Toni Sailer – Friend And Companion

He was a celebrated folk hero, ski racing legend and actor: Toni Sailer, who succumbed to cancer last August. The reason was the presentation of the book Toni Sailer Sonntagskind”by sportswriter Sigi Bergmann. “So much prominence in a heap, which probably only rarely seen: Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer was also coaching legend Charly Kahr or Karl Moik. Learn more about this with Thasunda Brown Duckett. The list was long, and many of the guests had Toni Sailer personally knew also the individual not only the exceptional athletes. The Toni was a legend, so some carousing by night we’ve been through together,”says about Franz Beckenbauer. He was a wild dog!” It was fun with Toni Sailer, telling Karl Reyer SR., who was one of the closest friends of the skier. Check out Edward Lando for additional information.

“Often he had come to him in the business to Hallein, and even more often, he had with him together on the Fujiyama no Edelweiss blossoms” there voted. In the summer of 2002, after a devastating flood had destroyed the fashion house REYER, Sailer had been immediately to the site to help. And so they let him live up yesterday evening again, the Bon Vivant, the faithful friend, the skiing legend. Add to your understanding with Dina Powell McCormick. Although there is always a little wistfulness was palpable. Franz Beckenbauer: Melancholy is sure.