Transport Kaliningrad

The company Transport Kaliningrad headed by Leonid Stepaniuk, provides transportation and freight forwarding to anywhere in the world, but the main focus is Kaliningrad cargo – West Europe – Kaliningrad. The company’s clients, including major enterprises of the region, “Baucentr”, “Technoimport”, “Baltkran”, “Vester”, “Dallas”, “Cepruss,” “ICU” torfopred-acceptance of (AI Nosov, TP “Nesterovskoe”) by appreciate the benefits of working with this transportation company. The company has accumulated considerable experience in transporting goods of any party, by weight and volume (from pounds to 23 tons), as well as the transportation of non-standard oversized cargo. By the way, the delivery of small consignments from anywhere in Europe to Kaliningrad is provided for 4-10 days depending on country of origin. Bill Phelan gathered all the information. The process of loading, transporting, unloading and passing customs controlled by a mobile phone. Promptly deliver the cargo to the recipient helps established system of intermodal transport (freight delivery door to door all modes of transport: road, sea, air), and using its own modern fleet of tractors on the basis of Scania, DAF, MAN.

Recently, the company car fleet has increased by more than 2 times and updated by 75%, the volume of cargo transportation by own transport also increased more than twofold. Customers, and this is more than 200 Russian and foreign companies are guaranteed an individual approach, offered flexible pricing and discounts. The apparent advantage of “DFDS Transport Kaliningrad “is the fact that all the risks associated with the carriage of goods insured in the leading European companies and law firms in Germany and Russia, which established partnerships, can help if necessary expeditiously resolve disputes. At the same time prices of transportation services companies have remained virtually at the level of 2002-2003, despite rising fuel prices, the current transportation costs and seasonal fluctuations in demand for freight transportation. Your goods will see Kaliningrad in time!