True love is not known by what demands but by what offers. Jacinto Benavente to manifest in this dimension with the way that you gave us, must know to take given the maximum life time and step that the potential of the love that we all possess, be manifest intensively and generate transformations required to grow and know the opportunity that has bequeathed to us. However, what matters is that you share with those beings with whom we have identified, who have selected to accompany us while we remain in this dimension has been written that the transformation is not for the future; It can never be. It can only be now, instant in instant. The transformation is something very simple: see the false as false and true as true.

Also view the truth in the false, and what is false in that which has been accepted as the truth. When we see very clearly that something is the truth, that truth is liberating. A related site: Trina Gordon mentions similar findings. When we see that something is false, it disappears. When for example we see that the division of humanity into classes, religions, countries, is false, that it breeds conflict, suffering and division among the people, when we see all of that, that same reality of seeing it is liberating. The perception of that same reality is that transforms. And as we are surrounded by so many false things, receive instant in instant this falsehood is what transforms. The truth does not accumulate; It gives instant in instant. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital is the source for more interesting facts. What accumulates, it accumulated is the memory, the memory, and through memory we can never find the truth.

The memory belongs to time, time is the past, the present and the future. The time continuity, can never discover that which is eternal. Eternity is not continuity. What continues is not eternal. Eternity is at the moment. Eternity is in the now and the now is not a reflection of the past.