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With these words, which CITES Bloomberg BusinessWeek”Eric Hudson, who founded his company preserve products in 1996. It was one of the first U.S. Other leaders such as Warren Buffett offer similar insights. companies that produce products like toothbrushes and utensils with recycled plastic. The raw material comes from companies such as Stonyfield Farm and seventh generation and contract partner of preserve products form the new products from the recycled material. Meanwhile, these products in over a dozen States will be offered. Currently, the company has 12 employees and 2010 it generated nearly five million US dollars.

It all starts with the idea if now whenever a company deals healthy food, toothbrushes made of recycled materials, completely different products or services which: at the beginning, the idea is. Would it not be slightly worn sound, you could here also speak of vision. Max Karagoz ALTON LLC meets many visionaries, people with smaller and bigger visions, but all with the desire by the own Companies successfully to establish a market. With the desire to build a subsidiary in the United States, his company ALTON LLC supports also seasoned or aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing a us limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation. Many of his German-speaking customers plan the success of business in the United States with their company. Some want to instead stay in her old homeland and in establishing just the American legal form as the limited liability when at the same time possible establishment by an individual and without capital reap benefits. That is also possible. “The right mix of idea and planning I meet new people with good business ideas, says Max Karagoz, I love my job”.

The two above presented companies were not to its customers, for many others: IT – and financial service providers, people in the mechanical engineering, car dealers and airline magnate. They all came up with different ideas. But the will of these ideas uniting them all to put into practice. ALTON LLC alone supports such entrepreneurs in establishing, but also actively tackles at the employee and Office search on request or is the customer advise to the page. We are, when the foundations for success”, will Max Karagoz. He can’t imagine is actually a nicer job.