The Time

Before the company if considering to terceirizar some half activity, it must be evaluated and to define if this is considered half activity. If by chance the act of contract if to destine to carry through activity end, will be the service borrower subject to filing for the Ministry of the Work; labor claim and absence of previdencirio insurance in case of accidents. (VIANA, 2010). Of the corporative point of view, as I castrate (2000), for activity-end the doctrine has understood that essential to the corporate object of the company, on to its main end, or, still, directed to its economic objective, activity for which was created and organized, placing personal, costs and defining the tasks. In the practical one, due to enterprise dynamics, it is difficult to distinguish clearly the activities half from the activities end, this due to technology and the development of the modern world, an activity that was essential can becomes mere accessory. Miraglia (2008) considers that the distinction between these activities is important, therefore is forbidden the terceirizao of activity-end of the company, this if it would confuse fraud to the Right of the Work, beyond wounding the beginning of protection the worker. For the author, it means that the substitution of permanent staff and the extraordinary addition of service in both cases, are possible that the executed temporary services correspond to the activity-end of the company. The biggest difference between the temporary work and the too much species of working terceirizao is the express permission in Law 6,019/74 of the configuration of pessoalidade and subordination of third before the contracting enterprise. The process of terceirizao in an organization must take in account diverse factors of interest, such as the reduction of costs and mainly the focus in its activity-end. It has a serious risk in atrelar the terceirizao to the cost reduction, because, most of the time, the result is not this.