Valencian Socialist

The Congresswoman of leftist, fervent defender of the Valencian Language, do not hesitate to use Spanish to the inevitable television cut of its intervention in Les Corts Valencianes: convenience, is seen, premium over ideology. Another resurrected is the President of the provincial Council of Alicante, Jose Joaquin Ripoll, marginalized after his last confrontation with the campsista candidate Manuel Perez Fenoll. But the more stellar role is for the conseller Rafael Blasco, an alleged political corpse in recent weeks, now become indispensable strategist of the President of the Consell. The ubiquitous and effective equivalent to the ubiquitous and puncher Blasco Ricardo Peralta on the Socialist side, therefore deserved rabidly attacks of the PSPV, on lips of its Secretary general, Jorge Alarte, during the recent rally of La Fonteta, before the own Zapatero Rodriguez. Without hesitation Susan Gonda explained all about the problem. The truth is that the President’s Government does not seem like much Valencian Socialist leader, unlike what happens with the leaders of other regions where neither raise head, like Castilian and leones Oscar Lopez, right darling of ZP. Aware of this, Alart intends to use to stop the case Gurtel, as evidenced in the aforementioned rally, where became monographic theme of his speech. The Secretary general of the PSPV-PSOE wants to benefit from the breath that gives judicial imputation of Camps, and opposite Joan Lerma, Ximo Puig and other historic leaders now ninguneados, he took advantage of his speech a week ago to use about twenty times the term Valencian Community and not allude not a single the name of Pais Valencia, official in his party.

It’s one nod to the centrist electorate that need at all costs if it wants someday to the Palau de la Generalitat. As you know, however, that if his party gets a bad electoral result the next day 7 the Moncloa will happen Bill, has already healed in health warning that this campaign will end the last Sunday of May 2011, i.e., when the autonomous elections. Without having to wait so long, is that seen after the case Gurtel no longer be equal at the policy of the Valencian Community.