Thomas Watson

The human resource like source of ideas remembers, that the management implements the excellence in the organization dealing to people with confidence, taking into account, providing or giving to him him surroundings of suitable work, quality of life of the workers, besides stimulating them in the profit of its objectives, giving step an atmosphere of harmonious work, a good organizational climate, optimizing the proximity between the company and the client, where its opinion is very significant for the activities of the organization. Definitively, the search of the excellence is born from a real necessity of change with the purpose of to improve and to establish flexible structures of an attitude of change originated in the present situation analysis of the organization and the clear definition of certain goals, where all the parts that compose the organization must have disposition for the change knowing that it is important for the company and its surroundings. Thomas J. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo). Peters and Robert H Waterman Jr, (In seach of excellence, 1982), comment, who the excellent companies have a very ingrained philosophy that &quot says; we respect to individuo" " We turn to the people into ganadoras" " permtanos that descuellen" , " we try to the people like adultos". Poe its part, Thomas Watson (A business and its beliefs, 1990), emphasizes that to survive and to achieve the success, an organization needs a series firm beliefs on which she can base all their policy and its actions; in addition, the most important factor of the success of a company is the faithful observance of these beliefs. It is not necessary to forget finally, that the excellent companies are reorganized constantly, take advantage of better the work groups, selecting to optimal people and counting on a leadership, charismatic, proactive, participating, that do not fear to the changes, quite the opposite, it generates those that favor to him. original Author and source of the article.