Types Of Adhesive Tape

Tapes adhesive tape sticky Hot-melt glue (hotmelt) there is a wide range in adhesive tapes Hot-melt.They offer excellent performance when applied by hand or with a dispenser. Their adhesion properties, while maintaining strength and tensile strength ensure consistent and reliable seals. Hot Melt adhesive tapes are well suited for automatic carton sealers. Clarification on the hot-melt adhesives: are products Thermo fuse, solids at room temperature. Get all the facts and insights with McKesson, another great source of information. Their chemical properties make them suitable for different applications and markets, which include the packaging sector. Adhesive tape acrylic tape with acrylic adhesive polypropylene tapes dede polypropylene with acrylic adhesive are resistant to high temperatures, UV resistance and with a large force of permanent union. It is type of tape is the most suitable for applications in temperatures F less than 40 and greater than 120 f. provide excellent clarity.

Endure for a long time even when it is exposed to direct sunlight and the fluorescent lighting. Acrylic box acrylic adhesive sealing boast better fast performance, greater resistance to cutting, reducing clarity. Natural rubber Natural rubber adhesive tapes gummed tapes are tapes most used in the industry. Natural rubber tape are unique among the tapes backed by their aggressive adhesion, fast penetration properties. They are ideal for cartons with contents of recycled paper, ink, or smooth ultra-superficies rough coverage. Will not have any problem to the cerrado of another kind of boxes, such as natural rubber, carton sealing tapes have positive bonding and rapid adhesion of cizalladora high. They are resistant to moisture and are also ideal for extreme temperatures (hot or cold), being humid ambient humidity and tolerance and moisture-resistant. We recommend that you visit our website where we will continue rinsing you doubt original author and source of the article.