Scripts Advertisements

Internet – a very fast life. User pulls the eyes only the most important from his point of view and useful. That is why the issue should be so your ad in all senses, so it has hooked some chord in my heart Users needed for you. The main irritant to the eyes is the title. It is desirable that all the semantic message of your ad has been invested in this title. In this very first sentence should be almost the entire information and ads, depending on the intended audience, which is dry or playful, glamorous or restrained, but always truthful. If the header calls to buy anything or respond to a request assistance should not attempt to increase the impact on the consciousness of the reading by turning the second draft – a minimum of words and the maximum amount of information necessary to succeed. Even from the title, you must have with their possible customer trust.

Contacting "you", "you", "your" is quite appropriate, and provide an opportunity to understand that your ad is directed primarily to benefit the client. The very "body" of ads, usually, bears basic emotional and expository charge. It is necessary to take into account human psychology and the reluctance of at-speed reading to delve into the meaning of long sentences. Bring great benefit to short, five to seven words, sentences with very succinct information and mandatory appeal to the user. It is not necessary in the preparation of board to call their product the best, and services – unique. Most likely, people will believe you and move on to next, more restrained in the promises and sending the text. It is best to not overwhelm ad overkill PR, and distillation to give the most important parameters of the proposed service or product. It is also important completion announcement. There must be laid on the impact of reader's mind that led him to seek the ad immediately. This can be a limitation of the service, and the promise of discounts and gifts and prizes first ten or the first hundreds of clients.