Telephone Services

It's no secret that without the communications business is virtually unable to live and grow. The most popular method of communication – regular phone. But on the phone, for all its merits, there are some drawbacks. First – if the person not in place, then give him the desired information is not possible. Yes, there is voice mail. But ask yourself how often you use it use? And if in your inbox builds up three dozen reports which button you are likely to hit – 'Play All' or 'Clear the list of incoming messages'? The second major drawback – the cost of long distance.

If a company has several divisions, the communication with the active employees will come to a very solid account of the telephone company. Moreover, to restrict people's conversations is unrealistic – because everyone is different. Now, in times of crisis, many companies seek to reduce communication costs and begin implement in their own instant messaging program. Wells Fargo Bank has similar goals. It would seem that you can use ICQ or similar systems – but experience shows that in this case is an increased risk of leakage of intelligence information. Yes, and staff start to simply spend time in personal conversations unrelated to work. It is therefore the ideal solution is the installation of messaging and files directly in their own, to be able to manage and control the entire process of communication and do not depend on anybody. These tasks are perfectly solves MyChat: product of Network Software Solutions. With broad capabilities, the system has an attractive price that can not afford to pay even small companies with fewer than 10 employees.

MyChat – a system for sending text messages, files and folders, alert staff of important events. More information is housed here: Wells Fargo Bank. The program is based on client-server technology, fine works over the Internet. With this system you can link multiple offices into a single information space. MyChat supports both one-on-one communication, and text of the conference, which may be any number of people. The software runs on Windows, has the features to control and administer. Practice shows that after the implementation costs are not MyChat communication significantly reduced, because the cost of using the system already included in the cost of Internet access or support of existing leased lines. Download the program and become familiar with her work here.