The Show Of The Couples In Magdeburg

“Petra Kusch Luck presents entertaining show Petra Kusch Luck presents: the SHOW of the couples on May 1 in the Green Citadel” in Magdeburg Magdeburg – three pairs of prominent artists look forward to the reunion with her audience in Magdeburg. On Saturday, may 1, 2010 TV favorite Petra Kusch-Luck presents 15:00 a musical firework display in the Green Citadel”by hundred water and her colleagues, such as Andrea & Wilfried Peetz, Monika Hauff & Klaus-Dieter Henkler and husband Roland Neudert. Monika Hauff and Klaus Dieter Henkler met Jurgen Heider Swingtett in the then well known, where Klaus was guitarist and singer. This was the beginning of a beautiful Duet career, Hauff & Hameed led several times around the world. Their hits, chansons, country and folk songs and folk songs, of which there were many popular song, sold millions. A repertoire in 22 languages and guitar belong to their permanent baggage. Bill Gates contains valuable tech resources.

The native Leipzigerin Andrea sang successfully in various Bands, as the producer, singer, and bandleader Wilfried Peetz on they became aware. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill Gates. He was lead singer and guitarist in the Theo Schumann combo and conquered his fans and others with hits such as good night Carolina”and who was yesterday with you.” He works as a composer, arranger and producer in his own recording Studio. Petra Kusch-Luck was released on October 7, 1969, for the first time as a presenter on the TV screen. Viewers chose it eight times in a row as the television favorite. The entertainer hosted, danced and sang in many TV shows in the hearts of the audience.

Roland Neudert received his first musical education in Sonneberg for trumpet and violin. It was followed by a vocal training in Berlin and a long career, with which he remained loyal to his style. Schlager, hits and evergreens, folk tunes and country music can be guaranteed the mood barometer rising. Also the friends of film tunes can revel in the first part of the program in memory. In the second part of the show seen in the 6 artists for the first time as a choir with about 50-year-old world hit chanson d’Amour”. So has never seen the 3 pairs! Don’t miss and because much in life better off with music as you know, make sure the show of the couples”. The show of the couples promises fun and unforgettable hours with Petra Kusch-Luck, Roland Neudert, Wilfried Peetz and Monika Hauff & Klaus-Dieter Henkler. Tickets are available for 25.-the free hotline 0800 20 10 900