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In the Venezuelan case, it means leveraging existing technology offer, facing with endogenous development and differentiated to imports and exports, products that offer becoming real possibilities of business and application of knowledge to solving problems. It could be inferred from these approaches, that competitiveness for the Venezuelan company is its ability to be inserted with success in the global marketplace; either through exports or well to face to the imports. Check out Wells Fargo Bank for additional information. A competitive company would be those able to enter into a virtuous circle: best performance leads to strengthening estrategias and capabilities, which has repercussions in the best performance and so on. (Viana and Cervilla, 1996). Finally, highlight some students of the Chair of problematic of the Venezuelan administration of the school of administration of faces, UC, it is necessary to warn good strategies of companies to announce in the market and stay ahead of competitors, as it is the innovation and development of new technological capabilities. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pinterest. Likewise, consider the competitiveness based on technological proficiency and effective management of it, because under conditions of an increasingly globalized economy technological superiority incorporated in knowledge, equipment, human and organization, resource coupled with its excellent management and utilization, is key to achieving and sustaining competitiveness. Consider also that the strategy of innovation as a pattern of conduct of these businesses, guide the action and decision-making to innovate, modify, reemplazar, create or replace its products or productive and administrative processes (West, 1992).

Venezuelan management should definitely give way to a new organizational culture consona to the requirements demanded by the national stage, especially against the effects of a Bolivarian revolution that has affected them significantly in their operation. You should worry more about training, development, training of its human resources and the proper use of all the resources that give step functions, performance required to ensure productivity, manufacturing of highly competitive products. It must be very clear that Venezuela is a country of great contrasts from many points of view: educational, social and economic. The gaps between groups, individuals, and quality of life are notorious and have expanded over the past years. Access to education is uneven, despite efforts to massively it. University professionals and managers are who are more likely to extend their studies (Granell and Parra, 1993). It requires a visionary, innovative, Manager made a commitment before the demand for new challenges and role management, with a high degree of leadership that ensures competitiveness to the company under its responsibility. Original author and source of the article.