The New Language Portal Is Online

Find and evaluate language schools and language courses with dive into the world of language learning. The largest database for language schools and private language teachers in D / os / CH you can find the course tailored to your perfectly guaranteed. As a marketplace for supply and demand on the topic of foreign languages learning and teaching is the link between providers and learners and equally meets the needs of both sides. More and more foreign people interested in find out about ways of language learning and teaching materials in the Internet. The need for opinion Exchange is large and is increasingly becoming the clue to the choice of the appropriate service provider. It is therefore increasingly important to present themselves to the public in detail on the Web for language service providers. The offer of the new language portal brings together teachers and learners. Learners find over 5000 entries by specialists in the field of foreign languages at and you can choose E.g.

between Language schools, Sprachcoaches and seminar providers. The opportunity is unique to the language with leisure activities, to combine professional and private interests. Combining E.g. the search for an English course with categories from career, sports, leisure, language certificates, progress, target groups and much more. It has free access to all information of the schools and can contact itself.

Offer service, comparing offers of schools conveniently and easily and receive them in your own Langwhich – mailbox. Students can evaluate your language school, private school or language courses online and recommend also to other users. Schools and other providers of services have 3 ways to present themselves with a post on and are interested by specifying keywords and categories, matched exactly on the subject of learning languages are found. A Premiumeintrag contains a brief profile with a clear indication of the services offered and many subpages, to to present in detail. A XXL image gallery and the ability to upload videos reveal the people behind the entries. The profile can be easily and conveniently filled with text and image and used as your own Internet address. The soon available online journal / blog with the seminar database provider with articles and specific offers can indicate current news, upcoming courses or events. So can you make attention on its core competencies, as specialist. Lots of information around the topic of languages learn the detailed foreign language lexicon provides information about language certificates, language and country information and general tips on the subject. The Fremdsprachenshop lists many thousand items and offers the right Lernamterialien for all age and interest groups. “We want to make as effective and productive as possible the possibilities of finding to the appropriate language in the future, with the aim of prospective buyers and providers together-the easiest way to” bring.” With the many features of, we have now realised this and are already engaged in the development of further modules”explains Walter Brandl, Managing Director of – marketplace foreign languages.