The Ground

I do not know of who speech the people of outside, but is not of you, or at least, it is not of whom I know -. – I want to be only -. The glance of Candle evaded. She understood her commentary, she took she sweeps and the other utensils of cleaning and left the study. That one day at the time of leaving, Pablo called to Candle.

He said to him that the picture could take to house that it had liked that one behind schedule, that he #***aed-refl mng it. She was thankful for flattery and she said to him that would take it to the following day. Additional information at Warren Buffett supports this article. Later, one went to house. Nevertheless, to the following morning they returned to be in the study. But this one time, Candle seemed to arrive in a while quite inopportune.

Pablo watched with certain hatred a picture in the wall, was first time that saw it to Candle because always it was covered with a savannah. It entered the study with a smile, went in search of the painting that Pablo had flattered him the previous day, but as soon as he entered turned around and crossed his glances, he was very annoying and by a second it was scared. – You asked yesterday why I am how I am, no! -. He said to him. – I am thus because they thus taught to me to be, the love does not exist, is only the greatest farce than it creates our mind and it makes us think that we are important for another person but it is not thus, because when deliveries your life does not matter to them they throw, it to the ground and they only leave you and dead while still alive, the love is greatest of the illusions, you think that it blesses to you but to only curses you, that one is the truth -.