MLM People

As everyone should know three months ago that I registered to a company in the pre-launch phase and a couple of weeks ago officially opened in Mexico. I have some partners already insritos in my network, officially, people who actually want to haer business, tend to be very hard to the segurarme are people who really want to do business. If you’re new to MLM this training will help you enough, if your already have to your first affiliate or business partner, this training will help you enough, many of them (my team) are completely new to the industry, or have little experience. Usually them shipping news, emails, videos, every one or two days, but this time I wanted to give them something different, so that record this message for them: this is something of the reality that I have lived, something which can never Safar you because the multilevel as any product has curves S, generate momentums and ups and downs, what to my I like to do is to try to maintain a steady pace of mantenimiento-crecimiento reduce these momentums and these ups and downs. Some people do they say: I prefer joining pure leaders or people who already know multilevel in its entirety, because so are brought to their computers from other companies and my network grows fast I prefer to say: I like to enter new people to teach them that if you can earn money and develop them from 0 to 100? In my experience, I have seen that the latter leaves more and better long-term results, do you think your? In addition to praise good practices in business it is good these at the end I think that few respect.