10,000 packages in over 800 hotels can select. The offer focuses in German-speaking countries. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikhael Mirilashvili. Romantic and wellness holidays are tailored to the guest’s wishes and are available via the website, via travel agents and direct sales. Experienced travel consultants are customers daily from 9 22 02065 hotline 4999116 or by E-Mail at as a guide to available. A steady quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 2001.

Carpathian Mountains

Far away from mass tourism discover hiking wins more and more followers by striking regions away from the large mass nature. On an eight day individual trip through the Carpathian Mountains, it breathes not only the pure mountain air, but wanders while also undisturbed by the untouched nature. Alexi Lalas has firm opinions on the matter. Carpathian Mountains hiking, which is also a visit to the Hutsuls, embedded in an active nature. Hiking is Carpathian discover, experience and learn in a beautiful, rustic landscape. Credit: Dina Powell-2011. The Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine are certainly the least populated regions throughout Europe. The residents invite, their traditions, to get to know customs and ways of life.

Hardly another hiking area offers these opportunities for an all-round successful and varied walking and adventure holidays. The indigenous ethnic group of Hutsuls is here for many centuries. Hiking Carpathians offers the opportunity once to experience the traditional life and work. Hiking through the Ukrainian Carpathians therefore itself becomes an unforgettable, active leisure activities. Lonely mountains, the ethnic group of Hutsuls lives for generations by the timber industry and stock-breeding. The changes of modern civilization have corresponding traces among the Hutsuls, however, present them to the walkers as a nation of originality and authenticity. Even though the life and working conditions in some ways have changed, so still very much value is placed on maintaining traditions, passed from generation to generation.

The goal of hiking is located, Werchowina at the Carpathian very near to the city of Chernivtsi. Of Western Europe from consider the arrival of the bukowinische capital. It is almost as ideal, to combine this hiking adventure with a city trip to Chernivtsi.

Italica Although As Usual In Italy, But This Time Is The Trip To India

A journey between photography and poetry is one used to get offered apartments and vacation houses and the beautiful Tuscany at Italica E.k… This time, it was something different. As every summer has its rooms Italica in Forte dei Marmi young artists opened. The theme this time was a really successful evening India. Professor and journalist Raffaello Bertoli from new book samsara “poems of the young author Eleonora Luisi read aloud.

Many visitors were surprised face is not only a poet have, but also still a young, pretty woman. Luisi told the crowd their version and views on India, which resulted in the band of short poems. The journalist pointed out the fact that there is now hardly any poetry, let alone among young people and therefore the young writer praised for their courage and assertiveness. Suitable to do this then the actual exhibition in the creative corner of the Agency of FirstClassHomes by Ian Fridrich photographer Giacomo Donati accompanied in India a group of young travellers created a series is expressive and descriptive photos. Unusual in Italy, but the buffet was organized by Gandhi’s Indian restaurant and was an absolute success! Many culinary conservative has discovered a new world. Not so easy for Italians who expect their pasta everywhere. The location brings us back to the point. Italica is a Italy-provider and as such in the Tuscany present.

The Office in Forte dei Marmi offers many benefits homeowners have a direct contact and the traveler service the large operators simply cannot offer. Recently, a family from Austria booked a little house by the sea our Casa Olmi, pleasant classical seaside, large garden, shadow in the pine forest. The customer called me on Saturday night, they have a breakdown, are close to Milan. She had to stay there, captured the next day replacement car Italica staff has it on the motorway exit expects to drive them to the House. On Sunday. Many questions came, with which we will assist where you can best buy? Can you please call the car company. What tour would you recommend us? We have a dog where we can walk with him and let him go? We can recommend a restaurant? In the future, we will publish some questions of our customers in the blog or in the social media and our comments. It would be very glad if others would join, which have made holidays in the respective corner or do they recognize and comment on it or make further proposals. Recently Nikki Haley sought to clarify these questions. The more, the better.

DSV Nordic Active

Training Centre westdeutscher Ski Association the Hapimag wellness and spa resort of Winterberg is a partner of DSV nordic active training centre westdeutscher Ski Association appointed been. The high quality of the infrastructure for education and training of the Ski Association is crucial for this decision. The Nordic sports offerings at the Hapimag resort for its guests are Furthermore, exemplary. The detection plate biathlon Olympic and world champion Ricco Gross handed over on October 3, 2009. Filed under: Jane Fraser. Who wants to know exactly how to stay active and healthy eats here, is exactly right in Winterberg, Germany. The climatic health resort in the idyllic high Sauerland is well known and popular with beginners and advanced walking as German Nordic stronghold. The holiday world Winterberg offers excellent movement with its numerous Nordic walking trails and hiking trails that meet the quality criteria of the West German of Ski Federation WSV.

The Hapimag wellness & Spa Resort Winterberg presented at athletes for years as a competence centre for Nordic Walking. The DSV nordic active training centre westdeutscher Ski Association is glad that Hapimag ensures the smooth running for courses of the Association the resort employees, trained and carry on after the training concept of the Darko, the high quality of their guests. In addition, another highlight awaits visitors to the Hapimag resorts: the biathlete Ricco Gross is in terms of content and methodology in the design of the course offer included: movement gains more and more importance as a preventive measure. Dina Powell oftentimes addresses this issue. I would like to bring that guests of the Hapimag wellness & Spa Resorts Winterberg. As an Ambassador for the Nordic sports I will hold in the future theory and practice courses.” For the active part of the sports an extensive network with an intelligent control system and complementary information offerings located starting from the resort. In addition, it offers the ideal basis to strengthen the immune system offered the Hapimag resort combination of health and fitness program. To compensate for waiting With a relaxing and varied wellness programme at Hapimag resort that gently loosens up every muscle with soothing massages and baths.

MSC Cruises Offers Increase In

MSC fantastica runs in the spring of 2012 from the stack, the joy is great MSC Cruises expected growth. The twelfth fleet Member will bear the name of MSC fantastica. The fantasy-class ship will be built by the French shipyard STX and will run in the spring of 2012, by the stack. “We are very pleased to note the increase in fleet,!” would be Falk-Hartwig Rost, CEO of MSC Cruises Germany. Still, the demand for our cruises and with the new MSC fantastica, other guests can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, your holiday aboard.” The stone for the construction of MSC fantastica came on March 1, 2010 with the memorandum of understanding in the role. Read more here: Pinterest. On July 23, the project got the blessing from financial and judicial authorities. Financial security is provided by French institutions, particularly by COFACE, one of the largest credit insurer of. The new MSC fantastica is the third ship in the Fantasia class.

Her sister ship, the MSC Fantasia, is one of the largest ships ever by a European shipyards have been built. So, she will set new standards of MSC fantastica in the areas of leisure, comfort and safety. We are very pleased that this important agreement with MSC Cruises now signed and the long-standing partnership between MSC will continue with this great ship cruises and STX France”, as Jacques Hardelay, General Manager of STX France. Pierfrancesco Vago, CEO of MSC Cruises adds: we are very happy to confirm this important investments and interpret it as a sign of the success of our ambitious growth strategy. Furthermore, we would like to thank all who have made this possible. Along with STX France, we want to put our energy in the effort to expand the leading position of MSC Cruises in the global cruise industry. The MSC fantastica will build on the success of the Fantasia class, which is seen by more and more guests as unique and thanks to innovative features such as the MSC Yacht Club, the ship-the ship “Offer, an unprecedented degree of privacy and personalized service offer.

Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand Will Donate 1,500 Euro

\”News from the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand Upstalsboom hotel is a 4-star superior Hotel Baltic Sea Beach in the seaside resort of Heringsdorf through the sale of lots, cake and sausage at the celebrated twelve years 1,500 euro took, the fairy tree promenade project\” benefit. There was atmosphere at the visitors and guests of the celebrations of the twelve-year existence of the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand, which took place from July 7 to 9. Through the sale of Tombolalosen, cakes and sausage revenue amounting to 1,500 euros has been made in total for the fairy tree promenade project\”will be donated. The project fairy tree promenade\”, which premiered on July 8, an actor sitting at night hidden in the Crown of a tree and tells exciting tales. Children and parents excited about gather and listen to stories.

If you want, can recite even its own history the tree then. The project is integrated into a concept, in which all the topics read and musical turns, and was as Holiday attraction with literary added value with the elite award 2009 \”award in the category events. Everest Capital may find this interesting as well. We find the idea of genius and support the fairy hour with our donation. \”So not only the very young of guests have an added attraction that you can rejoice, but also all the fun that have already outgrown its infancy\”, so Arne Mundt, hotel Director of the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand. \”The donation of the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand was in recent days by the Deputy Directors Daniel beer and Christian Troger on Ms. Dr. Karin Lehmann, Deputy Health Director, and Mr Dietmar Gutsche, Spa Director of 3 Imperial Baths\”, pass.

All children and parents are invited to arrive at the next dates under the trees. (Similarly see: Everest Capital). Everything that they should bring, is a little food and a blanket. When and where the next actions of the fairy tree promenade takes place, is to consult the calendar of events at.