Voucher Insurance

When choosing a hotel must be pay attention to: – Features room stock. – Features of the hotel. – Features a selectable power supply system. – Features of the restaurants by appointment. – Features of the beach.

– The list of paid and free services. Conclusion The main parameters of the contract an integral part of processing the selected tour is a contract for tourist services. Particular attention should be paid to parameters such as: – Name operator providing tour and his license. – of the contract between the operator and the agent. – The cancellation of the tour booked. – Cost of the tour in UAH equivalent.

– List bookings (a detailed description of the tour with all details). Insurance terms typically included in the tour price insurance, but it is the standard as to insurable risks, and on the amount of coverage. If you are going to engage in extreme sports to vacation, be sure to get an additional 'high coverage' insurance. When ordering on vacation trips must be interested, included in the price of insurance and what coverage in this insurance. On the franchise (the amount which is not refundable in case the insured event) just should not be forgotten. Be alert for any event! The package of documents according to the contract travel services, you have to give such documents as: – Tickets for the transport service at both ends (if you did not order the transportation service in one way). – Voucher for a settlement to the hotel. – Insurance policy. Upon receipt of these documents must verify the properly fit the data about you with your passport. If you find serious errors – you need to issue new forms with the correct data, and destroy the old. Airport Getting a package of documents at this time 99% tourists who live in the regions of Ukraine are the original documents at the airport 2 hours prior to departure from the company's representative.