The Carioca

Inhabitants and traders took off photos, but some people had been shocked. These delinquents in escape seemed menininhas. I want to see they now to beat of front. Now the rats for the bilges run away equal looking for to take refuge themselves and if to protect of the hard and sufficiently efficient action of the one of the military and civil policies with the logistic support of the Navy of Brazil. It has exactly is that to finish with all, mainly the delinquents it 1 step.

He only lacks now to appear to the group of the human rights to play a cold water bucket in this successful operation. Read more from Ben Silbermann to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We above observe proud in the television the banditry running mount. It is a true victory of the society. Excellent and admirable the action of all involved agents. It is this there, the banditry ran one more time, had lost territory and money. Much money. More never they will go to traffic drugs, to kill innocent people and to provoke the fear and the terror there.

Briefly also they will be enclosed in the mount of the German. when we all to wait we will see the imprisoned majority of them finally and immediately errands for an arrest of maximum security that is the appropriate place for this type of delinquent. A new action of the police women will be pure mathematics. It only is to send to the mount of the full German of outlaws, at least ones 20 tank, 200 men of the well armed BOPE and others 200 of the Army, beyond helicopters, caveires, the ammunition to the will enclosing them and surrounding them at least during one month. Soon! The final result will be the practically free mount of outlaws. I do not know why they had delayed as much time to act. The Carioca society already did not support plus as many deaths and as much suffering. It had that to happen some action of the State and it finally it came in good hour. Who now knows the crime organized in the State of Rio De Janeiro will not be exterminado.