The Venezuelan

Environmental policy is the establishment of a harmonious and interrelated objectives, aimed at improving the environment and the proper management of natural resources. Please visit Bill Phelan if you seek more information. These objectives should include decisions and specific actions aimed at fulfilling the same, with the support of rules, institutions and procedures to achieve functionality. An environmental policy involves a challenge, while a compromise. As part of an innovative concept, it should not be separated from the social environment.

We must realize that the social aspects are linked to the environment as well as the environment is linked to society. An environmental policy that citizens are looking for a great contribution to achieving the objectives. Achieving these objectives go beyond incorporating attitudinal changes in daily work practices as they also seek that citizens take these new practices to their homes, implement, and generate more healthy environments, full of life, thoroughly prepared, especially considering the legacy we’re leaving to future generations. The concepts of governance and institutions are fundamental to building a sustainable environmental policy today The Venezuelan government under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias should arrogate more interest to the need to define environmental policies that ensure environmental protection and where the main actors have clearly defined responsibility, commitment, must establish more effective control systems and generate a campaign where the population to acquire the necessary environmental culture to ensure effective environmental policies.