The Administrative

This is the image of women presented by means of communication and that is conditioned by the participation of these during its construction process. As says (Moscovici, 1984) social representations comply with the purpose of transforming a strange world in something familiar, moving clutter and make orderly what appears as chaotic and what is unreal or imagined into something present. In real life this woman and at the time was thus: A twice divorced mother with three children who have difficulties to find a job. Shows us a woman without any kind of training that has failed both at work and in your partner’s life. One adds to this the injustice of a trial by an accident he suffered.

Feels deceived and ignored. However, despite all this, she is passion, emotion and courage. All that is you need to get their three children forward. (It became Miss of the State). The work succeeds by compassion or sense of guilt, the lawyer who fails to take the judicial issue forward. Therefore a secretariat without training are expected no great thing, or if you want to be a good Secretary. Simply that you attend telephone calls, organize files and observe the administrative demands of their jobs. That would have been consistent, rational favouring the practice typical of the firm by which was contracted. But the personal characteristics of Erin are what make change that construction of social thought within the company. Erin is equipped with ideas and feelings, ability to open to ideas and feelings of others and sharing their own, ability, experience and interpersonal risk-taking, skill in helping others to possess their own ideas, the ability to help others to open up, and the ability to help us experience.