The Belly Button Piercing

The belly button piercing information on belly button piercing has established itself in the fashion world. Not so long ago were considered signs of the underclass piercings and not presentable, you can see a growing number of women are open to showcase the navel piercing especially in the summer months and in the world of celebrities. Usually, it is stung in the fold of skin that surrounds the belly button. Most widespread, the variant of the belly button piercing is vertical at the top of the navel, however there are also horizontal variations or the variation below the navel. Many piercings have so can look back their origin in different cultures and tribes, on a centuries-old tradition. Although also decorating the navel from multiple cultures is known, is the piercing formality, so at the navel, a phenomenon of modernism in Western culture. Today it is probably due to the slight possibility of hiding next to the nipple piercing the most popular skin jewelry.

Great importance in the dissemination of the piercing is attributed to pop culture; countless stars and starlets on television are to see, providing your navel piercing to the show, including Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. The cutting of the navel like lying down in the most piercings are, on the one hand to counteract circulation problems and on the other hand, the piercer to facilitate its work. Highest point will be marked with a special pen, fixed by using a clamp and pierced with a peripheral venous catheter, which then provides an assistance for the insertion of the initial jewelry. The healing of the navel piercing is tedious and cumbersome, because the belly is more or less consistently strained and irritated by walking, bending and friction of the clothing. Intensive care is needed, as far as possible with the care sprays recommended by the piercer or creams. At the belly button piercing should be expected healing time with four to six weeks, while the jewelry must not be replaced.

In extreme cases, can the healing of severe But also over a year take the strain. Since the navel piercing has well established itself in our society, the choice of jewelry is enormous. The curved barbell, which is supported with two different-sized, screw-on balls, of which the larger is often equipped with a Crystal or motif is the most common. These are also good for initial use, in contrast to the ball closure ring, prone to infections. A PTFE plug allergy-neutral and in addition consisting of a soft, moving material is advisable especially for bitchy skin and other problems. Lock balls available in all colours can be easily screwed, by itself cut the threads in the soft material of the rod. Depending on the length of the stitch channel, jewellery for Navel Piercings in all lengths is available. PTFE plug can be easily shortened by hand. In particular during pregnancy a pregnancy piercing with a long PTFE Rod should be done because the abdomen bulge outward. Once the belly again goes back, can the plug individually trimmed in 1, 6 mm thickness and adapted the injection channel.