VMWare Expert Authors New E-book

The essentials series: Tactics in optimizing virtual machine disk IOPS London, July 21, 2011 – realtime publishers, the leading provider of expert, third-party independent content for the IT market has issued a new e-book entitled “tactics in optimizing virtual machine disk IOPS”. Authored by IT expert Greg shields, the e-book covers vital information for any virtual IT environment, with a host of practices to fully achieve at optimized virtual machine. In his e-book, the author Greg Shields IT whose expertise spans 15 years and is a multiple recipient of Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award as well as VMware’s vExpert award comments: “disk optimization in virtual environments is absolutely a necessary activity. That optimization comes in many forms. “A proper design goes far in ensuring hardware is ready to support the IOPS demand of needy VMs. correctly configuring those VMs during operations represents another facet.” The free e-book is intended to show how a bad design combined with incorrect VM configurations can be detrimental to performance and hinder VM disk I / O. Thomas Doria, new business development manager at Diskeeper Corporation Europe comments: “this e-book is a vital tool for today’s IT consultant currently immersed in the field of virtualization.” “It gives IT admins to excellent overview and understanding of two major areas: poor practices that hinder VM disk IOPS and defining requirements for a VM disk optimization solution.” To download the new e-book click here about Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner innovators in performance and reliability technologies : CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators of global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 enterprises rely on Diskeeper performance software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability to their business laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper 2011 includes the breakthrough IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology.

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